MEBO in treating 15 cases of suppurative otitis media experience_13156

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MEBO in treating 15 cases of suppurative otitis media experience_13156

    MEBO in treating 15 cases of suppurative otitis media experience




     [Abstract] use of MEBO in the treatment of 15 cases of otitis media, and achieved good results. Practice has proved that MEBO in the treatment of suppurative otitis media is

    simple and effective, without conditions, and the treatment effect, and promote wound healing, improve local blood circulation and drainage of a significant effect on the face.

     [Keywords:] MEBO, otitis media

     Clinical features of otitis media the tympanic membrane

    perforation, repeatedly discharging, hearing loss. It is the cause of the complexity, longer duration, and easy to relapse, the traditional method of treatment of 3% hydrogen peroxide ear wash, and then with 0.25% chloramphenicol ear drop, which

    methods can not effectively address the protection of the wound drainage and wound isolate the problem. We invented by Professor Xu Rongxiang use of MEBO and moist exposed therapy, the treatment of suppurative otitis media were 15 cases, and

    achieved good results.

     1 Clinical data

     The group of 15 patients, including 8 males and 7 females. Aged 15 to 25 years in 10 cases, 25 to 31 years in 5 cases. Course of 2 to 4 years in 4 cases, 5 to 7 years in 11 cases.

     2 treatment

     MEBO low melting under the category of medicinal properties, first squeeze into a small MEBO cup cream with a thin bamboo will be polished again, so that a thin membrane, inhalation of 2 ~ 5 mL of the syringe, take 9, no tip of a needle, the cream deep into the ear canal. contralateral supine patient to take, take half an hour into the free spaces. dressing was changed 2 times a day, when dressing the wounds with a cotton swab wipe the original liquid, until healed. 15 d of healing in this

    group 8 patients were cured in 4 cases .20 d .25 d cured in 3 cases, 2 cases of recurrence.

     3 typical cases

     Example 1: Female, 24 years old, right ear pain, pus 5 years, comprehensive out-patient treatment has repeatedly been healed. Treatment examination: swelling of the right ear

    channel, a light yellow pus out, eardrum perforation, significant tenderness, hearing was impaired. medication given normal saline before the ear canal, and then into the drug. dressing was changed 2 times a day, each dose is about 1 mL, 17 d cured.

     Example 2: Male, 25 years old, no obvious incentive. Feeling pain in the right ear channel, discharging 7 years, the multi-

    seeking is not valid, then our hospital. Baseline examination, the right external auditory canal swelling, near the eardrum can be seen at 0.5 cm ?? 0.5 cm size of the two ulcerated surface, ulcers center depression, significantly impaired hearing and tenderness. First rinse with 2% salt water canal, into the moist burn ointment, 2 times a day, each about 1 mL, 20 d cured.

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     4 Discussion

     1 patient after treatment, pain symptoms were relieved or disappeared 2 d after treatment, increased effluent canal, thin, check ulcers fresh, rosy, to continue treatment to 7 d, the effluent significantly reduced the fresh local ulcers, more granulation tissue growth, wound shrink. the first 2 weeks, ulcer is completely covered by new epithelium, slightly higher than the surrounding skin. The 15 cases were cured within the 25 d. 2 cases in the first 7 days after treatment

    upper respiratory tract infection due to recurrence, probably because of upper respiratory tract infection the role of bacteria in the eustachian tube through the blood supply and defense capability has not been fully restored due to the

    fresh surface healing. Therefore, patients must continue drug use after recovering from 1 ~ 2 w, in order to consolidate its efficacy, while the prevention of influenza, to avoid causing another infection.

     Through clinical practice and observation, application of

    MEBO in treating otitis media analgesic effect is clear that the wounds of isolation and strong protection to prevent the external factors and internal factors on the wound stimulus. MEBO has good resistance to infection, because MEBO contains

    baicalin, berberine and other antibacterial ingredients of Chinese medicine, can be induced by pathogen variability, down low virulent [1], automatic drainage obvious, so that the wounds ulcers harmful substances and bacteria accelerate the liquid removed, reducing the wound stimulation, is conducive to tissue repair.

     [References] [1] Rong-Xiang Xu. MEBT on the role of

    epidermal stem cells Research. Burn Medical Technology blue book [M]. China Medical Science and Technology Press, 2000:64.

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