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Mengniu- Marketing rally masters_16652

Mengniu: Marketing rally masters




     In 1999, Mengniu Dairy was first set up, ready to start from the borrowed funds 6,000,000 out of half of the play known. To choose what kind of advertising method? Management team selected the 300 streets covering outdoor Hohhot advertising. In order to achieve a sensational effect and the strong impact, the whole decision overnight to put billboards go, it is necessary to do all the ads in advance, and employ a large number of staff, everything is ready, just waiting time - 10

    pm, most of the people go to bed immediately after installation. April 1, 1999 early morning, more than 300 pieces of outdoor billboards installed overnight. When the morning all the people out, a "Tianxiangshenbing" shock

    blowing in all green belt, motor vehicle and bicycle everywhere are wearing a "red hat" billboard high above the golden book characters: "Mengniu Dairy, a dairy industry in Inner Mongolia the second brand," Mengniu sudden fame. October 16, 2003 6:23 early in the morning, "Shenzhou V"

    return capsule successfully landed in Inner Mongolia, when people are cheering for this historic moment when a "Mengniu Dairy cheer for the Chinese astronauts "The ad quickly landed major national media, from the safe landing of the capsule is

    less than 4 hours. the same day at 12 noon, all 30 cities are also put on outdoor advertising," Raise your right hand to applaud the Chinese. " This is a carefully planned Mengniu advertising activities, well-arranged arrangements started two

    months ago from the orderly progress.

     Campaign involves a lot of packaging and printing, including outdoor advertising, are completed ahead of inkjet production. All workers are ready to install, in the shortest time to create the most sensational results that dramatically improves the brand reputation and loyalty.

     Mengniu in 2005 to develop new products - sour milk, hoping

    to improve product representative of concern about the incident. In the end, "Super Girls" into the candidate range,

because of its embodiment of "Sing It, self-advocates," the

    spirit and Mongolia Sour milk cow is committed to creating fashion images coincides and is involved in and affected populations and yogurt are also highly consistent potential customers .2005 February 24, Hunan Satellite TV and Mengniu announced together to create "Happy China 2005 Mongolian Cow Sour Yogurt Super Girl "annual sports events, in addition to input 14 million yuan Mengniu as Guanming Fei, but also invested 80 million yuan with a super-woman image in product

    packaging, store activities, and various forms of road shows, outdoor surface TV commercials and so on.

     First of all, Mengniu will be the last Super Girl Zhang Han Yun's image as a product spokesperson, made the ad song "<Sweet and Sour is Me">, and the MV commercials and image ads on television, radio, and a second-tier cities The light boxes

    and street signs. <<Sweet and Sour is Me "> will soon become a major hit single on the music charts. Secondly, in the products increased by 4 kinds of new flavors, more than 20

    billion packs in the Mengniu Sour milk packaging are printed on the "Super Girl" message on, he unified the fastest speed shops, supermarkets within Standees image. the April-May,

    Mengniu completed in 300 cities more than 600 road shows , the

    Super Girl singing activity region extending from 5 to the country. various printed with "Super Girls" and the "Mongolian Cow Sour Milk," the words of products and posters covering the whole country almost overnight. Mengniu sponsored "Super Girls

    "case as an example of integrated marketing communication, but also the Mengniu Sour milk sales from 700 million yuan in 2004 soared to 30 billion.

     The author believes that a surprise move of containing the potential need for marketing planning, no potential rally, beginning from the start to the "God 5" Super Girl, Mengniu often enough to rally all the success is not accidental, the management team, broad vision, innovative thinking and

    contributed to efficient execution.

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