Motorcycle exhaust pipe burn dressing change in nursing patient_55942

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Motorcycle exhaust pipe burn dressing change in nursing patient_55942

    Motorcycle exhaust pipe burn dressing change in nursing patient




     [Abstract] Objective of 10% povidone-iodine ointment for the

    treatment effect of motorcycle exhaust pipe burns. Methods 109 cases of motorcycle exhaust pipe burn patients, with 10%

    povidone-iodine ointment bandaged line treatment. Results 109 patients, cure 100 patients, improved in 9 cases, efficiency 100%. Conclusions of 10% povidone-iodine ointment for

    treatment of motorcycle exhaust pipe burn wound and effective.

     [Keywords:] Burn; dressing

     Now more and more people drive a motorcycle, not draw attention to the motorcycle exhaust pipe burns also increasing ,2009-2010, our hospital out-patient treatment of

    motorcycle exhaust pipe burn dressing change were 109 cases.

    Now report the following Nursing .

     1 Materials and Methods

     1.1 General information on 109 cases of this group, male 40 cases, 69 females; average age of 32. Burn sites were 99 cases of medial leg and ankle in 10 cases; 72 cases of grade ??

    shallow and deep 34 cases of grade ??, ?? degree 3 cases.

     1.2 dressing care

     1.2.1 Environmental requirements to keep the indoor clean, quiet, well lit, the daily use of ultraviolet disinfection of air 1h, dirt bucket placed in shelter to avoid any blood, the

    stain of the dressing to the patient to adverse stimulation.

     1.2.2 Pain Care alleviating the psychological burden and improve the pain threshold [1] to give patients the necessary knowledge of science to explain and disease missionary attitude as kind to

ease the tension, transfer their attention. carefully opened the dressing operator action should be gentle, in the layer of cotton balls soaked dressings opened with chlorhexidine, avoiding tear causing pain.

     1.2.3 debridement and wound management attention to the first dressing change is to accelerate wound healing and reduce infection of the key. Should be carefully cleaned the wound, often 0.1% chlorhexidine acetate solution. Have blisters who use disposable sterile needles puncture and

    drainage, the skin did not blister breaking should be fully retained. necrosis for wound infection, we must first fully clear the dead tissue, to a small bleeding wound is appropriate, and 3% hydrogen peroxide and acetic acid 0.1% chlorhexidine solution, rinse the wound. and then in the uniform external wound Tu 10% povidone-iodine ointment, dry

    gauze bandage, dressing 1 day or a day.

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     2 Results

     109 patients, superficial ??, deep ?? degree a total of 100

    patients were cured, 9 cases of grade ?? patients improved by dressing wounds, underwent skin grafting, healing good, efficient 100%.

     3 Discussion

     After a long drive motorcycle exhaust pipe temperature is high, once the contact with the skin, often causing more than superficial ?? degree burn, burn area is generally <1%. Wounded general can carry out normal social activities, so often not taken seriously and delayed Medical treatment, resulting in better wound susceptible to infection. The

    injury-prone in the hot summer months, with the shorts, skirts on. patients are mostly young adults, women than men. the injured area in the medial lower leg and ankle. burn more close to the exhaust pipe parts , deeper degree. On the contrary, a little far from the exhaust pipe, the degree relative shallow. Prevention of wound infection to deepen and promote wound healing is the key to treatment. application of 10% povidone-iodine ointment for treatment of burns have the following effects: (1) anti-infective ability, because of

    strong viscosity, covering the wound can be isolated contact with the external environment, prevent bacterial invasion. it is in contact with the wound, the release of iodine, iodine and the bacterial membrane protein respiratory chain enzyme

    combination of the membrane structure was destroyed, killing bacteria [2]. (2) has a strong penetrating power, applied to the wound can penetrate into the skin after different levels, to promote vascular permeability recovery. (3) has a strong

    solution scab ability to promote wound edge epithelial tissue growth and wound repair. the Court of using 10% povidone iodine ointment in the outpatient treatment of motorcycle exhaust pipe burns patients, method is simple, easy administration, with satisfactory results.

     [References] 1 Li Xiangqing. Pain in psychological care. Foreign Medical Research, 2009,9 (7) :135-136. 2 in love

    incense. Burn wounds with iodine cream 5% Peavy anti-infective

    Research. Chinese Medicine, 2000,10 (11) :30-34.

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