Moxa burning room air disinfection diseases and Kaoru_59575

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Moxa burning room air disinfection diseases and Kaoru_59575

Moxa burning room air disinfection diseases and Kaoru




     [Keywords:] Kaoru ward burning moxa air disinfection

     Using 253.7nm wavelength ultraviolet light on the hospital wards, consulting rooms and other indoor environments and

    disinfection of equipment items have been more common and effective way. At present the hospital general wards, injection rooms, dressing rooms, treatment rooms, this type of environment requested the total number of bacteria in the air less than (equal to) 5000cfu/m3, disinfection by ultraviolet disinfection, the general per cubic meter of space to install UV wattage 1.5W, this disinfection method produces a higher concentration of ozone, irradiation time is generally more than 30min, the disappearance of bacteria after sterilization

    rate of 99.00% [1]. However, many elderly and infirm, and skin sensitivity to UV exposure to ultraviolet radiation can not be who Dengjun. In recent years, has been started by using the leaves on the outpatient injection fumigation Room air

    disinfection [2], maternal and child wards of the air disinfection, and have achieved good results [3]. To this end, I smoked with burning moxa for indoor air disinfection and ultraviolet light to do with the dynamic comparison. now report the following experiment.

     1 Materials and methods

     1.1 needle warming moxibustion refined materials (Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. Shanghai Tai into production). Environment: ward area (less than 30m2 over 15m2), temperature and humidity (room temperature is 20 ?? ~

    30 ??, humidity 60% ~ 80%) , were analyzed. sterile nutrient agar medium.

     1.2 Methods in the experimental group because of the cost to change minutes and 25 cases of burning moxa smoked were sterilized 15min, 30min, 60min; the control group in 15 cases.

    Ai Ai smoking group will be placed in two small-cap, the same

    light , fuel Kaoru time 1h, close doors and windows smoked

60min. the control group using conventional UV disinfection.

     1.3 Collection of 3 per room interior angle (away from the

    wall 1m) each have a diagonal position of sampling points of 3 [4], the sampling points are located at 1.5m height above the ground, with a diameter of 90mm 15min ordinary nutrient agar medium sampling. disinfection before sampling one in the room,

    each group according to the disinfection is completed, at 30min, 60min to sample the two time periods. sampled medium culture boxes placed at 37 ?? for 24h, recording medium surface at different times in each group bacterial colonies.

     Extinction rate of 1.4 made by observing indicators verify the results. Extinction rate is calculated as [1]: before and after disinfection extinction rate = number of samples the difference between the average strain ?? bacteria before disinfection average number of samples ?? 100%

     2 Results

     Comparison of two methods disinfection colony counts in Table 1. Table 1 Comparison of colony counts of the two disinfection methods

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     3 Discussion

     Table 1 shows, burning moxa smoked, each time better than sterilization before disinfection (P <0.05). Moxa burning smoked group off after disinfection Yin maximum 66% rate, in line with the quality of air disinfection Control standard [4], can effectively control hospital infection rates. the

    main material for the moxa moxa, moxa is processed from the leaves. can inhibit egg breeding, he argued moxa can be effective in preventing influenza, is conducive to disease rehabilitation. through Research showed that the disinfection

    effect of moxa in full compliance with its air quality control standards, can partially replace conventional UV disinfection of patient rooms, wards for air disinfection, reduce excess UV induced photochemical reaction [5].

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disinfection. Practical nursing, 2006,12 (11) :490-491.

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