Checklist for Board papers

By Marvin Palmer,2014-07-11 17:05
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Checklist for Board papers ...

Agenda No: 5

    Paper No: 37


    Trust Board Report Frontsheet

    Title of Report: Chief Executive’s Report

     thDate of Board meeting: 30 April 2008

    Lead Director: Author: Paul Mullin, Chief Executive

    Type of paper: Strategic and National Issues for discussion

Key issues, concerns & risks:

    ? We are reviewing the Sec 75 agreements with the LAs (para1)

    ? A programme of work is underway to reduce our Reference Cost Index (para 4)

    ? A programme of work is being scoped and specified for the redesign of the

    WAMH system (para 5)

    ? We need to confirm our development programme for Service Line Reporting and

    Management (NI 4)

    ? The definition of ‘campus provision’ could now include ATUs (NI 17)

    ? The requirement for and costs of employment checks have changed (NI 39)

Decision required by Board:

    ? Confirm the governance arrangements and discuss any issues

Link to Assurance Framework:

    ? Various, implied in report

Financial implications:

    ? NI 39 will have financial implications initially estimated at ?30 to ?60k in 2008-9,

    depending on speed of implementation

    Governance implications (legal, clinical, equality and diversity or other):

    ? Many and various; described in report

    Board Sub-Committee/Group which will oversee actions arising:

    ? Board and Committees as described in the report

     - 1 -

Chief Executive’s Report to the Board

Strategic Matters

    1. The last PMG agreed in principle to extend the Sec 75 agreements by 2 years to

    give some stability whilst BCC is abolished and replaced by two Unitary Authorities,

    subject to a confirmation of targets, standards, resources and risks. This work will

    complete by end of June and come to the July Board for decision. Lead: Helen


2. Discussions are underway with PCTs regarding the options for the divestment of

    their provider services, such options to include both vertical and horizontal

    integration. The Board is asked to review it’s position on the diversification of our

    service portfolio. Lead: Helen Buckingham

    3. The Board has now received feedback following the recent 360 degree feedback

    exercise conducted with the SHA. The exercise was very positive and it identified

    areas for individual and collective development which will be taken forward in the

    upcoming annual appraisal round and via the Board development Programme.

    Leads: Paul Mullin / Alison Davis / Debbie Dunning

4. A programme of work is underway to address issues raised by our reference costs

    (published in January) to improve our 2007-8 position by at least 6-8 percentage

    points and achieve a reference cost index of 100 or less during 2008-9. Lead Simon

    Davies; onward reporting to the F&E Committee.

5. Directors have been discussing the inter-relationship of changes underway or

    planned within the Trust in working age services, including New Ways of Working,

    the Redesign of CMHTs and the Functional Model. Taken together they represent a

    step change in the way that the WAMH system functions and will lead to improved

    outcomes for service users and increased productivity. Given the importance and

    complexity of this change programme, we have decided to put it onto project status

    and integrate it into the Service Development Strategy and LTFM. Leads: Geoff

    Keats/Ian Fuller; onward reporting to S&BD Committee.

6. I have agreed with Penny Furness-Smith, Director of Community Living at LBC, that I

    will join their soon to be established ‘Health and Wellbeing Board’ which is a great

    opportunity to increase the profile of mental health in Luton. Penny also confirmed

    that there may be some development funding available for mental health during

    2008-9. Lead: Fay Brown.

    7. At the Regional SAGE meeting this month, which directs the national management

    development programmes across the SHA, it emerged that there is likely to be a

    significant expansion in the number of centrally-funded Trainee posts becoming

    available from September 2008. The Trust will build on its established reputation with

     - 2 -

    the SHA for high quality trainee placements to optimise this opportunity. Lead: Ian


National Issues

The following issues have been extracted from the weekly communication from David

    Nicholson, Chief Executive of the NHS in England, to NHS Chief Executive’s, over the

    period since the last Board meeting, as relevant to BLPT. If Board colleagues would like

    to receive further information on any of the items listed below, please let me know.

     1) Extra care housing funds (Gateway reference number: 9526)

    This document sets out the bidding process for the ?80 million funding for

    extra care housing to be made available over the next two years. Lead Fay


    2) NICE guidelines for schizophrenia (Gateway reference number: 9578)

    In preparation for the upcoming Healthcare Commission audit relating to the

    NICE guidelines for schizophrenia (ROCR-Lite/07/013), all providers of

    specialist adult community mental health services are required to nominate a

    lead. This data collection will be used to inform a new indicator in the 2007/08

    annual health check, to give a more rounded assessment of mental health

    providers and the follow up to the 2005/06 joint review of community mental

    health services. Lead David Robinson; onward reporting to P&Q


    3) General Medical Council reforms (Gateway reference: 9339)

    The Department of Health (DH) launched a public consultation asking for

    views and comments on three proposed reforms in the Medical Profession

    (Miscellaneous Amendments) Order 2008, which will enable the General

    Medical Council to take forward some measures in the White Paper Trust,

    Assurance and Safety. This is part of the department’s ongoing process to

    update and reform the system of regulation in order to maintain and improve

    public confidence. Lead Hameen Markar

    4) NHS foundation trust status (Gateway reference number: 9574)

    Monitor, the independent regulator of foundation trusts, has released a

    summary of responses to their consultation on introducing service line

    reporting (SLR) to the assessment process. The publication provides details

    on how the responses have been taken into account in arriving at the outlined

    approach. Lead Sue Simmons; onward reporting to F&E Committee.

    5) Disease Management Information (Gateway reference number: 9577)

    This version of the DMIT (disease management information toolkit) updates

    the first version, which was published in May 2007, with the latest available

     - 3 -

HES data. DMIT is aimed at commissioners of health and social care services

    and provides evidence on emergency bed days and interventions. Lead

    Sue Simmons