Metalworking papers of the fitter_6609

By Donna Hayes,2014-11-02 09:47
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Metalworking papers of the fitter_6609

Metalworking papers of the fitter




     Time rush, time flow shuttle! Instant two-week end of

    metalworking in the internship period although very tired, bitter, but I am very happy! Because we have learned as a fitter in the knowledge necessary to also exercise their ability. But also make me more insight into the great poet -

    in that famous Li Bai: as long as effort deep, 铁杵磨成针The

    real meaning!

     We saw the first day of practice on knowledge about metalworking and metalworking process I note the disc. Saw the spinning machine, splash Tiehua, I am both worried and excited. Worried If the spinning machines that rumble people getting scared and that splash of red Tiehua a dazzling light dazzling, excitement is waiting for nearly a year to begin

    metalworking, which is as students when we first enter the factory workers is respected, is the first time to race on each Engineering students practice base. how could I not excited about it?

     Two weeks, just two weeks, for those of us Engineering students, especially as China's oil industry is a large number of city college students valuable. Because this is a combination of theory and practice excellent opportunity to turn round to check our level of knowledge.

     I secretly determined: I will do the best!

     Metalworking machinery is required of all students very practical technology-based courses, students in the

    metalworking process through the practice of operating

    independently, the basic process of mechanical manufacturing knowledge, the basic process methods and practice of basic processes such as combine , and the overall ability of Engineering practice and the ideological and moral training and quality of training and exercise.

     Metalworking is to train students in practical ability and effective way. Is our graduates, class of Engineering students, especially in the oil industry, the market's Mechanical and Electrical Engineering of the University required course, very important was particularly meaningful compulsory. metalworking and is a real opportunity to acquire knowledge, left the classroom rigorous environment, we will feel the atmosphere of the workshop, while more felt when a worker's feelings, so that we more clearly understand their responsibilities .

     The main task of our metalworking when a fitter.

     Through the disc's presentation and lessons, I finally understand what is fitter. But also to understand for even

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