A dream 2

By Tammy Henderson,2014-09-23 21:50
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A dream 2

     A dream

    Sixty years ago, more than 80% Chinese are illiterate people. To break through this phase , the government carried out Nine years of compulsory education , I m from a poor family , it

    give me a chance to accept education because of this politics , so I want to make a contribution to our country .

    Now, I m a college student. Being a voluntary teacher is my dream ,which I really want to do in my limited life, The decision that I made is not on impulse . Although great change have taken place in our country , there are still some differences between the city and rural area ,such as

    ththe education ,which needs to be solved .Do you remember that day ,on November 17, 2011 . I

    still remember the school bus accident ,overloading , which happened in Zhengning , Gansu ,the school bus did load 9 students but on that day , it loaded 64 students and to make matters worse , the accident claimed 21 students lives .

    It is no doubt that this is a bitter lesson for us, at that time ,I felt awfully sad .This accident made every Chinese rethink profoundly . Therefore , we should not only gasp the technology ,but also to pay special attention to the education .So I want to help the children who look forward to studying . If only a small force can let them feel the happiness , I will be very happy .

    I have a dream that one day one day the remote areas will have a formal school bus to pick up the students to school .

    I have a dream that one day all children can sit in the bright classroom to read loudly .

    I have a dream that one day all children can sit in front of the computer to browse the world news .

    This is not only my dream ,but also the dream of all Chinese people . The road of making the dream come true may be rough , but it can give us faith . With this faith , we will be able to rush out of despair .With this faith , we will be able to work together, to struggle together, to pray together , and knowing that we will achieve this dream one day

    I would like to tell you ,even though we will suffer from the difficulties in future ,I still have a dream . It is a dream deeply rooted in my heart.

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