A Book Report

By Alice Jones,2014-10-18 19:32
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A Book Report

    A Book Report

    Recently I read a book named Peking University Coursebook on

    English Exposition Writing, which was written by Diane M.Coffman.

    This book focuses on exposition writing for English as a Second Language. It discusses the techniques and components of good exposition writing and illustrates those skills through students’ writing.

    This book is divided into three parts. The first part tells us some essential techniques of exposition writing. The author use some examples to illustrate the differences of writing styles, such as eloquent style and practical style. The author thinks exposition writing is academic and practical writing style is preferred. And the characteristics of good sentences are also referred to. For a perfect sentence usually go with unity, coherence, conciseness, emphasis, variety and good grammar. After that, the book shows author’s opinions about how to use transition words and phrases, which are used for linking information or provide some meaning. In the author’s view on good academic writing should be seven-step, she

    concluded the steps as research, plan , draft, critique, revise or rewrite, critique again and the last step is finalize.

     I think the most useful contains of this part is “Understand the ’Building Blocks’ writing types”, which tells me something such as definition, description, illustration, narration and persuasion, gives me a better understand of using knowledge to form a structure of articles.

    After reading the first part, I gain details about writing and I learnt the importance of style and word choice. When I start a paper writing, I will think twice about using critical thinking to develop the proceeds and the internal structure of the essay. At the same time I will consider some more about thesis statement of what I am going to write.

    I am in favor of the sentence that “An essay is not a book, so you need

    to decide how much you can cover in the allotted space”, it tells me that I should limit myself and decide what is relevant to my argument and what is the most important for me to choose. The concluding should briefly summarize the main points of the essay and give additional insights, specifically into the significance or application of the concepts you have developed and discussed.

    A saying like this “Good writing means rewriting—good writing

    seldom occurs in the first draft. And After reading this book, my

    viewpoint has been much stronger. Any passages no matter Chinese or English , the more it reviewed, the better.

    The second part of this book is “Essential components of Exposition

    Writing”. At the beginning of the part the writer told us to entitle the passage with a meaningful title, she just says like this An essay without

    a title is like a child without a name.” A beautiful title can do a great, for

    instance, it can catch the reader’s attention and give readers their first

    impression of the easy. The writer show us some good rules to follow,

such as “The Three—Paragraph Rule” which is formed by one

    introduction paragraph, one development paragraph, one conclusion paragraph, and if write a standard short essays, The Five-Paragraph Rule”

    may be a better choice, the difference between those two patterns are about the development paragraph, the latter one will has three paragraphs .And then the writer tells readers about how to make particular development about the steps described above. The end of this part is about references list, from this book I have learnt that there are four ways to use resource information, they are direct quotation, paraphrase, summary, translation.

    I think this knowledge point is very important for us to do some research and to publish it not just in writing articles but also in some technique papers.

    In the third part, the author collects some writing examples, and she divided this part into six smaller sections, they are Thoughts on Self, Thoughts on Life , Thoughts on College Life, Thoughts on Love and Relationships, Thoughts on Home and Family, Thoughts on China. By this book some mode of writing has put into my thoughts, and it is very helpful for my future learning.

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