Management fable- The Lion and the gratitude of the rat_130

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Management fable- The Lion and the gratitude of the rat_130

Management fable: The Lion and the gratitude of the rat




     Fable: the lion was asleep, there are only a mouse jumped him the lion suddenly stood up, caught him, ready to eat. Mice request for mercy, and said that if to save their lives, is

    bound to gratitude, the lion smiled contemptuously , put him let go soon, the lion was really saved the lives of mice turned out to be a lion hunter captured and tied him with rope to a tree. Mouse heard his screams, biting rope walk, let go

    of the lion, and said: "You were laughing at me, I do not believe that we can get the reward, now clear, mice can be gratitude." Meaning: This story illustrates, alternating fortunes change, there will be strong when the weak need. Management Comments: a machine is composed of many small

    devices together, it can form a large operation of equipment. People in society, in the enterprise, each equivalent to a small device. Streams can converge into the ocean. People together , can be dried into a variety of events. Jiminggoudao

    generation, volunteered, who, when they are in the key role played by Hou, are discounted. Zhao and his ilk, but to farmers, the same can be humble. Jackie Chan and Andy Lau just debut, but only semi-literate yet to finish junior high

    school, and now has become a shining star of enduring. Since the gun from the prime minister, generals pull on the soldiers, so that managers and employees when dealing with subordinates and employees do not underestimate More Do not underestimate the other stakeholders. more not be taken

    lightly and ignored customers. the strong advantage of one side, there are disadvantages side. weak and disadvantages of the side, there are advantages to one side. learn from each other, man I Respect each and you dealing with people, your

    career will be brilliant. need your help to help every person, when you encounter difficulties and distress when, by your help, as can also help with debt of gratitude to you! Voluptuous and complacency, is to take defeat and take the

    evil way, be careful!

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