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Museum Web site operational management and marketing_4637

Museum Web site operational management and marketing




     Research Papers Download information: Web site and building, the operations management and marketing is very important. Operations management involves four aspects: first, the site

    system maintenance to ensure site security and stability, a faster access speed and the application performance to provide services for the users, followed by ensuring timely content updates, again, is the site contained community management, and timely interaction with users, while the community UGC (user-generated content) to monitor and clean up, and finally the site monitoring of access to data records, statistical analysis and decision support strategies to adjust.

     Web site marketing is equally important. The Internet era of the world seemingly distance, accessibility, distribution and dissemination of information in fact is still unbalanced, a good portal, through various forms and means to disseminate it to the site's target audience .

     From the map view, look through the search engine is the first choice of Internet users access to information, and search engine marketing industry has also been recognized as the most cost-effective marketing methods, it should become a museum on the portal of choice for marketing.

     Search engine marketing is generally include three aspects: through technical means search engine optimization (SEO), buying keywords to promote, and rely on search engine ancillary products (such as Baidu Encyclopedia, know, paste

    it, space, etc.) for quasi-community outreach. museum, the

    first and third is a more appropriate choice, which is the focus of the first search engine optimization.

     Search engine optimization has a long-term benefit to

    optimize the characteristics of optimized website optimization website ranking than those without increased much faster. Strange visitors 80% to 90% or more to the site through the search engines to find, so well-known search engine direct

impact on the ranking to the site effect, especially Google

    (the world's largest search engine), Baidu (China's largest search engine) on the rankings. Search engine optimization is to use reasonable means to optimize the source code of the site, so search engine friendly, more in line with ranking

    rules, thereby rapidly increasing rankings, the influence of the expansion site. Common practices include: external links, page keywords , static pages, conform to Web standards, subject focus, regular content updates.

     Relying on the subsidiary's product search engine to promote

    quasi-community, not only to attract users click through a hyperlink to enter the museum to visit the portal, but also through the dissemination of information and knowledge to increase the museum's visibility and brand awareness, deepen

    the target customers of the Museum brand awareness.

     In addition to other search engine marketing, and business through the portal (such as Sina, Sohu, Tencent, etc.) or the mainstream media portal (such as People's Daily, Xinhua) and create a content exchange partnership, to which a huge influence on the culture portal Museum of the relevant

    channels to provide the latest news and events, activities related to soft, but also marketing the portal as well as the museum an important means of the museum itself.

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