ljWhy do people get marriedhp

By Daniel Watson,2014-11-15 11:26
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ljWhy do people get marriedhp

    Why do people get married?

    Once I surfed on the Internet, I scanned a survey about today people‟s attitude towards marriage. I found in the big cities of China ;such as Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, young

    people prefer cohabitation to marriage. This phenomenon becomes common and popular. In their eyes, love is romantic whereas marriage is practical. More and more people hold the view „Marriage is the grave of love‟. However, there are still many people getting married. So nowadays, why do people get married? In the following text I will give you my views about the puzzling question that why people get married.

    As far as I am concerned, Chinese traditional views(男大当婚;女大当嫁) about marriage

    make a lot sense. To most, they believe they should get married when they‟re old enough and have their own career. They‟ll do as others do, finding a right person, later, giving birth to a child or more to have a stable family. Marriage, to them, is an indispensable procedure of life. It‟s a

    process of emotional, intellectual and spiritual sharing and challenge. It‟s human nature. Without it, he or she is a person incomplete.

     Of course, people may marry someone for true love. Because they love each other, they make the lifelong promise. They would like to face the ups and downs together during their life.

     Another reason is solitude(孤独)—the strongest enemy of today‟s people. Because of the

    high-paced lifestyle, work pressure and indifference, modern people pretend to be independent but actually lonely inside. People marry to get company that they would not get if they were single. Nobody wants to return to an empty home, which is what happens if you do not marry. Isolation can be killing. Studies have shown that isolation can be harmful to health as heavy smoking or drinking.

    Marriage is the crucial period which everyone has to experience. You may have no idea why you get married even you have married. Most people may probably believe it is natural. “I get married because I should!”

    Michel de Montaigne said „Marriage is like a cage, one sees the outside desperate to get in and those inside desperate to get out‟. There‟re still many other factors to explain why we get married today. It depends on our inner side. It‟s up to every single person.

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