Methadone maintenance treatment in the dose adjustment principle_59615

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Methadone maintenance treatment in the dose adjustment principle_59615

    Methadone maintenance treatment in the dose adjustment principle




     [Keywords:] methadone dose adjustments to maintain the principle of treatment

     Methadone maintenance treatment is a bio - psycho - social

    medicine model theory, the legal and scientific use of

    methadone in the patients resume normal function, based on behavior through psychological treatment and social interventions to change high-risk behaviors of patients and

    restore the patient's various functions a long-term and

    comprehensive treatment. addicts stop using heroin in heroin after a drug is difficult to control the strong desire, often leads to uncontrolled, reckless and compulsive drug use behavior. generally stop about 7 days after heroin use, after the state was continuing to varying degrees, particularly in access to drugs and drug-related when the scene is

    particularly strong. studies show that adequate doses of methadone can inhibit the effects of heroin-induced euphoria,

    to some extent inhibit want hidden. In general, the initial

    dose of replacement therapy: more than 1g daily dose of heroin, this product should be a daily replacement dose of 30 ~ 50mg, a maximum of 60mg; daily dosage of 0.5g of heroin is about who This product should be a daily replacement dose of

    10 ~ 20mg, oral dose of 1 to 2 minutes. then to use the principles of methadone daily decreasing doses of master and individual changes should comply with the principles of medication therapy.

     1 first introduced to adjust the dose

     (1) According to the characteristics of methadone (oral onset 30min, 4h reached the peak blood, plasma protein binding rate was 90%. Plasma half-life of 15 ~ 40h, duration 24 ~ 48h, repeated large individual differences in drug use) the correct calculation of the reproduction withdrawal symptoms in

    patients with methadone doses in vivo, make the appropriate

dosage according to the situation handled.

     (2) The efficacy of patients to maintain the first time after treatment, patients initially determine the tolerance

    dose of methadone.

     2 introduction period, the adjustment of post-dose

     (1) the first day of administration of law administered by two persons, one to finish the next day to minimize the total dose should be gradually adjusted and then combined into one

    dose. (2) master dose adjustment to avoid a one-time large


     3 Merge

     Related disease dose adjustments (1) clearly combined with methadone drug interactions. (2) patients with good dynamic tracking the situation, according to the need for timely

    adjustment of dose, and gradually adjusted to the optimum condition.

     4 Discussion

     For the ?? receptor agonists methadone, morphine analgesic effect of intensity and considerable, as the first product in the protein binding with the organization, and then slowly

    released into the blood, thus short-acting drugs such as

    morphine compared to tolerance and addiction slightly lighter slower withdrawal symptoms occur. So methadone is widely used to treat morphine and heroin addiction, if not cure, but at

    least a great improvement. methadone is well absorbed orally, 30min onset, 4h reached the peak blood, subcutaneous injection of a local stimulating effect, can cause pain and induration, for the substitution treatment of opioid addicts, the pulmonary edema is a major cause of excessive intoxication. generally adhere to the principle of maintenance therapy, to maintain the desired therapeutic dose, adverse reaction time, according to the individual, as appropriate adjustments.

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