Members of the 2010 work summary refueling_20439

By Helen Dunn,2014-11-02 09:47
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Members of the 2010 work summary refueling_20439

Members of the 2010 work summary refueling




     Looking back over the past year's work and life, the sentiment a lot. Usually busy and do not have much time to write a summary of the work, at the end, and stop and sum up the pros and cons in this year's work, check their results and lack of access for the next year make arrangements and plan work. Therefore, I work on this year's summary is as follows: One. Ideological

     Since 2009, entered in the petrochemical industry, the unit

    leadership and the careful cultivation of owners, through their continuous efforts, regardless of ideology, learning or work, have made large gains. Ideologically, the four cardinal principles, support the party's principles and policies, consciously abide by all laws and regulations related to gas stations, carefully arrange the implementation of higher level work and mission, learning, seriously study assiduously, on all aspects of station-depth understanding of, and actively

    participate in various communication and training, access to intermediate work during this period measurement certificate and provincial certificate.

     II. Work

     Management department around the company's center of zero, the control standards, exercise self-discipline to complete

    various tasks well, sum up experience in the following three points:

     1. A serious and responsible: No matter what industry, what position, I think a man should be serious and responsible work to do but also to members of such fuel, oil workers are not

    serious on its own is not responsible for the public life, is not responsible for state property.

     2. Solidarity: the work of the normal operation of gas stations and gas stations of their staff are closely linked, no matter what the issue, no matter what problems arise, a

timely response should be realistic, multi-party support,

    flexibility, do not ignore know yourself, ignored.

     3. Communication: employees should strengthen communication with staff, because staff is not a person at work, but a team

    at work, a man is not in place will affect the whole team mood, employees and customers should also strengthen exchanges and do not understand the error, Do not self-righteous, be

    sure to ask each other what they want, how many, in order to avoid unnecessary trouble and losses.

     III. Management

     When the charge since then, mainly distribution and supervise the work of the staff, followed by that led by example from the following three employees work began in earnest:

     1. Hard-working, serious and responsible, and actively

    promote good oil sales staff to improve the gas stations of the oil sales,

     2. Enthusiasm, sincerely treat every customer and strive to get more customers in the petrochemical brand recognition,

     3. Organize people to learn, understand petrol station

    security risks, increase employee awareness of security, so that sales volume of safety,

     Accumulated over the past year has made some small experience of certain results, but higher compared to the requirements, there are still some gaps, I will continue to

    work in the future to overcome and improve, for the early upgrade to another level.

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