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By Alma Cox,2014-11-02 09:48
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Microblogging marketing to be anthropomorphic_4624

Microblogging marketing to be anthropomorphic




     Research Papers Download information: microblogging as a platform, a platform for personal media can be conceived, does promote thought and expression of the people expressed through

    the words to fit the pieces quickly, fragments of life. The credibility of this statement largely depends on the user's authenticity, microblogging way dissemination of information on the disorder itself, does generate a lot of information and rapid spread of non-real From this point of view, the real

    user's microblogging platform is the key to success ratio , filled with real user in a colleague, friend, enemy and crush the platform will always focus on and fear. the quality of information will increase accordingly, lies and swearing will be curbed, because he knew that behind each piece of information are used Paul made his reputation, which is a constraint, but it is restricting the origin of civilization.

     Individuals involved in micro-Bo deeper, more of a sense of

    dependence on the platform will also regulate their own behavior, which is another important role of micro-Bo - look

    at themselves, usually in a loud majority of occasions The people will unconsciously raise decibels and reduces the frequency of words. with the object of attention of many fans to it, and people do not consciously reduce the macro big project on a more concise expression language inside and started to pay attention that may arise after the transmission of information reaction. This is a self-reflection and ask

    ourselves. microblogging many sources of information, but not every message can be triggered in microblogging resonance, resulting in concern. microblogging general many fans of the message the user may cause greater a lot of concern and even

    become a common topic, whether homemade or forwarding of this information is the same time as the user's many fans, he was not conscious when in the dissemination of information attached to the rational self-reflection, filtering is not

    logical, realistic questionable information, the microblogging platform to enhance the quality of the resulting information.

     Can be said to affect a large number of fans microblogging users of information dissemination in turn, he released the

    information would have an impact on fans. Users keep track of sources of information on the likely form of identity thinking, thinking, positions and view microblogging is transitive, microblogging this effect than long-winded, short

    means that the powerful, high memory. the vast majority of

    users to the passive acceptance, review, forwarding, and gradually form a self-judgment, freedom of thought,

    independent thinking from this. first glance, microblogging is the voice of a chaotic bazaars, the user does with the initial

    expression of concern about our own lives, or some time after the formation of public concern, expressed in context, or lack of interaction, since the words himself to be a closed account. retained by the screening time will tend to convey to

    the public topics and comments. On this basis, the formation of various types of communities, and because of active involvement from the cycle more similar to the user. The quality of this microblogging platform over time will continue to rise, which contains the value will gradually show

    marketing can be recognized in an enterprise microblogging marketing in the image need to have anthropomorphic features, implementing microblogging marketing can not be ignored forever and never can not do everything is the user's

    psychological sense, companies in the micro-blog gives

    personalized features, users also think that the face is not a static account, but can bring a good feeling communication object, so have also been looking forward to the business community and requirements. Since the company can not read minds have online, the safest approach is gentle and patient. This is hard ads, ads similar to the Anglo - Saxon model, you

    need to consider ROI, need to consider the fine points to the implementation of quantitative indicators of performance

    appraisal, community marketing model similar to the Rhine, by

    focusing on community fit within the user's experience to provide services, the pursuit of customer satisfaction. This advertising a huge difference with the characteristics that are more sustainable marketing potential (text / Shen Lu G)

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