885 bishops of the European Union excommunicated from the Church

By Hector Hunt,2014-06-22 17:56
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885 bishops of the European Union excommunicated from the Church

    882 bishops of the European Union excommunicated from the Church

    thOn 4 April 2010, the Day of the Resurrection of Christ, 882 bishops of the EU states excommunicated ththemselves from the Mystical Body of Christ the Church. On 19 February 2010 they were publicly appealed again to confess the faith. However, they publicly denied Christ and His Gospel. They obstinately persist in

    unity with the contemporary heresies and with the spirit that is behind them. This spirit as well as the very

    heresies deny the essence of our salvation and of whole Christianity. Anathema God’s punishment – cannot

    be removed from them even by the Pope himself unless they themselves repent in public. Supposing they die in thobstinacy, they will be eternally condemned. As from 4 April 2010, they occupy the Church posts unlawfully thand none of the believers can obey them. Starting from 5 April 2010, the sacraments administered by them are invalid. From the same date the priests ordained by them will be no priests! Individual states and the number of the excommunicated bishops:

    Luxembourg 1 Finland 1 Romania 20

    Austria 23 France 169 Slovenia 10

    Belgium 17 Greece 6 Sweden 1

    Bulgaria 3 Hungary 27 Spain 106

    Cyprus 2 Latvia 5 Portugal 47

    Denmark 2 Lithuania 12 Italy 351

    Great Britain 57 Malta 5

    Estonia 1 Netherlands 16

    The names of bishops who excommunicated themselves from the Church:

    Mons. Pierre Warin Mons. John Patrick Crowley Luxembourg

    Mons. Fernand Franck Mons. Guy Harpigny Mons. Terence John Brain Mons. Peter Antony Moran Austria Bulgaria Mons. Joseph Anthony Toal Mons. Petko Jordanov Christov OFMConv. Mons. Alois Kothgasser S.D.B. Mons. Ian Murray Mons. Andreas Laun O.S.F.S. Mons. Gheorghi Ivanov Jovcev Mons. Vincent Paul Logan Mons. Georg Eder Mons. Christo Proykov Mons. John Cunningham Mons. Jakob Mayr Mons. Maurice Taylor Cyprus Mons. Elmar Fischer Mons. Joseph Soueif Mons. Paul Hendricks Mons.Egon Kapellari Mons. Boutros Gemayel Mons. John Franklin Meldon Hine Mons.Franz Lackner O.F.M. Mons. Patrick Kevin Lynch SS.CC. Mons.Johann Weber Denmark Mons. Michael George Bowen Mons.Alois Schwarz Mons. Czeslaw Kozon Mons. Kevin John Patrick McDonald Mons.Manfred Scheuer Mons. Hans Ludvig Martensen S.J. Mons. John Peter Jukes O.F.M. Conv. Mons.Reinhold Stecher Mons. Howard George Tripp Great Britain Mons.Franz Scharl Mons. Bernard Longley Mons. Kieran Thomas Conry Mons.Stephan Turnovszky Mons. Leonard William Kenney C.P. Mons. Hugh Christopher Budd Mons.Helmut Krätzl Mons. David Christopher McGough Mons. Roger Francis Crispian Hollis Mons.Paul Iby Mons. Philip Pargeter Mons. Vincent Gerard Nichols Mons.Ludwig Schwarz S.D.B. Mons. Declan Ronan Lang Mons. John Stanley Kenneth Arnold Mons.Maximilian Aichern O.S.B. Mons. Mervyn Alban Alexander Mons. Alan Stephen Hopes Mons.Gerhard Maria Wagner Mons. Brian Michael Noble Mons. George Stack Mons.Klaus Küng Mons. Mark Davies Mons. Thomas McMahon Mons.Anton Leichtfried Mons. Peter Smith Mons. Michael Charles Evans Mons.Kurt Krenn Mons. Thomas Matthew Burns S.M. Mons. Peter John Haworth Doyle Mons.Heinrich Fasching Mons. John Peter Mark Jabalé O.S.B. Mons. Patrick Leo McCartie Mons.Christian Werner Mons. Daniel Joseph Mullins Mons. Malcolm Patrick McMahon O.P.

    Mons. Edwin Regan Mons. Charles Phillip Richard Moth Belgium

    Mons. André-Joseph (Mutien) Léonard Mons. Mario Joseph Conti Mons. Francis Joseph Walmsley Mons. Josef De Kesel Mons. Joseph Devine Estonia Mons. Rémy Victor Vancottem Mons. Philip Tartaglia Mons. Philippe Jean-Charles Jourdan Mons. Jan De Bie Mons. John Aloysius Mone

    Mons. Paul Lanneau Mons. Patrick Altham Kelly Finland

    Mons. Johan Jozef Bonny Mons. Thomas Anthony Williams Mons. Teemu Jyrki Juhani Sippo S.C.I. Mons. Paul Van den Berghe Mons. Vincent Malone France Mons. Roger Vangheluwe Mons. John Rawsthorne Mons. Adolphe-Maria Gustave Hardy Mons. Lucas Van Looy S.D.B. Mons. Séamus Cunningham Mons. Alain Castet Mons. Arthur Luysterman Mons. Michael Ambrose Griffiths O.S.B. Mons. Alain Émile Baptiste Planet Mons. Patrick Hoogmartens Mons. Michael Gregory Campbell O.S.A. Mons. Albert Jean-Marie Rouet Mons. Paul Schruers Mons. Patrick O'Donoghue Mons. Albert-Georges-Yves Malbois Mons. Jozef Maria Heusschen Mons. Arthur Roche Mons. Albert-Marie Joseph Cyrille de Mons. Aloysius Jousten Mons. David Every Konstant Monléon O.P. Mons. Albert Jean Charles Ghislain Houssiau Mons. Terence Patrick Drainey Mons. André Jean René Lacrampe

    Mons. André Louis Fort Mons. Hubert Marie Pierre Dominique Mons. Nicolas Jean-Marie Souchu Mons. André Marceau Barbier Mons. Norbert José Henri Turini Mons. Armand Maillard Mons. Jacques André Blaquart Mons. Olivier Jean-Marie Michel de Mons. Bellino Giusto Ghirard Mons. Jacques André Marie Jullien Berranger

    Mons. Benoît Marie Pascal Rivière Mons. Jacques Jean Joseph Jules Perrier Mons. Pascal Jean Marcel Wintzer Mons. Bernard Housset Mons. Jacques Joseph Marie Despierre Mons. Pascal Marie Roland Mons. Bernard Joseph Germain Marie Mons. Jacques Louis Antoine Marie David Mons. Pascal Michel Ghislain Delannoy Ginoux Mons. Jacques Louis Marie Joseph Fihey Mons. Patrick Le Gal

    Mons. Bernard Louis Marie Charrier Mons. Jacques Marie Sébastien de Saint-Mons. Paul Émile Joseph Bertrand Mons. Bernard-Nicolas Jean-Marie Aubertin Blanquat Mons. Paul-Marie François Rousset Mons. Bruno Grua Mons. Jacques Maurice Faivre Mons. Paul-Marie Joseph André Guillaume Mons. Charles Amarin Brand Mons. Jacques Moïse Eugène Noyer Mons. Philippe Gabriel Marie Augustin Ballot Mons. Christian George Nicolas Kratz Mons. Jean Marie Henri Legrez O.P. Mons. Philippe Jean Louis Breton Mons. Christian Philippe Pierre Robert Mons. Jean Marie Louis Bonfils S.M.A. Mons. Philippe Jean Marie Joseph Gueneley Nourrichard Mons. Jean Pierre Marie Orchampt Mons. Philippe Mousset

    Mons. Christophe Dufour Mons. Jean-Berchmans-Marcel-Yves-Mons. Pierre Auguste Gratien Pican SDB Mons. Claude Feidt Marie-Bernard Chabbert O.F.M. Mons. Pierre d'Ornellas

    Mons. Claude Henri Edouard Frikart CIM Mons. Jean-Charles Marie Descubes Mons. Pierre Jacques Joatton Mons. Claude Jean Pierre Dagens Mons. Jean-Charles Thomas Mons. Pierre Jean Marie Marcel Molères Mons. Claude Pierre Charles Schockert Mons. Jean-Christophe André Robert Mons. Pierre Marie Léon Augustin Plateau Mons. Claude-Joseph Azéma Lagleize Mons. Pierre René Ferdinand Raffin O.P. Mons. Clément Joseph Marie Raymond Mons. Jean-Claude Ézechiel Jean-Baptiste Mons. Pierre-Marie Joseph Carré Guillon C.I.M. Boulanger Mons. Raymond Gaston Joseph Séguy Mons. Daniel Camille Victor Marie Labille Mons. Jean-Félix-Albert-Marie Vilnet Mons. Raymond Michel René Centène Mons. Didier-Léon Marchand Mons. Jean-Louis Henri Maurice Papin Mons. Renauld Marie François de Dinechin Mons. Dominique Julien Claude Marie Lebrun Mons. Jean-Luc Brunin Mons. René Pierre Louis Joseph Séjourné Mons. Dominique Marie Jean Rey Mons. Jean-Luc Marie Maurice Louis Mons. Robert Jean Louis Le Gall O.S.B. Mons. Edmond-Marie-Henri Abelé Bouilleret Mons. Robert Léon Wattebled Mons. Emile Marcus P.S.S. Mons. Jean-Marie Charles André Le Vert Mons. Robert Pierre Sarrabère Mons. Emmanuel Luc Jean-Marie Delmas Mons. Jean-Michel di Falco Leandri Mons. Roland Minnerath

    Mons. Éric Marie de Moulins d'Amieu de Mons. Jean-Paul André Denis Marcel James Mons. Stanislas Marie Georges Jude Lalanne Beaufort Mons. Jean-Paul Mary Mathieu Mons. Thierry Marie Jacques Brac de la Perrière Mons. Eric Marie Pierre Henri Aumonier Mons. Jean-Paul Maurice Jaeger Mons. Thierry Marie Scherrer Mons. Eugène Georges Joseph Lecrosnier Mons. Jean-Pierre Grallet O.F.M. Mons. Thierry Romain Camille Jordan Mons. François Charles Garnier Mons. Jean-Pierre Louis Roger Sylvain Batut Mons. Vincent Alexandre Édouard Élie Jordy Mons. François Jacques Bussini Mons. Jean-Pierre Marie Cattenoz Mons. Yves François Patenôtre Mons. François Joseph Marie Jacolin MDP Mons. Jean-Yves André Michel Nahmias Mons. Yves Jean Marie Arsène Boivineau Mons. François Joseph Pierre Deniau Mons. Jean-Yves Riocreux Mons. Yves Le Saux

    Mons. François Marie Joseph Pascal Louis Mons. Jérôme Daniel Beau Mons. Yves-Marie-Henri Bescond Blondel Mons. Joseph Louis Jean Boishu Greece Mons. François Michel Pierre Kalist Mons. Joseph Pierre Aimé Marie Doré PSS Mons. Nikólaos Fóscolos Mons. François Paul Marie Maupu Mons. Joseph Théophile Louis Marie Madec Mons. Yannis Spiteris O.F.M. Cap. Mons. François-Marie-Christian Favreau Mons. Laurent Bernard Marie Ulrich Mons. Nikólaos Printesis Mons. François-Mathurin Gourvès Mons. Léon Aimé Taverdet F.M.C. Mons. Franghískos Papamanólis OFMCap. Mons. François-Xavier Jacques Marie Loizeau Mons. Léon Hégelé Mons. Dimitrios Salachas Exarch Mons. Gabriel Marie Étienne Vanel Mons. Léon-Raymond Soulier Mons. Anárghyros Printesis Exarch Mons. Gaston Élie Poulain P.S.S. Mons. Louis Albert Joseph Roger Sankalé

    Mons. Georges Edmond Robert Gilson Mons. Luc Ravel Hungary

    Mons. Georges Paul Pontier Mons. Lucien Charles Gilbert Daloz Mons. Csaba Ternyák

    Mons. Georges Pierre Soubrier P.S.S. Mons. Lucien Fruchaud Mons. István Katona

    Mons. Georges Rol Mons. Marc Camille Michel Stenger Mons. István Seregély

    Mons. Gérard Antoine Daucourt Mons. Marc Marie Max Aillet Mons. Nándor Bosák

    Mons. Gérard Denis Auguste Defois Mons. Marcel Germain Perrier Mons. Miklós Beer

    Mons. Gérard Émile Jean-Louis Coliche Mons. Marcel Paul Herriot Mons. Lajos Varga

    Mons. Géry-Jacques-Mons. Maurice Le Bègue de Germiny Mons. Ferenc Keszthelyi O. Cist. Charles Leuliet

    Mons. Gilbert Louis Mons. Maurice Lucien Fréchard C.S.Sp. Mons. Ferenc Cserháti

    Mons. Grégoire (Krikor) Ghabroyan ICPB Mons. Maurice Marcel Gardès Mons. Gáspár Ladocsi

    Mons. Guy Alexis Herbulot Mons. Maurice Paul Delorme Mons. János Székely

    Mons. Maurice-Adolphe Gaidon Mons. György Udvardy Mons. Guy André Marie de Kérimel

    Mons. Guy Claude Bagnard Mons. Michel Armand Alexis Jean Pansard Mons. László Paskai O.F.M. Cardinal Mons. Guy Étienne Germain Gaucher OCD Mons. Michel Jean Guyard Mons. Lajos Pápai

    Mons. Guy Marie Alexandre Thomazeau Mons. Michel Joseph Kuehn Mons. Péter Fülöp Kocsis Mons. Henri Marie Raoul Brincard CRSA Mons. Michel Léon Émile Santier Mons. Szilárd Keresztes

    Mons. Hervé Gaschignard Mons. Michel Louis Coloni Mons. Antal Spányi

    Mons. Hervé Jean Robert Giraud Mons. Michel Marie Jacques Dubost CIM Mons. Jusztin Nándor Takács O.C.D. Mons. Hippolyte Louis Jean Simon Mons. Michel Pierre Marie Mouïsse Mons. Balázs Bábel

    Mons. Hubert Marie Michel Marcel Mons. Michel Pollien Mons. Mihály Mayer

    Herbreteau Mons. Nicolas Jean René Brouwet Mons. László Kiss-Rigó

    Mons. Endre Gyulay Mons. John Michael Botean Mons. Ireneo García Alonso Mons. Gyula Márfi Mons. Ioan Robu Mons. Jaume Camprodon Rovira Mons. József Szendi Mons. Cornel Damian Mons. Jaume Pujol Balcells Mons. Béla Balás Mons. Petru Gherghel Mons. Jaume Traserra Cunillera Mons. András Veres Mons. Aurel Perca Mons. Javier Azagra Labiano Mons. István Konkoly Mons. László Böcskei Mons. Javier Martínez Fernández Mons. László Bíró Mons. József Tempfli Mons. Javier Salinas Viñals Mons. Tamás Szabó Mons. Jeno Schönberger Mons. Jesús E. Catalá Ibáñez Mons. Martin Roos Mons. Jesús García Burillo Latvia Mons. Jesús Murgui Soriano Mons. Janis Cakuls Slovenia Mons. Jesús Sanz Montes Mons. Antons Justs Mons. Anton Stres C.M. Mons. Joan Martí i Alanis Mons. Vilhelms Toms Marija Lapelis O.P. Mons. Anton Jamnik Mons. Joan-Enric Vives i Sicília Mons. Arvaldis Andrejs Brumanis Mons. Alojzij Uran Mons. Joaquín Carmelo Borobia Isasa Mons. Janis Bulis Mons. Metod Pirih Mons. Joaquín María López de Andújar y Mons. Jurij Bizjak Cánovas del Castillo Lithuania Mons. Andrej Glavan Mons.Arūnas Poniškaitis Mons. José Cerviño Cerviño Mons. Franc Kramberger Mons.Eugenijus Bartulis Mons. José Delicado Baeza Mons. Marjan Turnšek Mons.Jonas Boruta S.J. Mons. José Diéguez Reboredo Mons. Joţef Smej Mons.Jonas Ivanauskas Mons. José Gea Escolano Mons. Peter Štumpf S.D.B. Mons.Jonas Kauneckas Mons. José Ignacio Munilla Aguirre

    Mons.Juozapas Matulaitis-Labukas Mons. José Manuel Estepa Llaurens Sweden

    Mons.Juozas Preikšas Mons. Anders Arborelius O.C.D. Mons. José Manuel Lorca Planes Mons.Juozas Tunaitis Mons. José María Setién Alberro Spain Mons.Juozas Ţemaitis M.I.C. Mons. José María Yanguas Sanz Mons. Adolfo González Montes Mons.Rimantas Norvila Mons. José Mazuelos Pérez Mons. Agustí Cortés Soriano Mons.Romualdas Krikšciunas Mons. José Sánchez González Mons. Alfonso Carrasco Rouco Mons.Sigitas Tamkevicius S.J. Mons. José Vilaplana Blasco Mons. Alfonso Milián Sorribas Mons. Josep Àngel Saiz Meneses Mons. Amadeo Rodríguez Magro Malta Mons. Juan Antonio Martínez Camino SJ. Mons. Paul Cremona O.P. Mons. Ambrosio Echebarria Arroita Mons. Juan Antonio Reig Pla Mons. Annetto Depasquale Mons. Ángel Rubio Castro Mons. Juan del Río Martín Mons. Joseph Mercieca Mons. Antonio Angel Algora Hernando Mons. Juan García-Santacruz Ortiz Mons. Mario Grech Mons. Antonio Ceballos Atienza Mons. Juan José Asenjo Pelegrina Mons. Nikol Joseph Cauchi Mons. Antonio Dorado Soto Mons. Juan José Omella Omella Mons. Antonio Montero Mons. Juan María Uriarte Goiricelaya Mons. Atilano Rodríguez Martínez Netherlands Mons. Juan Piris Frígola Mons. Adrianus Herman van Luyn S.D.B. Mons. Bernardo Álvarez Afonso Mons. Julián Barrio Barrio Mons. Antonius Lambertus Maria Hurkmans Mons. Braulio Rodríguez Plaza Mons. Julián López Martín Mons. Everardus Johannes de Jong Mons. Camilo Lorenzo Iglesias Mons. Luis Gutiérrez Martín C.M.F. Mons. Franciscus Jozef Maria Wiertz Mons. Carles Soler Perdigó Mons. Luis Quinteiro Fiuza Mons. Gerard Johannes Nicolaus de Korte Mons. Carlos López Hernández Mons. Manuel Sánchez Monge Mons. Herman Willebrordus Woorts Mons. Carlos Osoro Sierra Mons. Manuel Ureña Pastor Mons. Hubertus Cornelis Antonius Ernst Mons. Casimiro López Llorente Mons. Mario Iceta Gavicagogeascoa Mons. Johannes Antonius de Kok O.F.M. Mons. Cecilio Raúl Berzosa Martínez Mons. Miguel José Asurmendi Aramendia SDB Mons. Johannes Gerardus Maria van Mons. Cesar Augusto Franco Martínez Mons. Pere Tena Garriga Burgsteden S.S.S. Mons. Ciriaco Benavente Mateos Mons. Rafael Palmero Ramos Mons. Johannes Harmannes Jozefus van Mons. D. Luis Quinteiro Fiuza Mons. Rafael Sanus Abad den Hende Mons. Damián Iguacén Borau Mons. Rafael Torija de la Fuente Mons. Johannes Willem Maria Bluijssen Mons. Demetrio Fernández González Mons. Rafael Zornoza Boy Mons. Joseph Maria Punt Mons. Elías Yanes Alvarez Mons. Ramón Búa Otero Mons. Martinus Petrus Maria Muskens Mons. Enrique Benavent Vidal Mons. Ramón Buxarrais Ventura Mons. Ronald Philippe Bär O.S.B. Mons. Esteban Escudero Torres Mons. Ramón del Hoyo López Mons. Theodorus Cornelis Maria Mons. Felipe Fernández García Mons. Ramón Echarren Istúriz Hoogenboom Mons. Félix López Zarzuelo Mons. Ramón Malla Call Mons. Willem Jacobus Eijk Mons. Fernando Sebastián Aguilar Mons. Ricardo Blázquez Pérez Mons. Fidel Herraez Vegas Mons. Romà Casanova i Casanova Romania Mons. Francesc-Xavier Ciuraneta Aymí Mons. György-Miklós Jakubínyi Mons. Rosendo Alvarez Gastón Mons. Francisco Cases Andreu Mons. József Tamás Mons. Salvador Giménez Valls Mons. Francisco Cerro Chaves Mons. Lajos Bálint Mons. Santiago García Aracil Mons. Francisco Gil Hellín Mons. Lucian Mureşan Major Mons. Sebastián Taltavull Anglada Mons. Francisco Pardo Artigas Mons. Vasile Bizău Mons. Vicente Jiménez Zamora Mons. Francisco Pérez González Mons. Mihai Cătălin Fră?ilă Mons. Vicente Juan Segura Mons. Gabino Díaz Merchán Mons. Florentin Crihalmeanu Mons. Victorio Oliver Domingo Mons. Gerardo Melgar Viciosa Mons. Gheorghe Gutiu Mons. Ginés Ramón García Beltrán Portugal Mons. Alexandru Mesian Mons. Gregorio Martínez Sacristán Mons. Manuel da Silva Vieira Pinto Mons. Ioan Sisestean Mons. Ignacio Noguer Carmona Mons. Albino Mamede Cleto Mons. Virgil Bercea

    Mons. Amândio José Tomás Mons. Andrea Bruno Mazzocato Mons. Dino De Antoni Mons. Anacleto Cordeiro Gonçalves de Mons. Andrea Cassone Mons. Divo Zadi

    Oliveira Mons. Andrea Gemma F.D.P. Mons. Domenico Angelo Scotti Mons. Antonino Eugénio Fernandes Dias Mons. Andrea Maria Erba B. Mons. Domenico Caliandro Mons. António Augusto dos Santos Marto Mons. Andrea Mugione Mons. Domenico Cancian F.A.M. Mons. António Baltasar Marcelino Mons. Andrea Veggio Mons. Domenico Cornacchia Mons. António de Sousa Braga S.C.I. Mons. Angelo Daniel Mons. Domenico Crusco Mons. António dos Santos Mons. Angelo Fagiani Mons. Domenico Graziani Mons. António José Cavaco Carrilho Mons. Angelo Mascheroni Mons. Domenico Mogavero Mons. António José da Rocha Couto SMP Mons. Angelo Spina Mons. Domenico Padovano Mons. António José Rafael Mons. Angelo Spinillo Mons. Domenico Pecile Mons. António Maria Bessa Taipa Mons. Antioco Piseddu Mons. Domenico Sigalini Mons. António Montes Moreira O.F.M. Mons. Antonino Orrù Mons. Domenico Sorrentino Mons. António Vitalino Fernandes Dantas Mons. Antonio Buoncristiani Mons. Domenico Tarcisio Cortese O.F.M. Mons. Armindo Lopes Coelho Mons. Antonio Cantisani Mons. Domenico Umberto D'Ambrosio Mons. Augusto César Alves Ferreira da Mons. Antonio Ciliberti Mons. Donato Negro Silva C.M. Mons. Antonio Di Donna Mons. Edoardo Menichelli Mons. Aurélio Granada Escudeiro D. Mons. Antonio Jannucci Mons. Eduardo Davino Mons. Carlos Alberto de Pinho Moreira Mons. Antonio Lanfranchi Mons. Egidio Caporello Azevedo Mons. Antonio Mattiazzo Mons. Elio Tinti

    Mons. Carlos Francisco Martins Pinheiro Mons. Antonio Mistrorigo Mons. Emanuele Catarinicchia Mons. Eurico Dias Nogueira Mons. Antonio Napoletano C.SS.R. Mons. Ennio Appignanesi Mons. Gilberto Délio Gonçalves Canavarro Mons. Antonio Nuzzi Mons. Enrico Masseroni dos Reis Mons. Antonio Riboldi I.C. Mons. Enrico Solmi Mons. Ilídio Pinto Leandro Mons. Antonio Santucci Mons. Enzio d'Antonio Mons. Jacinto Tomás de Carvalho Botelho Mons. Antonio Staglianò Mons. Enzo Dieci Mons. Januário Torgal Mendes Ferreira Mons. Antonio Vacca Mons. Ercole Lupinacci Mons. João Alves Mons. Arduino Bertoldo Mons. Erminio De Scalzi Mons. João Evangelista Pimentel Lavrador Mons. Armando Brambilla Mons. Ernesto Mandara Mons. João Miranda Teixeira Mons. Armando Dini Mons. Ernesto Vecchi Mons. Joaquim Augusto da Silva Mendes Mons. Armando Trasarti Mons. Eugenio Binini Mons. Joaquim Gonçalves Mons. Arrigo Miglio Mons. Eugenio Ravignani Mons. Jorge Ferreira da Costa Ortiga Mons. Arturo Aiello Mons. Fausto Tardelli Mons. José Augusto Martins Fernandes Mons. Augusto Lauro Mons. Felice Cece Pedreira Mons. Bassano Staffieri Mons. Felice di Molfetta Mons. José dos Santos Garcia Mons. Benedetto Tuzia Mons. Felice Leonardo Mons. José Francisco Sanches Alves Mons. Beniamino Depalma C.M. Mons. Fernando Charrier Mons. Júlio Tavares Rebimbas Mons. Beniamino Pizziol Mons. Filippo Giannini Mons. Manual Pelino Domingues Mons. Benigno Luigi Papa O.F.M. Cap. Mons. Filippo Iannone O. Carm. Mons. Manuel da Rocha Felício Mons. Benito Cocchi Mons. Filippo Strofaldi Mons. Manuel da Silva Martins Mons. Benvenuto Italo Castellani Mons. Flavio Roberto Carraro O.F.M.Cap. Mons. Manuel da Silva Rodrigues Linda Mons. Bernardo Fabio D'Onorio O.S.B. Mons. Francescantonio Nolè O.F.M. Conv. Mons. Manuel Franco da Costa de Oliveira Mons. Bruno Foresti Mons. Francesco Alfano Falcão Mons. Bruno Forte Mons. Francesco Beschi Mons. Manuel José Macário do Nascimento Mons. Bruno Schettino Mons. Francesco Cacucci Clemente Mons. Bruno Tommasi Mons. Francesco Cuccarese Mons. Manuel Madureira Dias Mons. Calogero La Piana S.D.B. Mons. Francesco Giovanni Brugnaro Mons. Manuel Neto Quintas S.C.I. Mons. Calogero Peri O.F.M. Cap. Mons. Francesco Guido Ravinale Mons. Maurílio Jorge Quintal de Gouveia Mons. Carlo Ghidelli Mons. Francesco Lambiasi Mons. Serafim de Sousa Ferreira e Silva Mons. Carlo Liberati Mons. Francesco Marinelli Mons. Teodoro de Faria Mons. Carlo Mazza Mons. Francesco Marino Mons. Tomás Pedro Barbosa da Silva Nunes Mons. Carlo Roberto Maria Redaelli Mons. Francesco Micciché Mons. Carmelo Cassati M.S.C. Mons. Francesco Montenegro Italy Mons. Carmelo Cuttitta Mons. Francesco Moraglia Mons. Adriano Caprioli Mons. Carmelo Ferraro Mons. Francesco Pio Tamburrino O.S.B. Mons. Adriano Tessarollo Mons. Cesare Nosiglia Mons. Francesco Sgalambro Mons. Agostino Superbo Mons. Claudio Baggini Mons. Francesco Zerrillo Mons. Alberto Ablondi Mons. Claudio Giuliodori Mons. Franco Agostinelli Mons. Alberto Maria Careggio Mons. Claudio Maniago Mons. Franco Festorazzi Mons. Alberto Silvani Mons. Claudio Stagni Mons. Franco Giulio Brambilla Mons. Alberto Tanasini Mons. Cleto Bellucci Mons. Gabriele Mana Mons. Alceste Catella Mons. Corrado Pizziolo Mons. Gaetano Bonicelli Mons. Alessandro Plotti Mons. Cosmo Francesco Ruppi Mons. Gastone Simoni Mons. Alessandro Staccioli O.M.I. Mons. Dante Bernini Mons. Gennaro Pascarella Mons. Alfonso Badini Confalonieri Mons. Dante Lafranconi Mons. Gerardo Pierro Mons. Alfredo Battisti Mons. Delio Lucarelli Mons. Gerardo Rocconi Mons. Alfredo Magarotto Mons. Diego Coletti Mons. Gervasio Gestori Mons. Ambrogio Spreafico Mons. Diego Natale Bona Mons. Giacomo Babini

    Mons. Giacomo Barabino Mons. Livio Maritano Mons. Pier Giuliano Tiddia Mons. Giacomo Capuzzi Mons. Lorenzo Chiarinelli Mons. Pier Luigi Mazzoni Mons. Giacomo Lanzetti Mons. Lorenzo Ghizzoni Mons. Piergiorgio Debernardi Mons. Giampaolo Crepaldi Mons. Lorenzo Loppa Mons. Piero Coccia Mons. Giancarlo Maria Bregantini C.S.S. Mons. Loris Francesco Capovilla Prelate Mons. Pietro Bottaccioli Mons. Giancarlo Vecerrica Mons. Luca Brandolini C.M. Mons. Pietro Brollo Mons. Gianfranco Agostino Gardin OFMConv. Mons. Luciano Bux Mons. Pietro Farina Mons. Gianfranco De Luca Mons. Luciano Giovannetti Mons. Pietro Garlato Mons. Gianfranco Todisco P.O.C.R. Mons. Luciano Monari Mons. Pietro Giacomo Nonis Mons. Gianni Ambrosio Mons. Luciano Pacomio Mons. Pietro Maria Fragnelli Mons. Gino Reali Mons. Lucio Angelo Renna O. Carm. Mons. Pietro Meloni Mons. Gioacchino Illiano Mons. Lucio Lemmo Mons. Pietro Santoro Mons. Giovanni Battista Pichierri Mons. Lucio Soravito de Franceschi Mons. Pio Vittorio Vigo Mons. Giovanni Benedetti Mons. Luigi Amaducci Mons. Raffaele Calabro Mons. Giovanni D'Alise Mons. Luigi Antonio Cantafora Mons. Raffaele Castielli Mons. Giovanni D'Ascenzi Mons. Luigi Belloli Mons. Raffaele Nogaro Mons. Giovanni De Vivo Mons. Luigi Bettazzi Mons. Raffaello Martinelli Mons. Giovanni D'Ercole F.D.P. Mons. Luigi Bommarito Mons. Renato Boccardo Mons. Giovanni Dettori Mons. Luigi Bressan Mons. Renato Corti Mons. Giovanni Giudici Mons. Luigi Conti Mons. Riccardo Fontana Mons. Giovanni Marra Mons. Luigi Diligenza Mons. Riccardo Ruotolo Mons. Giovanni Paolo Benotto Mons. Luigi Ernesto Palletti Mons. Roberto Busti Mons. Giovanni Paolo Gibertini O.S.B. Mons. Luigi Martella Mons. Rocco Talucci Mons. Giovanni Paolo Zedda Mons. Luigi Moretti Mons. Rodolfo Cetoloni O.F.M. Mons. Giovanni Ricchiuti Mons. Luigi Negri Mons. Romano Rossi Mons. Giovanni Santucci Mons. Luigi Renzo Mons. Rosario Mazzola Mons. Giovanni Scanavino O.S.A. Mons. Luigi Stucchi Mons. Salvatore Cassisa Mons. Giovanni Tonucci Mons. Maffeo Giovanni Ducoli Mons. Salvatore Di Cristina Mons. Giovanni Volta Mons. Maggiolini Alessandro Mons. Salvatore Giovanni Rinaldi Mons. Girolamo Grillo Mons. Mansueto Bianchi Mons. Salvatore Gristina Mons. Giulio Sanguineti Mons. Marcello Semeraro Mons. Salvatore Ligorio Mons. Giuseppe Agostino Mons. Marco Ferrari Mons. Salvatore Muratore Mons. Giuseppe Andrich Mons. Mariano Crociata Mons. Salvatore Nicolosi Mons. Giuseppe Anfossi Mons. Mariano De Nicolò Mons. Salvatore Nunnari Mons. Giuseppe Betori Mons. Mario Cecchini Mons. Salvatore Pappalardo Mons. Giuseppe Casale Mons. Mario Ceccobelli Mons. Salvatore Visco Mons. Giuseppe Cavallotto Mons. Mario Delpini Mons. Santo Marcianò Mons. Giuseppe Chiaretti Mons. Mario Meini Mons. Sebastiano Dho Mons. Giuseppe Costanzo Mons. Mario Milano Mons. Sebastiano Sanguinetti Mons. Giuseppe Di Falco Mons. Mario Oliveri Mons. Serafino Sprovieri Mons. Giuseppe Fabiani Mons. Mario Paciello Mons. Sergio Goretti Mons. Giuseppe Fiorini Morosini O.M. Mons. Mario Russotto Mons. Sergio Pintor Mons. Giuseppe Guerrini Mons. Martino Canessa Mons. Settimio Todisco Mons. Giuseppe Malandrino Mons. Martino Scarafile Mons. Silvano Montevecchi Mons. Giuseppe Mani Mons. Massimo Giustetti Mons. Silvio Padoin Mons. Giuseppe Marciante Mons. Mauro Parmeggiani Mons. Simone Giusti Mons. Giuseppe Matarrese Mons. Michele Castoro Mons. Simone Scatizzi Mons. Giuseppe Merisi Mons. Michele De Rosa Mons. Sotìr Ferrara Mons. Giuseppe Molinari Mons. Michele Pennisi Mons. Tarcisio Pillolla Mons. Giuseppe Orlandoni Mons. Michele Scandiffio Mons. Tommaso Ghirelli Mons. Giuseppe Petrocchi Mons. Michele Seccia Mons. Tommaso Valentinetti Mons. Giuseppe Rocco Favale Mons. Mosè Marcia Mons. Vasco Giuseppe Bertelli Mons. Giuseppe Versaldi Mons. Natalino Pescarolo Mons. Vigilio Mario Olmi Mons. Giuseppe Verucchi Mons. Odo Fusi Pecci Mons. Vincenzo Apicella Mons. Giuseppe Zenti Mons. Orazio Soricelli Mons. Vincenzo Bertolone S.d.P. Mons. Gualtiero Bassetti Mons. Oscar Cantoni Mons. Vincenzo Carmine Orofino Mons. Gualtiero Sigismondi Mons. Ottorino Pietro Alberti Mons. Vincenzo Cozzi Mons. Guerino Di Tora Mons. Ovidio Poletto Mons. Vincenzo Franco Mons. Guido Fiandino Mons. Paolo Gillet Mons. Vincenzo Manzella Mons. Ignazio Cannavò Mons. Paolo Magnani Mons. Vincenzo Paglia Mons. Ignazio Sanna Mons. Paolo Mario Virgilio Atzei OFMConv. Mons. Vincenzo Pelvi Mons. Ignazio Zambito Mons. Paolo Rabitti Mons. Vincenzo Pisanello Mons. Karl Golser Mons. Paolo Romeo Mons. Vincenzo Rimedio Mons. Lino Bortolo Belotti Mons. Paolo Schiavon Mons. Vincenzo Zarri Mons. Lino Esterino Garavaglia OFMCap. Mons. Paolo Urso Mons. Vito De Grisantis Mons. Lino Fumagalli Mons. Pellegrino Tomaso Ronchi OFMCap. Mons. Vittorio Luigi Mondello Mons. Lino Pizzi Mons. Pier Giorgio Micchiardi Mons. Vittorio Lupi

    ththOn 15 September 2009 all cardinals excommunicated themselves from the Church. On 4 April 2010 it thwas 882 bishops from 22 EU states. On 26 July 2009 78 bishops from Germany and the Czech Republic. On ththth17 November 139 bishops from Poland. On 17 November 2009 42 bishops from Ireland. On 25

    December 2009 18 bishops from Slovakia. thBy 4 April 2010, 882+277= 1159 bishops of EU states excommunicated themselves from the Church.

    In the name of God, we appeal to all these bishops-apostates to resign from their offices. We appeal to them to enable the Holy Father to elect new bishops in their place who will be an instrument of a true reform of the Church.

     thLvov, 5 April 2010

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