A Midsummer Night's Dream

By Sam Martin,2014-06-22 18:03
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A Midsummer Night's Dream

    A Midsummer Night’s


    Year 6’s class Assembly.

    By William Shakespeare with some help from me.





    Peasblossom Moth



    Peter Quince Nick Bottom Francis Flute Snug


    Starveling Demetrius





    Philostrate Changling boy Theseus


    Narrators 1, 2 & 3

    Act 1

    Class seated in semicircle Theseus and Hyppolyta in centre.

Narrator 1: Welcome to Theseus’ great palace where he is getting ready

    to marry Hyppolyta (Theseus and Hyppolyta wave, others talk in conversation).

    Up stands Egues, Demetrius, Lysander and Hermia.

    Philostrate: Order, order! (crowd stops talking and pays attention). Egeus: My Lord my daughter here wants to marry Lysander but I want her to marry this fine man Demetrious.

    Theseus: Then as you are you wish Demetrious it must be.

Egeus: Thank you lord. (exit Demetrious and Egeus).

    Hermia: How can I marry Demetrious when it is you who I love.

    Lysander: We will run away tonight, through the forest to my aunt’s to get married.

Hermia: Yes I’ll meet you tonight at the city gate.

Lysander: Until then goodbye sweet love.( Exit Lysander. Enter


Helena: Why so happy Hermia.

    Hermia: I am to run away tonight to marry my love Lysander.

Helena: Lucky you! (aside) I shall tell Demetrious and make him jealous.

    Perhaps that way I’ll win his heart.

    Act 2

Exit all. Enter the Mechanicals.

    Narrator 2: Now we go to the market where a busy scene greets us.

Mechanicals mime working in their shops.

Snug: Closing time! (everyone stops and gathers together)

Quince: I’m Peter Quince a carpenter and play write. Is everyone here?

Bottom: Nick Bottom the weaver here!

Robin: Robin Starveling the tailor here!

Snug: Snug the joiner here!

Franics: Francis Flute the bellows mender here!

Snout: Snout the tinker here!

    Quince: Good the play I’ve written for the Dukes wedding is the sad tale of Pyramus and Thisbe. You Bottom will be the star our leading man Pyramus and Francis our heroine Thisbe. We will meet tonight to rehearse in secret deep in the woods.

All Exit

    Narrator 3: So Hermia and Lysander followed by Demetrious who in turn is followed by Helena are all going into the forest. At the same time the players also set off.

    Bang a tambourine! Children freeze in freeze frame positions. Others make sounds of the wood.

    Bang a second time all sit down.

    Act 3

    Narrator 1: Now we must move deep into the enchanted forest and meet their Lord’s the fairy King and Queen, Oberon and Titania who it seems

    are quarrelling over the possession of an orphaned boy.

     Enter Oberon, Titania, Puck Peasblossom, Mustard, Cobweb and Moth.

Oberon: I’ll met by moonlight proud Titania

Titania: What Jealous Oberon.

Oberon: Tarry, rash wanton; am I not thy Lord?

Titania: Then I must be thy Lady.

    Oberon: I do but beg the little orphaned boy to be my henchmen.

Titania: I will not part with him.

Oberon: Give me that boy!

Titania: Not for thy fairy kingdom. (Turns her back on him).

    Oberon: Come here Puck I’ve got a job for you. Go to the ends of the Earth and bring back the magic flower which makes people fall in love. Aside I’ll get my own back on you proud Titania.

    Puck runs around the circle (giggles and bells ringing) then plucks the magic flower. Meanwhile everybody sits while Oberon freezes by the edge of the circle. Enter Demetrious followed by Helena.

Helena: Stop Demetrious I love you!

Demetrious: Go away. I love you not!

Oberon: Aside I could use Puck’s potion on you as well as Titania and

    kill two bird’s with one stone.

Exit all. Enter Titania and fairies.

Narrator 2: Meanwhile in Titania’s nest her fairies sing her to sleep.

    Peasblossom, Cobweb, Mustard and Moth sing:

    You spotted snakes with double tongue, Thorny hedgehogs, be not seen;

    Newts and blindworms, do no wrong, Come not near our fairy Queen.

    Titania and fairies all fall to sleep.

    Enter Oberon with potion in hand. Squeezes onto Titania’s eyes. All exit.

    Enter Lysander and Hermia.

    Act 4

Hermia: Are we lost?

Lysander: No just a bit misplaced.

Hermia: I’m tired let’s rest here till morning. (they both lie down).

Enter Puck. Search around circle then stop at Lysander’s feet.

    Puck: This must be the man Oberon told me of. I will put the love potion in his eyes. (giggles and laughs then exits).

Enter Demetrious followed by Helena.

Helena: Sweet Demetrious?

Demetrious: Do not haunt me thus!

Exit Demetrious.

Helena: I’m lost! But wait who is this asleep. (she shakes him awake).

Lysander: My love you have arrived.

Helena: No you don’t. You love Hermia.

Lysander No I love you!