Micro-blog -wet market- in marketing circles ripple effect_3986

By Elsie Lewis,2014-11-02 09:48
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Micro-blog -wet market- in marketing circles ripple effect_3986

Micro-blog "wet market" in marketing circles ripple effect




     Research Papers Download information: 140 words depend on the mode of transmission, microblogging, is the Marketing circle set off ripples.

     "If you want to get a free diamond ring," "If you only spend a dollar value of 888 yuan bought clothes" ... inadvertently, some keen traders have started to bring people the tools to communicate - to it, and converted to sales tools, through the "wet market" approach to disseminate their information and


     It all stems from microblogging wind and water. Microblogging originator, the U.S. commercial websites twitter in just two and a half, the rapid accumulation of more than 100 million users, the valuation is approaching $ 1 billion in

    China, microblogging just initial development but also amazing.

     As the microblogging platform to break the region between the original people, knowledge, class and other "dry" the shackles can be based on common preferences and experiences

    such as re-composition of social groups, share information, initiate public action. Optimists believe that microblogging are expected to burst out of the Marketing effect as <<the future is wet>> In the book, the author of Keleisheji said, "is shaking the fundamentals of many companies and even industries, and even destruction of the situation will arise." Wet is a metaphor. In the eyes of the new Marketing person, based on the wet world, wet and wet-life social context of the

    "wet market" will be the next most lethal of the mainstream Marketing.

     Marketing microblogging features will bring great imagination in foreign countries, twitter has been using its data, search engines, high income business account, etc. In April, twitter also officially launched a website advertising the new platform that allows advertisers twitter paid

advertising on search pages of information, to take the first

step large-scale revenue (source: Beijing Morning [/ span]

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