Mining machine tool industry to adopt e-commerce marketing_5817

By Antonio Simpson,2014-11-02 09:48
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Mining machine tool industry to adopt e-commerce marketing_5817

Mining machine tool industry to adopt e-commerce marketing




     Research Papers Download information: The 21st century is the rapid development of technology and information era, new industries emerging, increasingly fierce market competition.

    This new e-commerce industry, the rapid development of new and traditional industries and promote change. Is the line of industry to see a new vitality and direction of Yan, especially especially in the financial crisis, retail online access to B2B and B2C segments perpendicular to a new round of rapid development, many B2C service providers to obtain a considerable number of venture capital, traditional manufacturers have tested the water, B2C which achieved unprecedented development and prosperity.

     Mining machinery manufacturers how to use e-commerce to

    promote business development and growth more quickly lead to greater profits to the enterprise space as mining machinery industry concerns, in the crusher mining machinery, mineral processing equipment such as past sales model is to find agents and vendors, through distributors and agents to promote sales of enterprise products and development of the traditional business model can not adapt to the development of small and medium mining machinery, increasing small producers, to bring to market saturation, competitive increasing market shortage of staff and capital returns have become tight constraints of corporate business development and an obstacle.

     E-commerce in the country's sustainable development is that

    these small producers to see a new sales model - network

    Marketing. Internet Marketing and traditional Marketing, network Marketing is and the difference is on the Internet as the main means of, for the purpose of Marketing certain

    Marketing activities is to achieve the company's overall business objectives carried out to the Internet as the basic means to create online business environment activities. The traditional Marketing is the use of sales staff to do market operations and sales activities. How to conduct online


     1 use the site to carry out network Marketing - business

    website is a platform for enterprises to develop Internet Marketing, website Marketing is to show the contents of the enterprise to display product information and sales platform

    to create multiple business sites to promote corporate and product promotion promotion.

     (2) take advantage of search engines - another important

    feature is the corporate Web site features Web site promotion, search engines and Internet users access to information is the most important channel, if the corporate Web site can not be effectively promoted through search engines, then the company web site from certain extent, nature will be greatly reduced in terms of its Marketing, so Marketing Web site is bound to solve the problem of the search engine can also be interpreted as search engine optimization work in the Marketing Web solutions, search engine optimization-based and long-term

    work, from the planning phase and in the corporate Web site

    from the enterprise network Marketing strategic planning phase has begun, and its corporate website but also throughout the entire operation process.

     3 customer awareness and to collect customer resources -

    corporate website ultimately face with customers or potential customers that are associated with our business of any organization or individual, how to enhance the customer experience is the corporate website must be considered in network marketing important issues.

     4 use of existing e-commerce platform - can have a large

    customer base of e-commerce platform to conduct online

    marketing, such as Alibaba and other use of these business platforms to publish and publicize the company's products e-

    commerce is the development of SMEs opportunities and challenges, how to occupy this new sales model on how to carry out effective market share of commercial activity is the production company must consider (source: construction

    machinery industry

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