Manufacturers must not lose sight of air to the publicity and shaping the brand_29836

By Travis Peterson,2014-11-02 09:46
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Manufacturers must not lose sight of air to the publicity and shaping the brand_29836

    Manufacturers must not lose sight of air to the publicity and shaping the brand




     From the current flow of air to water heaters format at this moment there are factory outlets, specialty stores, agents, engineering channels, chain stores, residential building

    materials market and the market model show. And from a sales model is concerned, is its main store agents model, but also the most competitive mode manufacturers. Present in the air to the water heater industry, manufacturers are mutually

    poaching and occupy channels is very serious, many manufacturers in the consolidation, expansion of sales channels air to the work put a lot of energy in both. Of course the choice of the sales model, with the industry scale, and the gradual maturity of the market cultivation, some new models have gradually been some manufacturers try to, as in the heat pump can network for the industry Web site branding, investment products, also can get quite good results. In the channel construction, air can brand manufacturers must not ignore the propaganda and create a good product even need strong advertising, strong advocacy can make a good product even more perfect, the importance of advertising on product sales is no doubt that the short sales is the key to

    promotion, publicity, and then publicized. Also add: heat pump manufacturers to establish distribution channels in the sales force when the content management is also very important.

     Such as sales force design, including the sales force objectives, sales force strategy, sales force structure, sales force size, sales force compensation and sales force management, including selection of signs sales representative, sales representative training, supervision of sales representatives, sales representatives evaluation and so on.

    air-source heat pump products in the market is very broad and very large market demand, and to air source heat pump in China's energy industry is still represented in its infancy, and may become the main trend of the future energy industry,

and now in the air thermal equipment and service businesses

are not many, if we can do a good job marketing the product,

will bring enormous economic and social value.

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