Mall play microblogging network marketing paper to write great drama _ Network_2444

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Mall play microblogging network marketing paper to write great drama _ Network_2444

    Mall play microblogging network marketing paper to write great drama _ Network




     Research Papers Download information: fingertips, you can see their favorite online shopping recent marketing campaign, a number of shopping malls start playing to it, and fashion

    followers can express their feelings microblogging, shopping malls can also be effective access to information resources to improve their own present, Changchun City, the major shopping malls to cater to the young and trendy audience, have targeted

    the network channels through the network to understand the needs of young consumers, shopping has become an important information channel, and by the young fashion consumer groups wide blitz.

     Keywords microblogging

     Mall to test the water "microblogging marketing"

     "Microblogging" is not only an effective tool for access to information networks, but also become an effective platform for mutual exchange of communication, especially by urban youth groups of all ages, Changchun number of shopping malls

    to cater to the specific consumer groups, began to gradually test the water "micro- Bo marketing. "According to the Red

    Flag Street, Wanda Plaza, responsible person, after we had passed through the microblogging to a file event, telling

    people to come to Wanda Plaza Pan signing the message, and achieved very good results, the day is very popular popular .

     Landmark shopping center by Yatai's "clothing section of students" is a file activities for college students, according to Yatai Landmark mall marketing planning manager Wangyong Dan, the "Festival this year students have to dress the fourth year, we intend to do a full break, through our 'YA! Daren website' complete disclosure of the activities of the various processes, we also set up log on to win the membership points, and points can be effectively transformed into web membership card, and now we 'YA! Daren sites' college apparel section

    feature page has been produced is completed, students can log on date. "

     Currently, many large shopping malls have opened Changchun their own portal, to facilitate marketing activities of young consumers to understand the recent query, but there are some shopping malls began to dig into account network marketing in the future to realize "department store + online shopping,"

    two Ways of convergence.

     Keywords Young

     Young people into business openings

     With "80", "90" and gradually become one of the main groups, some of the mall began in accordance with their position, efforts to explore this part of the younger consumer groups, according to PCD-related charge: "In every business cycle Each mall has its own precise positioning to create a good competitive differentiation and advantage, so the moment a lot of the youth, fashion mall location put the sights on '80 ',

    '90 after' these two consumer groups. "

     Yatai Landmark shopping center, according to marketing planning manager Wangyong Dan Description: "Students dress of each section, we will do in the widely publicized within the university campus, now has formed a good propaganda effect, the first term students will participate in the activities of some experience and game skills to convey to students the next competition, we will regularly organize on campus lectures with some color, and designer brand clothing please explain face to face, so that we all-round, multi-angle aware of the

    brand design knowledge . "

     Keywords subdivision

     Internet marketing is very drama

     Positioning and brand positioning of the target population,

    is a mall made good prerequisite for development. Changchun City, the major shopping malls are increasingly own the precision of target consumer groups, especially the young and trendy crowd of urban concept of education and training, many shopping malls are actively carrying out work.

     Industry analysis, Internet, mobile phones, etc. is the most popular among young people of the two effective channels of communication, so shopping for the younger consumer groups, through a variety of consumer groups or microblogging QQ

    convey, will play a very good effect ; With the accelerated pace of life, many people prefer staying at home and shopping,

    this will be the birth of online shopping patterns, currently carried out in Changchun shopping portal was at an early stage, I believe the future of network marketing model will become the major shopping malls roots secret agents of the re-

    development of the first (source: Culture News - Culture

    Network Man / Wong Jing

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