The Third Period

By Steven Franklin,2014-10-12 19:11
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The Third Period

    The Third Period

    Teaching Aims:

    1. Know about Canada and its people; 2. Master some useful expressions:

    say hello to be new to talk to sb. like old friends the cashiers at the same time give sb. a ride feel warm

    3. Know about the use of adjective; 4. Improve the students reading skills.

    Teaching Important Points:

    Master and use a variety of techniques and skills in reading.

    Teaching Difficult Points:

    How to improve the students reading ability.

    Teaching Methods:

    Listening, speaking, reading, pair works Teaching Aids:

    A map of world, multimedia courseware. Teaching Procedures:

    Step1. Safety Education


    Count the students in class.

    Step2. New Words

     Study the new words on P13. Pay attention to the phrases:

    get to: arrive in at the same time give sb. a ride Step3. Reading

    What do you know about Canadians? If you want to know about them, skim the text and get the main idea of it, find out the topic sentence at the same time. (The first sentence)

    Do Canadians talk to strangers at a party? How does a foreigner feel in Canada? Scan the text, decide true or false in Part3.

    Now read the text carefully, underline the adjectives which are used to describe Canadians, pay attention to their placement, then finish Part4.

    Language Points:

    say hello to(greet): Please say hello to your parents for me.

    be new to: I am new to Beijing.

    talk to sb. like old friends: She talks to me like old friends.

    at the same time: We arrived here at the same time.

    give sb. a ride: They gave me a ride when I was walking.

    After explanation, get the students read the text after the tape.

    Step4. Practice

    Fill in the blanks with the words given in the box. (friendly; hello; friends; cold; beautiful)

    Pair work: Describe the pictures on P16 according to the example.

    Step5. Summarize and Homework

    Today weve learnt something about Canadians, what do you think of Canadians? Why do you think Canadians are nice, polite and friendly? If you want other people to be friendly and

    polite to you, you must be friendly and polite to others, dont

    you think so?

    Homework: Remember the words and useful expressions;

     Read the text again and again;

     Preview the grammar.

    Step6. Writing Design

    The Third Period

    Vocabulary: Reading skills:

     大意?题目、主题句? say hello to... skimming

    be new to

    talk to sb. like old friends scanning 特定信息?定位词?

    the cashiers

    at the same time intensive reading 细节?篇章结构等?

    give sb. a ride

    feel warm

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