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By Christopher Bailey,2014-09-24 14:52
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When I saw this topicI,i,When,saw,this,topic,see,when,Saw

     After I knew my grade ,I want to learn medicine , but my parents opposed it strongly ,because they thought doctor was a hard job and I would be too busy to enjoy life . So I and my parents had an argument before I submitted my application form .

     At first ,my parents only told me what I should choose again and again, In the end ,my parents lost their patience , my father shouted to me you must choose subject which are more

    suitable for girls.I was so angry that I asked my parents why they didnt have any respect for my

    opinion, My father was so angry that beat me a slap .I cried out and rushed into my room.My parents and I didnt talk to each other until my mom came in and talked with me about my advantages and disadvantages. Then I realized I should choose another speciality .

     From this experience I know thought I have been grow up ,I still need advices from others,Nobody can live without help.

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