Miss gold market from the dumplings look strange strategy_50329

By Vanessa Davis,2014-11-02 09:49
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Miss gold market from the dumplings look strange strategy_50329

Miss gold market from the dumplings look strange strategy




     Gold: Olympic first also. Miss gold dumplings, from the naming point of view, is to do dumplings first. September 2006, thinking of food 41 million from Beijing Olympic Games,

    "frozen stuffed sole supplier of food," status, in 2007, missing the Olympic marketing launch of "Gold" dumplings. However, from the gold market at the beginning of the competitive strategy dumplings point of view, to fall into strange ideas.

     Dumplings miss the gold medal in 2007 launched 880g specifications, product packaging slogan is "only a little more." Many consumers wondering, why not just more, more than anything. I familiar with frozen industry for many years, well aware that "not only a bit more" strategy is biggest

    competitors for food completely miss the whole of the champion three dumplings 800g specifications. but the strategy did not achieve the success of any competition and follow their taste and a large gap between rivals, and consumers will not buy

    because of your weight and more - in the field of high-end

    dumplings, when gold is the new brand, consumers who do not give away any inherent cognitive .80 g for a year after the signing miss Jackie Chan, after some thoughts that meet the

    strategic realignment of the unique Olympic gold medals spread dumplings strategy - to make the world taste the flavor of

    China. specifications adjusted to 800g, the large increase in the times care boxes, packing zoom, price dumping taken (at

    the time the three have formed the domestic high-end brands

    Wan Chai Ferry Pier, champion, gold, Gold has been decentralized to the lowest dumplings positioning, competitive strategy to take pricing .2008, is the year of harvest gold dumplings, according to company claims that the smooth

    realization of a single product sales billions of dollars In 2009, a gold medal in the high-end dumplings adhere to the

    most cost-effective advantage of the field and garden

    vegetables after the Olympic Games as a selling point is still

achieved better results.

     Did not last long, the summer of 2010, missing the gold medal dumplings 800g packaging and weird launched a new communication slogan "more than 702g 98g". More consumer confusion, 702g What is it? I may say so, than the gold medal

    competition strategy dumplings When the "more than" also low, this is equal to the opponent directly to do the advertising -

    the whole scholar dumplings three competitors pushing the main specification is currently 702g.

     In fact, a large number of consumers do not know how much product specifications in the end, even many consumers have been on the gold medal dumplings are very loyal and not in contact with champion dumplings. Dumplings this package a gold medal is not intended to give competitors an excellent

    platform for free publicity.

     What is the purpose of advertising? Tell consumers who I am. Gold medals in their packaging to the opponent made a big effort of advertising - Gold customers friend, your attention champion dumplings under 702g!

     I really do not understand what this thought, do not have that no one scholar dumplings 702g specifications do not know? That I ask you: breaking a single product sales of billions of Wong Lo Kat, you tell me how much it's specifications? How

    many people know?

     As the one of the largest frozen foods, first "not only a bit more" low-level competition, then is "more than 702g 98g" inexplicable policy, I can not agree with the idea of marketing the corporate market sector.

     Miss gold dumplings, dumplings with a strong brand influence thought to the role of gold plus a smooth upgrade directly dumplings, which was only logical thing, but the thoughts do not use their innate advantages - industry frozen for many

    years to form the "missing dumplings, three full- The

    glutinous rice balls, "consumer awareness, but to the opponents do the wedding dress again, I quite understand what is this?

     Throughout the fast moving consumer goods industry, competitive strategy, I thought it could not find the source

strategy, and only give the name "weird strategy."

     I believe their strategy will miss the experience and lessons learned from the results obtained, it will quickly adjust their thinking to promote high-end dumplings.

     Or go back more than 08 gold medals dumplings of successful strategies, this is my advice to the enterprise

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