Microblogging marketing- the influence of fragmentation_6839

By Jacob Foster,2014-11-02 09:48
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Microblogging marketing- the influence of fragmentation_6839

Microblogging marketing: the influence of fragmentation




     Research Papers Download information: microblogging very popular lately, whether it is in front of a computer or mobile phone, it seems that overnight, people across the country are

    using this form from the media to express their own ideas. There is such a wide range of popular metaphor: When you are a fan of more than 100, you like this within the Journal, more than 1000, you are a bulletin board, more than 10,000, you

    would like the magazine, more than 100,000, you're a City News, more than 1 million, you is a national newspaper, more than 10 million, you're on TV ... This micro-blog on the

    impact of each ordinary masterpiece of a very good interpretation.

     I agree with the popular micro-Bo Wang Yao Chen's words: "In

    the micro-blog and a lot of people did not read your work, some number of fans to see you first, so readily a plus, some look at your life and values more compatibility . "In fact, as

    a magazine said, the people's lives have been fragmented, and attention can rarely be sustained, and microblogging, is the life and information fragmentation of the promoter and one of the signs. a newspaper, magazine, has a loyal readership, and sales reflected the influence of reliability: to buy a

    newspaper, it must be read, but the amount of micro-Bo fans

    simply stated, there are so many people, in a moment, willing to listen to what you are saying , the message, but not every piece of information can accurately convey to your fans. It is

    probably fragmented era of frustration.

     Related to it, and there is a 140-word argument is difficult

    to express the profound capacity and depth, not the conversation that thoroughly, Han said this is the reason the original out of microblogging, but in my opinion,

    microblogging is more like < > The prophet bodyguard led through the channel Neo: There are numerous piece on both sides of the aisle doors, each leading to the unknown world of fan are. Microblogging although only 140 words of expression,

    but through hyperlinks, pictures and video, Each one can be rich in micro-Bo extension, giving users easy reading

    experience and the degree of freedom, but also provide a diverse, multi-level and multi-angle scalability.

     Microblogging is the fusion of a variety of media functions, which opened up between the fixed Internet and mobile Internet

    restrictions, to achieve the integration of computer and cell phone terminal, a short, quick property, step by step to promote profound changes in the media. ( Author: Victor Koo

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