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By Holly Harper,2014-11-02 09:49
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My incentives_12613

My incentives




     "Those who know better than the good, good person not the music of" the great educator Confucius, the ancient two thousand years ago left us a warning sentence of education. But the next two thousand years of feudal education , but for

    a long period of time so that students carry a heavy burden exception, "the first cantilever, cone Cigu", "bided" "who endure to be guided by" the idea of these old suppress the

    generation after generation. Now the wave of reform in

    education, promote student autonomy, cooperation, explore learning, focusing on stimulating the interest of students, so that students feel the joy of learning, more than a month, I curriculum implementation, mainly through the dignified to the

    group Award points to complete the incentive for students, which would be: Reading class to memorize a given specific content can be memorized each student gain a point-based

    group, all members of a class group who back then had another award two points, the timely completion of job-based group

    also strive for a points, a new class, give each group ample time to compare the preview, and then extract the first order one from each group to explain them on stage, pretty good you can win a points-based group, could not speak to when you let

    group of students rushing to fight for their points about the stage, then later ask some key and difficult issues to answer in each group scoring opportunities, do exercises, give time to the panel were done, I have drawn based on the difficulty

    of the problem explain the different levels of students came to power, put it well give extra points in this group, for some knowledge of the memorial, I will order from several groups of students came out of a comparable level of dictation

    or answer, the answer much better score, bad answer Some of the few scores, not sub-wrong answers, as to composition, pay on time-based groups can gain a one point, and then given marking method, so that each batch of exchange between groups, several people involved in marking the group seriously correcting, you can fight a bit-oriented group, the other

    discipline in the classroom, I set up a special "integrated" bar, a lesson in class can be active members of the group learning, discipline can be a point, the class teacher also to the members of the leave, late, absenteeism, group health and other elements into the score to a group of them, so that students manners, gestures and the group scores are linked, are linked with the group's honor. Such measures may be

    felt for the teachers complicated, boring, monotonous, but in my implementation of this month, I have classes, work can be paid on time, school's students are almost no violation of discipline, student learning initiative has greatly improved

    the success of their experience more and more, also more and

    more fun. Junior high school ambition, ambition is particularly strong, and very care about the same time honor, to seize this feature implemented in the education curriculum, will achieve significant results, hope my colleagues hesitate

    to own valuable experience, we work together to me school reform and improve teaching, improve the quality of our teaching. Links http:// Research Papers Download

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