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Medical nursing blood halo pin_57480

Medical nursing blood halo pin




     [Abstract] halo needle is in the process of the emergence of a blood vessel of syncope. Clinical manifestations of dizziness, paleness, nausea, vomiting, sweating, severe loss of consciousness, blood pressure, shock and other symptoms. If we do not timely treatment can result in serious consequences. for a variety of triggers fainting by nursing intervention, can significantly reduce the incidence of halo pin. improve the care effect. [Keywords:] medical nursing halo pin Analysis 1. Psychological factors, physical examination as psychological stress, fear, reflex caused by stimulation of vagus nerve, blood pressure, insufficient blood supply to the brain occurs halo pin. Such people rarely go to the hospital

    got to take, adapt, and heart tolerance poor self-regulation

    is relatively poor. or little knowledge about blood that the blood can affect the body. or a few people are worried about hiring medical examination can not enter the plant failed.

    2. The body status, physical weaker, malnourished, hungry fasting allows the stimulation of gastric acid and pepsin secretion, gastric motility increased, this time in the fasting state, prone to collapse. 3. Puncture pain stimulation, the majority of hospitals are teaching hospitals, the practice nurses or nurse less technologically skilled new posts, local pain, back and forth to increase puncture the heart of tension, the body of high tension, reflex vasodilation caused widespread small drop in blood pressure,

    brain insufficiency occurred halo pin. 4. Environmental factors, and other, dry climate, hot and consulting room ventilation, noise and other sounds are prone to fainting examination. There is not enough medical staff responsible

    attitude of rigid, blood emotional impact on the nurses lose confidence. nursing 1. The medical blood must be normal standby rescue items, such as blood pressure, warm water, glucose powder. 2. Comfortable and clean environment for the treatment of those who will give a sense of security check. Blood nurse can not be received due to the

    heavy workload of large quantities of blood while the blood by the neglect of the environment. If blood countertop cleaning, disinfection procedures specification, blood supplies quality assurance. 3. To do missionary work before blood collection, the first expression of the tension by physical examination to see whether the history of halo pin. And to know whether the day of fasting and medication, to explain the

    significance of fasting check. Should inform the fasting state, preferably in calm blood, to avoid strenuous exercise in hurry down the stairs after. Text can also be linked through some magazines on the wall so that patients understand

    the knowledge prior to blood collection. Nurses should be kept at work and have a good attitude! 4. To help examinees comfortable position and posture with the benefit of the body to relax. In particular, there is a halo pin syncope history, physical examination should be taken in supine position, in the blood before, during and after the subjects were closely observed changes in circumstances. 5. Induction training of new nurses a good technique. To select a thick, straight blood vessels significantly, to avoid repeated puncture, so

    sharply. For the physical examination of vascular obvious choice of experienced nurses as blood collection operation. Halo pin treatment: light, patients readme dizziness, palpitations shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting, weakness

    and other symptoms, immediately rest in situ, a remission can be moved to the sofa, walking, drinking warm water or sugar water and food, until the symptoms disappeared completely. exacerbation of those instant sense of fainting trance, his

    face pale, cold extremities syncope, blood pressure, pulse rate should be immediately acupressure fine people, or carried to the nearest Hoku to supine ventilation and comfort of patients do not stress , drink warm water or sugar water and food, cold weather to keep warm. a few minutes to ease. for the elderly or patients with heart disease, should prevent the occurrence of angina, myocardial infarction, cerebrovascular accident, life should be strengthened Signs of the test. Links to Research Papers Download http://

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