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Mental abnormality of Causes and Solutions_11520

Mental abnormality of Causes and Solutions




     Human mental disease is more dangerous than natural disasters, disease. With the development of society, the intensification of competition for survival, people's psychological pressure is also growing, with most of the talk is not the appropriate object of a psychological barrier over time will seriously affect people's lives and work. Middle school students are more vulnerable modern society groups, the psychological maturity is in the process of conversion by the

    ignorant, the transitional phase in the conflict, psychological development is unique, due to ability to judge, affordability and self-control ability is relatively weak,

    dependent and naive they exist, is extremely vulnerable to the

    external environment, the inner world of increasingly complex and do not like revealing the heart began to attach importance to interpersonal relationships, most people care about their own evaluation. Therefore, adolescence is a mental illness and

    the peak of crimes occurring, must arouse enough attention of educators. A cause of abnormal middle school students First of all, teachers have students with psychological problems is an important factor. Especially the child, a single student life, a lot of psychological barriers are associated with the teacher teaching activities, whether it is the teacher's words or behavior of the students are likely to stimulate and induce psychological barriers. In This contradiction between teachers and students, the teachers are

    the main aspects of conflict. there is a problem in the teaching, the teacher always considered itself superior Education requires students to obey, which resulted in the distorted minds of students and students view it the students

    the basic elements of psychological disorders, the negative attitude of teachers teaching, motivate students prone to psychological disorders. long monotonous teaching, teachers will have job burnout, expressed as fatigue, restlessness, irritability, allergies, stress, etc. These emotions are vulnerable to the students, resulting in negative

    psychological students, is the direct cause of students with psychological problems, the teacher evaluation of students, teachers expect students to bring pressure on the changing

    learning environment, students are psychological obstacles in an important incentive. Secondly, in modern life, family and society caused by the double impact of some of the students of abnormal psychology paranoid. This psychological

    feature is capricious and extremely sensitive. Chronic lack of fatherly or motherly love, the character because the students are not gregarious, as exist in isolation in society, over time, to form a paranoid abnormal psychology. Again, the compulsive abnormal psychology is concerned with others, often in concern among the inner pressure is very great. The students are law-abiding, stable obedient, outstanding

    achievements, in order to get everyone's favorite, the playful and amateur rounding hobbies, suppress their instinctive

    desire to form a distorted double personality. A lot of psychological problems such as these, the formation of these abnormalities are many reasons for psychological problems. Now the students are mostly only child, some parents are too

    indulgent of students, all the children as the center for children, too extravagant to make children's mental quality of life and personality has been distorted to some extent. Thus, family structure, the environment, the quality of the parents,

    the family's Educational methods are to some extent, affect the child's psychology. School Education Students imbalance will cause an exception, the present Secondary Education, widespread implementation of quality Education under the slogan of exam-oriented Education to sub-optimal on, the only

    points that move, to score points merit row seating to the pre-election, this fraction of students with learning difficulties lead to anxiety tension, and even school phobia, so schools, school of thought, the teacher's teaching methods,

    class atmosphere school spirit are the reasons for

    psychological abnormality caused by the students. In addition, poor social atmosphere for students the importance of psychological abnormality predisposing factor in the formation of the students at the school for many years by the moral education in the community under the influence of

    unhealthy, possibly overnight, fall apart. Reposted elsewhere in the Research Papers Download http: / /

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