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     Metalworking report

     Practice Time :2008-12-22 to 2009-1--

     Practice Location: Tangshan College East Campus facility internship training workshop

     Practical content: fitter, turner

     Last year's practice is to visit, and this year the

    school arranged for us to really work to plant, operating machinery, production of the workpiece. Really let us experience a hands-on fun.

     The first is fitter internship part of practice on the first day we came to practice early location - practical

    workshop training facility, where the plant looks a little old, but inside the machine at this time is quite common that. The training of teachers took us to a simple visited the workshop under the fitter, greeted by rows of machines, what

    can be said to use the word spectacular, because we have seen so many machines, and is placed in uniform here, the teacher said, this is Our next week of training locations. At this point, we are looking forward to the next task of the teacher

    to our school, and then hands to operate, the room was cold, but that diminished the enthusiasm of the students.

     Of course, before the operation to listen to the teacher's explanations, the teacher lectures with their own unique way, tell us how to operate during the operation,

    should pay attention to what our first time to work in factories, these tips become more important, each student in attendance process, constantly talking about the meaning of teacher experience, do not know how down to ask, until all

    clear, so that is responsible for their teacher, the school is

    responsible for, it is their responsibility. the teacher's explanation, I learned that the work done mainly rely on their own, through this practice, not only to their own independent complete a task, but also in these days of training quickly, mastered the skills taught by the teacher.

     Then we started down the teacher assigned the task - a

    hand-polished nuts nuts, is common in small parts of life, but we have never seen how it is produced, let alone do it in

    person, and So fresh and made from the inside, endless power led us to work hard to complete the task.

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