A guide to completing the Rebated Rent Application form

By Judith Owens,2014-06-22 18:02
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A guide to completing the Rebated Rent Application form

    A guide to the Application for Public Housing

    There are nine sections in the Application for Public Applying for public housing Housing. Public housing provides shelter and security for people in Please check which Sections you need to complete: need - especially those who have recently been homeless or need support. ; If you are a single applicant and not pregnant, fill out Sections A, B, C and D. You can skip Sections E The application is designed to give people who are eligible and F, and go to Section G on page 25 and continue for public housing the best possible chance of being to the end. housed.

    ; If you have depandents or you are pregnant, fill out That’s why, if you have recently been homeless or you

    Sections A, B, C, D and E, then go to section G on have special support needs, or you require disability

    page 25 and continue to the end. modifications you should use this opportunity to tell us.

     Your circumstances may entitle you to be housed before

    ; If you have other household members aged 18 other people on the public housing waiting list.

    years or older, fill out sections A, B, C, D, E and F,

    This guide will help you fill in the Application for Public then go to section G on page 25 and continue to the

    Housing. end. We can provide additional copies of Section F if

    you have more than one household member

     Please read the guide carefully all the way through before

    Make sure that you sign the Acknowledgement, you begin.

    declaration and consent on page 31.

     If you need help Complete the checklist on page 33 of the form to make sure you have included all the information and If you need help to fill in the application, you could ask a documents we need. community service organisation, family member or friend to help you. When you have filled in the application and attached all the documents we have asked for, send your application Your local Housing Office can tell you about community to GPO Box 4057, Melbourne, Victoria 3001 or take it service organisations that can help, or arrange an into your local Housing Office. interpreter to help you. We will write to you within fourteen days from the date Our staff can provide you with advice, however we cannot we receive your application to tell you if your application fill out the application for you. has been approved or to ask for further documentation or information if required. How to fill out the application Need more information? Write in CAPITAL letters. If you have any questions, visit our website at Give us all the information and documents we ask for. If or contact you do not do so, it may take us longer to give you an your local Housing Office. answer about your application. A list of our Housing Offices is also available on our Generally, documents must be original documents (not website, and in the White pages government directory photocopies). Staff at your local Housing Office can under “Human Services”. photocopy documents for you.

    This is so we can work together to provide you with the Section A best assistance possible. About you and your contact details Section D Here we ask for your personal information including your

    Your housing history name, your date of birth, your sex, your marital status, your contact details, your residency status, your preferred

    language and whether or not you need an interpreter. We ask where you are currently living and where you

     were previously living so that we can better understand

    your housing needs. Section B Income and assets If you are homeless or you have a history of being homeless, we may be able to house you sooner than Here we ask about the money you receive and the assets other people on the waiting list. you own. We also ask if you want to be the only person in your Your income and assets must be within our limits. We household who can get information about your housing usually update our income and asset limits every six application. We ask you for a password and a question. months. Please ask for our current Income and Assets This will help us to protect your privacy. sheet for the most up to date information. If there are other household members, they will not be Assets generally include money in the bank, shares, able to get any information about your application. mobile homes, real estate, and businesses and so on. Providing a password and question will also allow you to Assets generally do not include personal belongings, your get information about your application by phone. car or furniture, but may include superannuation funds if you are able to access them. Section E

    Your dependants If you own or part own a house or flat you are not eligible

    for assistance. However, special provisions may apply if

    you are unable to sell or live in this property. Please ask You only need to complete this section if you for further information about this.

     ; have children in your care

    There’s more information about income and assets and ; are expecting a baby

    the documents we need on pages 5 and 6 of this guide. ; are a foster carer approved by the Department of Human Services The Income Confirmation Service makes it easier for us to assess your eligibility and may mean a quicker We ask you for information about their name, date of answer. birth, sex, residency status and their income and assets. If you use the service, you’re allowing Centrelink to tell us Section F about any payments you’ve received, your Centrelink Other household members deductions, income, assets, confirmation of your current address, confirmation of your marital status, and the You only need to complete this section if there are other number of dependants you have and your percentage of members of your household who are 18 years or older care of them. who are also applying for housing on this application. If you want to use the Income Confirmation Service, tick We ask the same questions about them, and ask for the the Yes box at question B2 and go to question B6. same documents that we ask you for. Please ask for a Remember to sign the Income Confirmation Authority on copy of the Section F insert if you have more than one page 32 of the application. household member. If you use the service, you don’t need to tell us directly Section G about your income or assets, apart from real estate or land,

    Primary Applicant and lump sum payments.

    Here we ask about your specific housing needs, for Section C example whether you Housing support ; have a history of recurring homelessness Here we ask about support you may be getting from an ; need disability modifications to the property individual or organisation, and for your permission to ; are living with severe overcrowding or family contact your support person to discuss your housing violence needs. ; are unable to have your children live with you because of where you live.


    The information you give us here will help us work out If you need to live in a particular type of housing, for whether you can be offered housing before other people example if you use a wheelchair, you can ask for a on the public housing waiting list. property without steps or with other modifications.

    We ask if you would like information about other housing If there are special reasons why you need to have assistance. This includes access to a particular location or need to live in a

     particular type of property, ask your health professional

    to explain these reasons to us by completing an ; Aboriginal Housing Victoria

    Application for Special Accommodation ; a bond loan to help you rent privately

    Requirements. ; registered housing associations and providers ; rental housing cooperatives This form is available from your local Housing Office, or ; rooming houses on our website at; the Department of Human Services movable unit housing . program. The Primary applicant’s responsibility With your permission, we can send your housing application to Please read page 30 of the application very carefully, as it tells you about the things you must do as the Primary ; Aboriginal Housing Victoria applicant. ; registered housing associations and providers ; rental housing cooperatives These include ; rooming houses ; signing the declaration on page 31 to increase your chances of finding long term suitable ; understanding your responsibility for this housing housing. application ; consenting or confirming consent for all referrals and Section H sharing of information Where you want to live ; telling us if there are any changes to this application at any time in the future, including a change in your We ask you to choose up to three areas where you would household or if you move to another address. like to live. It is very important to always tell us when you move Although you cannot choose a specific suburb or town, house before we offer you housing. you can choose the areas that you would like to live in by writing in up to three broadband areas. If we are unable to contact you about your application, your name may be removed from the public housing Some broadband areas are made up of a number of waiting list. adjoining suburbs and towns that are linked by public