BTOP Public Entity Letter of Support - Participant

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BTOP Public Entity Letter of Support - Participant ...


    The Honorable Larry Strickling

    Assistant Secretary of Commerce


    National Telecommunications and Information Administration

    U.S. Department of Commerce

    1401 Constitution Ave. NW

    Washington, D.C. 20230

    Re: National Telecommunications Information Administration (NTIA)

    Broadband Technology Opportunities Program

    OMB Control Number 0660-0031

    Comprehensive Community Infrastructure Grant Application March 26, 2010

    Colorado Community Anchors Broadband Consortium

    Dear Assistant Secretary Strickling:

    ____________________is writing this letter in support of the Colorado Community Anchors Broadband Consortium Grant Application, which is comprised of Community Colleges, Healthcare, Higher Education, K-12 Schools, Libraries, Municipalities, Public Safety, and other Community Anchor Institutions. These entities have been brought together via a public/private collaboration of the Centennial Board of Cooperative Educational Services (Centennial BOCES), a non-profit Colorado educational services corporation, under its Educational Access Gateway Learning Environment Network (EAGLE-Net). These entities also include Telecommunications and Broadband Service Providers desiring to expand their service capabilities to Community Anchors, businesses, and consumers, in part through the use of NTIA Broadband Technology Opportunities Program grant funding.

    The Colorado Community Anchors Broadband Consortium (CCABC) has defined and developed a much needed plan to build, upgrade, extend, and deliver high-speed broadband Internet connectivity to Community Anchor locations throughout Colorado. The project will enable delivery of broadband Internet services such as:

    ? High-definition video/audio distance learning

    ? Adult education and training opportunities including access to information, research, and online and

    distance learning

    ? Health care oriented professional development

    ? Medical services from urban health care programs

    ? Broadband services to homes by private sector partner broadband service providers

    ? Business broadband services by private sector partner broadband service providers

    Our community anchor location of ___________________located in ___________, _________ County, Colorado (the CCABC Location), is in full support and desires to become a participant in this program. We believe that the CCABC plan and grant application has been developed in the true spirit of the requirements for funding under the BTOP Grant program. We respectfully request your favorable consideration of the Grant funding requested to assist in the implementation of our statewide broadband Community Anchor network.



    Community Anchors NTIA BTOP Grant Support Letter

Centennial BOCES / EAGLE-Net, in a public / private partnership with business partners Adesta LLC, BNI

    Solutions, Conterra Telecom Services, and IBM. This public / private partnership is working with

    Telecommunications / Broadband Service Providers across the state and Networking Equipment Providers to

    submit a Round 2 NTIA Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP) Application for BTOP

    Comprehensive Community Infrastructure (CCI) Middle Mile Grant. Highlights of the Grant Application


    ? Implementation of State-wide Broadband Network with connections to 178 K-12 School District

    Locations, 26 Library Locations, 12 Board of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES) Locations,

    15 Community College Locations, and 3 Higher Education Locations to provide:

    o Minimum bandwidth of 40 kbps per K-12 student for Internet Access, access to Research and

    Education Networks such as Internet2, and distance learning

    o Minimum bandwidth of 10 Mbps per Library

    o Scalability to support future growth of network

    ? Open access for additional Community Anchor Institutions at aggregation and endpoints on the


The Letter of Support will be used to show that Colorado’s Application is supported by a broad base of

    Community Anchors across the State.

Steps for sending the Support Letter

    ? A template (Microsoft Word) version of this letter can be obtained via the following:

    o Download from the EAGLE-Net Website:

    o E-mail request to: or

    o It would be best for the support letter to “not” look like a form letter, so please revise the letter to

    match your items or interest or importance.

    ? Please include anecdotal information that demonstrates how this project will impact your agency.

    Examples of items that will “score” points in the application include:

    o Project meets needs / demands for substantially upgraded service

    o Benefits for incorporating public/private partnerships

    o Project provides for economic growth (especially in distressed areas)

    o Providing service to community colleges and public safety entities

    ? Print the Support Letter on your Letterhead and Sign the Support Letter

    ? Scan and E-mail, fax, or mail the Support Letter to Peggy Lettow at:

    o Email to:

    o Fax to: Centennial BOCES at (303) 776-0504

    o Mail to:

    Centennial BOCES

    Attn: Peggy Lettow

    830 S. Lincoln Street

    Longmont, CO 80501 ndImportant: The Support Letter needs to be sent and received by March 22.

    ? For any questions, contact either:

    o Denise Atkinson-Shorey:

    o Teresa Ferguson:

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