Moved to increase the brand value of marketing_6053

By Edith Matthews,2014-11-02 09:49
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Moved to increase the brand value of marketing_6053

Moved to increase the brand value of marketing




     Research Papers Download information: the endless variety of business marketing today, and always find what kind of marketing model in order to effectively open the password for

    the consumer's mind, thereby enhancing customer brand loyalty consumer. In fact, constantly searching, the We ignored the essence of humanity, that people are emotional, but also the most easily moved, only emotional marketing, the password to open the hearts of consumers.

     Watch first touched the hearts of consumers

     Only touch the heart, to give consumers infinite moving in order to produce a deep memory, but also can produce good memories, so that consumers money in the vote, when consumers will not hesitate to choose to have or He is being moved to the brand.

     Because in today's multitude of advertising messages, consumers access to tens of thousands of daily advertising messages, whether it is newspapers, television, networks, terminals and other information carriers, as long as you open your eyes, whether you want to be intent of advertising, promotions are rushing to fill your eyes.

     But one thing we will find, no matter how rushed for advertising information filled your eyes, but never filled

    your heart, because the overwhelming majority of information is superficial, boast style potter praises, can not directly hit the consumer's mind, let alone touched.

     Watch for this is not the mind of consumers a variety of advertising messages, regardless of repeated more are just a

    solo, can not produce any practical effect, this is feeling more and more advertisers to drop advertising effectiveness, promotional activities more and more the crux of the lack of actual results.

     Second, the marketing mind touched the door open

     Frankly, no matter who minds the door is locked with the majority of cases, showing off, this is a self-protection, but

    also a message filter, but the consumer's mind will be touched by the door open, and this opening is active, not passive,

    because the market moved like a master key to the soul, no matter who's mind can be crashed open the door.

     This is mainly touched on the marketing of soft power, based on characteristics of the soft power of humanity, because no matter who minds the door, there will be a "good gate", which is moving the starting point of marketing for charity or good information, no one not decisive, because the reason for refusal, will have the burden of a self-soul, so marketing is

    like a sword moving and hit the consumer psyche, the mind of the consumer world unimpeded, such as this earthquake major companies during the charity, always in the word of mouth among the general public, especially the Wong Lo Kat billion in donations, but network marketing has become a classic case

    of this year, although it was later revealed Wanglaoji means of a series of speculation, but the majority of social tolerance of the heart or in the audience, forgive Wanglaoji speculation scandal, which is moved by the marketing power of


     Finally moved to marketing, to increase the brand value

     Appearance and loyalty impressed to see there is no necessary link between, but in the consumer perspective, this is intrinsically linked very closely indeed, as consumers choose to buy product, except to meet their physical properties, the second is to to meet their emotional attributes, and emotional state is moving up, especially in the physical attributes of the product on the basis of homogeneity, then moved to the emotional attributes is an

    important standard to measure its purchase.

     So moved by the marketing process, is a continuous process to increase the added value the brand, is a continuous process of improving the competitiveness of the brand, moving each time the brand will be tremendous growth potential. (Text / Hua-Ping Zhang

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