Comcares Priorities

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Comcares Priorities ...


     One APS career… Thousands of opportunities


    Job Title: IT Backup and Facilities Officer

Details: APS Level 5

     Information Systems Section

     Corporate Services Branch


     Ongoing vacancy

     New Position


    Immediate Supervisor: Assistant Director

Position Number: 00944

Remuneration: $57,985 to $62,594 (anticipated 1 August 2008 pay rise)

    plus 15.4% superannuation

Other Conditions: The successful applicant will have to undertake a security

    clearance at the Protected Secret Level.

Location: Canberra

    Contact Officer: Sylvain Lersch, IT Manager on 1300 366 979

    PS Gazette: 26 June 2008

Applications close: 10 July 2008

Interview Dates: 18 July 2008


    The Corporate Services Branch is led by the General Manager, who is a member of

    Comcare‟s Executive. It is made up of five sections:

    ? Human Resources Section

    ? Financial Services Section

    ? Property & Services Section

    ? Information Systems Section

    ? IT Governance, Planning & Business Intelligence




Led by the Chief Information Officer (CIO), the Information Systems Section (ISS)

    provides high quality client focussed ICT services to Comcare.

    Delivery of Services

Comcare is the Australian Government‟s workers‟ compensation and occupational

    health and safety authority with a vision of “Australia‟s Safest Workplaces”. It works

    in partnership with its customers to reduce the human and financial costs of

    workplace injuries and disease. Comcare upholds the APS Values and Code of

    Conduct and its people accept responsibility and accountability for their actions at

    work, contribute to their full extent and continue to improve the quality and service of

    all their activities.

The Information Systems Section (ISS) provides high quality client focussed ICT

    services to Comcare.

Who Comcare is looking for?

Comcare is looking for a client focussed IT Backup and Facilities Officer. This

    position will be an integral part of the Information Systems Section which provides

    effective delivery of information technology support, solutions and services to


To be successful in this position you will need to have a strong customer focus, well

    developed interpersonal and communication skills and will enjoy working within a

    team structure. The successful applicant will also have to have the capacity to work

    independently and as part of a team.

    Comcare offers range of flexible working conditions to balance each individual‟s circumstances with the needs of the organisation. Comcare prides itself on the many

    opportunities it offers for further staff learning and development.

Other conditions:

The successful applicant for this position will be required to obtain a security

    clearance to the protected level. Comcare will arrange and pay for this clearance.

This position is open to Australian citizens. In some circumstances, applicants who

    have Permanent Resident status may be offered employment pending the granting of

    citizenship. To be eligible for engagement applicants must meet conditions, such as

    probation, security and character clearances and health clearances.






Comcare is the Commonwealth‟s occupational health and safety regulator and

    workers‟ compensation manager. Comcare works in partnership with employers and

    employees to achieve Australia‟s Safest Workplaces, supported by early and safe

    return to work for injured employees and by timely and appropriate compensation


Comcare’s Vision

Australia‟s Safest Workplaces

Comcare’s Mission

To work in partnership with our customers to reduce the human and financial costs of

    workplace injuries and disease in the jurisdiction.

Our principal roles are:

? to promote best practice in workplace health and safety, rehabilitation and the

    return to work of injured employees;

    ? to ensure compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHS Act)

    and the Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Act (SRC Act); ? to determine claims and pay workers‟ compensation to Australian Government

    and ACT Government employees in accordance with the SRC Act;

    ? assist the Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Commission (the SRC

    Commission) in the performance of its statutory functions; and

    ? manage the Commonwealth‟s common law liabilities for asbestos-related disease.

Comcare’s Priorities

Comcare has identified three key result areas as part of its Corporate Plan.

    ? safe and healthy workplaces;

    ? early and safe return to work; and

    ? equitable and sustainable compensation.

Current and emerging challenges

    ? Working collaboratively with employers and employees to maintain the trend

    towards decreased incidence and severity of workplace injury; ? Ensuring continued innovation to maintain a high level of successful

    rehabilitation and sustainable return to work for injured employees;

    ? Maintaining Australia‟s safest workplaces following expansion of the Comcare

    scheme to a range of private sector employers;

    ? Responding to pressures on public expenditure through efficient service delivery,

    sound financial management and strong accountability for resources.




    The acting Chief Executive Officer of Comcare is Mr Martin Dolan. He is assisted in

    the strategic leadership of the agency by a Deputy CEO, five General Managers and

    the position of General Counsel. Comcare is structured around the following


? Claims Services

    ? Prevention & Rehabilitation

    ? Assurance

    ? Research & Policy

    ? Legal Services

    ? Corporate Services

Comcare’s Values and Behaviours

Comcare expects everyone within the organisation to uphold the APS Values and the

    Code of Conduct (included in this document). Within that framework, Comcare

    expects its people to:

? accept responsibility and accountability for their actions at work;

    ? communicate with our customers in an open and transparent way;

    ? behave in a fair and professional manner in their dealings with each other and

    their customers;

    ? contribute to the full extent of their knowledge, skills and abilities and

    acknowledge the effort of others; and

    ? continuously improve the quality of the services they provide.

Comcare’s Leadership Values

As a senior public servant, committed to upholding the APS Values and the ethical

    standards set out in the Code of Conduct, I am committed to modelling leadership

    behaviour in Comcare. In particular, I will show personal courage in:

    ? Displaying energy and enthusiasm for Comcare and its goals

    o Championing the interests of Comcare as a whole

    o Playing the issue not the person

    o Identifying and resolving issues constructively.

    ? Being committed to an open and trusting workplace

    o Setting a high priority to people management

    o Supporting my colleagues

    o Providing strong encouragement and constructive feedback on

    performance and career development

    o Acting as a coach and mentor to those who value my experience

    o Taking personal responsibility for sharing information.

    ? Challenging the way we do our business (why and how)



    Being open to new information and ideas o o Encouraging a diversity of perspectives

    o Suggesting ways of improving how things are done

    o Sensibly managing and taking risks - learning from unsatisfactory


    o Keeping on learning.


Comcare employs around 490 people based in Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney,

    Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide. It has an annual recurrent budget in excess of $300

    million and manages outstanding workers‟ compensation claims liabilities of

    approximately $2.5 billion.

Where Comcare is located? stComcare‟s main office is in Canberra situated at 1 Floor, 14 Moore Street Canberra

    ACT 2601.

Melbourne Office

    Level 2

    121 William Street

    Melbourne VIC 3000

Sydney Office

    Level 30

    Sydney Central

    477 Pitt Street

    Sydney NSW 2000

Brisbane Office

    Level 8

    410 Queen Street

    Brisbane QLD 4000

Adelaide Office

    Level 22

    22, 25 Grenfell Street

    Adelaide SA 5000

Perth Office

    Suite 324, Level 3

    Legal & General Building

    267St Georges Terrace

    Perth WA 6000




    We apply the Australian Public Service (APS) Values and Code of conduct to

    everything we do.


    ? The APS is apolitical, performing its functions in an impartial and

    professional manner.

    ? The APS is a public service in which employment decisions are based on


    ? The APS provides a workplace that is free from discrimination and recognises

    and utilises the diversity of the Australian community it serves. ? The APS has the highest ethical standards.

    ? The APS is openly accountable for its actions, within the framework of

    Ministerial responsibility to the government, the Parliament and the

    Australian public.

    ? The APS is responsive to the Government in providing frank, honest,

    comprehensive, accurate and timely advice and in implementing the

    government‟s policies and programs.

    ? The APS delivers services fairly, effectively, impartially and courteously to

    the Australian public and is sensitive to the diversity of the Australian public. ? The APS has leadership of the highest quality.

    ? The APS establishes workplace relations that value communication,

    consultation, co-operation and input from employees on matters that affect

    their workplace.

    ? The APS provides a fair, flexible, safe and rewarding workplace. ? The APS focuses on achieving results and managing performance. ? The APS promotes equity in employment.

    ? The APS provides a reasonable opportunity to all eligible members of the

    community to apply for APS employment.

    ? The APS is a career-based service to enhance the effectiveness and cohesion

    of Australian‟s democratic system of government.

    ? The APS provides a fair system of review of decisions taken in respect of APS


Public Service Act 1999 Part 3, Section 13.





    ? An APS employee must behave honestly and with integrity in the course of

    APS employment

    ? An APS employee must act with care and diligence in the course of APS


    ? An APS employee, when acting in the course of APS employment, must treat

    everyone with respect and courtesy, and without harassment. ? An APS employee, when acting in the course of APS employment, must

    comply with all applicable Australian laws. For this purpose, Australian law

    means any Act or an instrument made under an Act or any law of a State or

    Territory, including any instrument made under such law. ? An APS employee must comply with any lawful and reasonable direction

    given by someone in the employee‟s Agency who has authority to give the


    ? An APS employee must maintain appropriate confidentiality about dealings

    that the employee has with any Minister or Minister‟s member of staff.

    ? An APS employee must disclose, and take reasonable steps to avoid, any

    conflict of interest (real or apparent) in connection with APS employment. ? An APS employee must not provide false or misleading information in

    response to a request for information that is made for official purposes in

    connection with the employee‟s APS employment.

    ? An APS employee must not make improper use of inside information or the

    employee‟s duties, status, power or authority in order to gain, or seek to gain,

    a benefit or advantage for the employee or for ay other person. ? An APS employee must at all times behave in a way that upholds the APS

    Values and the integrity and good reputation of the APS. ? An APS employee on duty overseas must at all times behave in a way that

    upholds the good reputation of Australia.

    ? An APS employee must comply with any other conduct requirement that is

    prescribed by the regulations.




The Selection Process

Comcare uses a fair and competitive selection process. The standard process involves

    assessing a person against the selection criteria for the relevant position. Comcare‟s

    processes are likely to take approximately eight weeks for short listing, interviewing, reference checking and offers to be made.

Your statement of claims addressing the selection criteria:

Your application provides a first point of contact with the Selection Panel. Submit a

    brief covering letter and include your Resume and a Statement of Claims against the

    selection criteria for the position. Your claims against each criterion should be no

    longer than a page.

To address the selection criteria please respond using examples from work. If you do

    not have work examples, please provide relevant examples from your school,

    university or other experience. Please focus on your own involvement in the various

    situations (use „I‟ rather than „we‟) and provide examples that have occurred within

    the last two years wherever possible.

    STAR scenario approach

    In order to provide the most information about your capabilities for the role, please

    provide examples which have a clear beginning, middle and end. You may use the

    STAR approach to assist you when responding to the criteria

    Situation Brief outline of the situation or setting?

     Who was involved?

     What was your role?

    Task What did you do?

     What happened next?

    Approach What action did you take?

     How did you do it?

    Result What was the outcome?

     What feedback did you receive?

     How was the organisation able to benefit from it?




    Ensure that you complete and attach the Application Cover Sheet (included in this pack) to your application.

    Applications should be submitted in word 2003 format by 5 pm on the day shown in the advertisement. If you are unable to submit it on this day, you need to talk to

    the contact officer and get approval to submit a late application.

    Your application may be emailed to, (this is preferable) or posted to:

    The Recruitment Adviser

    Human Resource Section


    GPO Box 9905

    Canberra ACT 2600


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