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    City Council

    Regular Meeting October 8, 2007


Mayor Hubbard called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.


Present: Mayor Hubbard, Council members David Jensen, Dave Fritts, Fred

    Marshall, Ron Willis, and Mike Cassinelli.

    Also: City Treasurer Melissa Busby, Acting City Planner Mike Desimone, LBPD

    Chief Flint Wright, and IVFD Chief Tom Williams.


     Motion to approve the September 24, 2007, as written by Marshall.

    Seconded by Jensen. Motion passes unanimously.


     Williams commented that the Wednesday after the last council meeting

    the Long Beach Fire Department and the Ilwaco Volunteer Fire Department

    responded to a fire on the roof of Heidi’s Inn in Ilwaco.

     Gary Kobes, Project Manager, reported that there is a Fire Station Rebuild

    meeting with the Insurance adjuster tomorrow, and there is a Community

    Building Renovation Budget meeting on Wednesday.

     Mike Desimone, Acting City Planner, stated that Amy Ammer was gone

    and that the City has received notice that the County is giving 60 days before

    they will be terminating services.

     Don Parsons, Planning Commission member, spoke of the Sidewalk issue

    that was discussed at the last Planning Commission meeting.

     Busby requested the first Budget Workshop be Monday, October 15, 2007

    at 4:00 PM because the Visitor’s Bureau will be giving a presentation at that time.

    Council requested a later time. Busby will check with Visitor’s Bureau to see if

    that fits their schedule. Meeting set for 5:00 PM.


     Cassinelli wanted it known that the planter boxes in town have garbage in

    them, and there are cement garbage cans in the City Shop that can be finished

Regular Council Meeting

    October 8, 2007

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and placed near the planters for use. Believes that the City should budget for

    additional garbage cans.

     Marshall commented on the Federal Appropriation for the Discovery Trail.

    Is currently a House Bill, but needs Senate approval before moving forward for

    the funding. Also, the comments from IVFD Chief Williams last meeting about

    the Fire Hydrants are currently being looked at improving the form by Brandy

    Ferguson, Deputy City Clerk. Marshall has been doing some analysis of the

    Waste Water Treatment Plant loading, and there are increases and the analysis

    lends itself to suggest the increases are coming from State Parks.

MAYOR’S REPORT: Mayor reminded everyone that the bi-annual Hydrant ndthFlushing will take place October 22 through October 25, 2007. The

    Water/Sewer Audit is currently about 1/3 of the way complete, and anticipate it

    taking until the end of the month. The City has been approved for the additional

    funding needed for the Baker Bay #1 and #2 Pump Stations by RCAC (Rural

    Community Assistance Corporation). Mayor stated that the Cranberrian Fair was

    going on October 12th -14th, and that the Water Music Festival was happening

    next weekend. Also, wanted people to be sure and attend the Ilwaco Town

    Meeting sponsored by the Ilwaco Merchants Association tomorrow night with

    Council Candidates Mike Cassinelli and Don Parsons at 6:00 PM for the meet and

    greet, and 6:30 PM for the question and answer portion.


    Don Berger, Vandalia resident, questioned where the City was on the

    Comprehensive Plan update. Berger stated that it is supposed to be in by

    12/31/07. Willis questioned Parsons about Public Hearings and deadline.

    Desimone spoke up and stated that the County deadline has been extended to

    2010, but didn’t know for sure if that was true for the City. Berger mentioned

    that the Comprehensive Plan was supposed to be done every 5 years, and it was

    last done in 1997.


#1 Public Hearing Hilltop School Parking Variance

     Mayor opened the Public Hearing at 6:23 PM.

    Desimone presented Ammer’s letter to council. The Ocean Beach School

    District is requesting a parking variance at the Hilltop School location. A variance to parking standards was granted May 3, 2005, to modify the parking standard

    from 91 required spaces to 39 parking spaces. At the time, Hilltop School was

    proposed to be utilized as a middle school. Due to lower enrollment, the Ocean

    Beach School District is proposing to use Hilltop School as a combined middle

Regular Council Meeting

    October 8, 2007

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and high school once the renovations are completed. The existing Ilwaco High

    School has been proposed to be closed. The Ocean Beach School District

    Superintendent informed staff that the high school student parking will continue

    to occur at the Ilwaco High School site, located approximately 630 feet to the

    North on Brumbach Avenue NE. A sidewalk has been proposed to be

    constructed to ensure students were not walking on the roadway. Fifty parking

    spaces at Hilltop would provide parking for all the staff.

    The Planning Commission held a public hearing on September 4, 2007,

    and recommended to City Council the following:

    1. Set up a citizen’s council in cooperation with the school to ensure

    public comments are included in decision process.

    2. Review a signage and/or residential parking zone for the blocks

    surrounding the Hilltop School.

    3. Review infrastructure needs (paving, sidewalks, curbs) adjacent to

    the school.

    The Planning Commission also forwards three possible resolutions brought

    forward at the September 4, 2007, meeting, including:

    1. Creating more parking at the site of the current bus barn or upper

    field or creating a residential parking only area.

    2. Student/staff enforcement of school parking policies, and

    3. Covering the future sidewalk on the East of Brumbach Avenue NE.

    Rainer Houser, Superintendent of Ocean Beach School District, spoke for

    the applicants. Houser stated that only the staff will park at the site and that

    students will park at the current location of the High School. The Ocean Beach

    School District will police parking and will have stickers for the cars.

    Ann Saari, 414 NE Fir, lives directly across from the Bus Barn and read

    from her current letter to the council opposing the parking variance. The school

    district is asking for 50 parking spaces variance, but her calculations/drawings

    only show 43 spaces available. Saari’s concern is that the streets and front yards

    will fill up with tardy kids’ cars illegally parked. Saari requests the council to

    deny the variance.

    Mark Simmons, Principal, states that the school is a function of the

    community and it is not a School District problem only or a Community problem

    only. Feels there should be signage on the streets that the students must then

    obey. There will be consequences for students arriving late and parking illegally.

    Students must be prepared to accept those consequences.

    Cassinelli commented that grown adults have parked illegally before on

    construction jobs he’s been involved with in other cities and wanted to know how

    the School District will address the illegal parking.

    Houser stated that the enrollment has been declining over the last eleven

    years from 1400 students to 900 students. They anticipate the plateau to be

    820-850 students within the next few years. Issue to trying to make this work,

    and to assume that the kids can’t walk from the parking lot to the school is too

Regular Council Meeting

    October 8, 2007

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much of an assumption. The school district will run 1 shuttle bus from the

    Parking lot to the school during inclement weather for those students wishing to

    use it. There will be assigned staff parking with stickers and the students will

    also have to register their vehicles. The school district will do as much

    monitoring they can.

    Cassinelli wanted clarification on “monitoring”. Houser responded that Ocean Beach School District has current personnel that patrols parking lots, but

    would like help from LBPD during the beginning of the school year.

    Willis stated that LBPD is not staffed to actively patrol the parking issues. Agree that school and city needs to work together for a solution.

    Chief Wright confirmed Willis’ statement, and stated that LBPD cannot tow cars from private property, only on private roads if in the right-of-way.

    Cassinelli proposed a working group to include citizens, the School District, a councilmember, and Chief of LBPD. Would like the school district to hold

    meetings and bring back to the council a workable solution.

    Jensen agreed to help design/develop a plan for parking and is not sure a variance is needed at all, but a plan consensus is the key.

    Marshall questioned if this is a legal issue or a community cooperation issue. At some point the existing High School will not have any students

    attending there. Original variance dealt with Hilltop as a Middle School only.

    Mayor closed Public Hearing at 6:56 PM.

    Cassinelli would like clarification from the City Planner as to if a Variance is even needed because of the existing parking lot at the current High School.

    Also, need to make sure a committee is established to come up with a solution to

    the parking situation. Discussion followed.

    Cassinelli made a motion to table the variance. Motion seconded by Willis. Motion passed unanimously.

#2 Continuation of Public Hearing Laws Short Plat & Road Variance

     Mayor opened Public Hearing at 7:04 PM at the applicant’s rebuttal

    portion of the Public Hearing.

     Discussion followed. Council requested clarification from the City Planner

    as to how close the 120 days time limit is as of tonight. More discussion


     Cassinelli moved to continue the Public Hearing until the Council receives

    a written rebuttal from the applicant to the October 22, 2007, meeting. Willis

    seconded the motion. Discussion followed. Motion approved, 3-ayes, 2-nayes.

#3 Recommended Temporary Library Location

     Jensen recused himself from this issue because the potential awardee, Mazal, is a client of his.

Regular Council Meeting

    October 8, 2007

    Page 5

     Kobes presented the Lease Agreement again with the change to the

    lighting requirement on page 3 of 13 of the Commercial Lease Exhibits.

     Fritts made a motion to enter into the Lease Agreement with Mazal as

    presented. Willis seconded it. Motion approved, 4-ayes, 1-abstain.

    #4 Establish Monthly Workshop & Agendas for Community Building and Fire Hall

     Willis is requesting more insight and overview on both projects until

    finished. Mayor stated that there will be budget workshops coming up and

    asked Kobes if he could provide a written monthly report to the council instead.

    Kobes agreed to provide written monthly reports. Discussion followed. Willis

    made a motion to hold monthly workshops for the Community Building and Fire stHall at 5:00 PM in advance of the 1 Council Meeting of each month. Cassinelli

    seconded the motion. Approved 4-yes, 1-abstain.

#5 Support for the “Gateway Community Feasibility Study”

     Cassinelli presented the request for support of $500 from the City for the

    Gateway Community Feasibility Study. Cindy Mudge, director of the Destination

    of the Pacific, was present to answer any questions. City has already shown

    support by passing a resolution and writing letters to our Congressmen. Motion

    was made by Willis to give $500 to support the Gateway Community Feasibility

    Study. Motion seconded by Jensen. Unanimously approved.


    #1 Establish the Start of the Discovery Trail in Ilwaco

    Willis presented the issue as to where the Discovery Trail should end or begin. Believes council should get moving and make a decision soon. Marshall

    thinks the best solution suggested would be adequate signage showing route to

    the end of the Trail where the condor is or to downtown. Discussion followed.

    Willis suggested the Condor be the start and/or end of the Trail. Jensen

    suggested mapping with suggested routes. Cassinelli recommended waiting until

    after budget to look at routes. Nothing decided.


Vouchers audited and certified by the auditing officers as required by RCW

    42.24.080 and 42.24.090 have been reported on a listing, which has been made

    available to the Council members as of this date October 8, 2007. The Council

    for the City of Ilwaco by vote does approve for payment these claims included in

Regular Council Meeting

    October 8, 2007

    Page 6

    the above list and further described as Claims #26704- #26749 for $97,166.43, and Vouchers #807459 - #807495 for $45,783.97 for a Grand Total of $100,044.77. Fritts moved to approve the Claims as submitted. Motion seconded by Willis. No further discussion. Motion to approve unanimously carried.

    Chief Williams requested to re-advertise the sale of the surplus property because no bids were received.

    No further business appearing, meeting adjourned at 7:45 pm.


    Doug Hubbard, Mayor


    Melissa Busby, City Treasurer

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