Microblogging marketing analysis of the 10 points_5402

By Terry Cox,2014-11-02 09:48
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Microblogging marketing analysis of the 10 points_5402

Microblogging marketing analysis of the 10 points




     Abstract: This paper's main points is microblogging

    marketing microblogging to talk about from Sina, most of the promotion of micro-Bo are the same, two years ago

    microblogging marketing training is only an hour, and now, at least in one day, microblogging marketing content, more and more importance has certainly been improved.

     In 2009, the most popular word google is twitter, in Baidu, the most popular word is to it, and in 2010 launched several

    major portals microblogging platform, with Tencent to join, microblogging is more hot and it's there not only changed the way the news media, and change the marketing approach. microblogging as a new online marketing platform, how to

    prepare marketing microblogging, there are problems in the promotion, Internet marketing and all college Yang Tao exchange our experience in promotion and training.

     First, the basic set of marketing microblogging

     Internet marketing to increase conversion rate, the primary

    factor is the trust in the previous "top ten network marketing element of trust>> more talked about, seen many times in the promotion of many people to it, and there is no picture, basic personal information no detailed settings for the individual,

    the true picture as possible of the upload, more complete data set as possible.

     Second, the promotion of marketing microblogging content

     Many micro-Bo for promotion, mainly stay in the hair site links, not so the promotion is to flow in the micro-blog as

    much as possible to design the content of interest to users, and users to interact together.

     Third, how to improve marketing microblogging microblogging fans in

     As the hair on the microblogging content, fans will see each of us to improve the promotion effect, we must first raise the number of fans, have to pay more attention to others, first become a fan of other people, other people concerned about their own micro-blog time, that the same time concerned about other people, prone to share some valuable content, for others the topic of multiple transponders and comments.

     Fourth, the microblogging marketing the use of grammar

     In a number of micro-Bo said between the two # keywords,

    such as # # Internet marketing, its role in micro-Bo the form

    of a hyperlink, @ followed by the other's nickname, is that sending to each other .

     Fifth, microblogging marketing is also a monitoring platform

     By keyword or brand can be related to the search term, attention to this subject, to monitor the micro-Bo and the

    effects, there is no business-related topic, you can

    communicate and interact, is the equivalent of customer service.

     Sixth, microblogging marketing through multiple means to update

     In some microblogging MSN and mobile phones can be bound to

    be updated, will be more convenient and efficient for the relevant promotion is not open micro-blogging site, or there

    are not computers, can come at any time to update and promotion.

     Seven, the marketing of live microblogging

     Itself as the microblogging with real-time features,

    microblogging is the most cost-effective way for live, live to

    be added in the unity of keywords, such as network marketing in billion passenger Mary live in a large auditorium, multi-

    use a separate live account, will be unified to increase

    passenger Mary # billion network marketing Lecture # keywords.

     Eight, microblogging relationship marketing and web site

     If the site supports RSS, you can synchronize the contents

of the site up to microblogging, the other plug-ins can also

    be micro-Bo, the microblogging content displayed on the site.

     Nine, microblogging marketing in the ranking algorithm

     Looking for people microblogging ranking is based on key words to sort nickname in the search topic, the ranking is

    based on the time to rank the search tags are ranked according to the number of fans to rank. If you want to improve the promotion of effect, the first name from the nickname of the choice to pay attention, to mention a lot of fans, there is the update number.

     X. microblogging marketing of correlation

     No matter what web promotion, the first on to the target for the effective promotion, microblogging promotion should focus on the core theme for, concerned about others or to attract fans also targeted.

     The above points are mainly marketing microblogging microblogging to talk about from Sina, the most to promote micro-Bo are the same, two years ago microblogging marketing training is only an hour, and now, at least in one day, microblogging marketing content, more and more importance has certainly been improved. (Text / Yang Tao

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