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    Topic Area : City Life

    Topic : City Traffic

    Part 1 (5 minutes)


    Good morning (Good afternoon), everybody. Could you please tell me your name and the number of

    your admission ticket? Your name, please. And your number? „ Your name? „ And your number? ...

    Thank you.

Now would you please briefly introduce yourselves to each other? Remember, you should mention not

    the name of your university. (1.5 minutes)

OK, now that we know each other we can do some group work. First of all, I'd like to ask each

    of you to say something about life in the city.

    [ ] C1, C2, C3

    1) How do you like living in Beijing ( Shanghai , Nanjing „)?

    2) What do you think is the most serious challenge of living in a city like Beijing ( Shanghai ,

    Nanjing „)?

    3) How do you like shopping in a supermarket?

    4) Where would you like to live, downtown or in the suburbs, and why?

    5) What measures do you think we should take to reduce air pollution in Beijing ( Shanghai ,

    Nanjing „)?

    6) Can you say something about the entertainment available in your city?

    7) Where would you like to find a job after graduation, in a big city like Beijing or Shanghai

    or in a small town and why?

    8) What's your impression of the people in Beijing ( Shanghai , Nanjing „)?

    Part 2 (10 minutes)


    Now let's move on to something more specific. The topic for our discussion today is “City Traffic”. You'll have a picture (some pictures) showing two different types of transport. I'd like each of you to give a brief description of each type and then compare the two types. You'll

    have one minute to prepare and each of you will have one and a half minutes to talk about the picture(s). Don't worry if I interrupt you at the end of the time limit. Now here are your pictures.

    [1 minute later]

    Now, [ ], would you please start first? [ ] and [ ], please put your pictures aside C1 C2 C3

    and listen to what [ C1 ] has to say.

    [1.5 minutes later] OK. [ C2 ], now it's your turn.

    [1.5 minutes later] OK, [ C3 ], and now it's your turn.

    Right. Now we all have some idea of various kinds of city transport. I'd like you to discuss this topic further and see if you can agree on which is the best type of transport for a big city like Beijing ( Shanghai , Nanjing „). During the discussion you may argue with each other or ask each other questions to clarify a point. You will have about four and a half minutes for the discussion. Your performance will be judged according to your contributions to the discussion.

    [If one candidate talks too long]

    Sorry, I'll have to stop you now. Let's listen to what [ C? ] has to say.

    [If one candidate keeps silent for a long time] / [If the group is silent for some time, then ask one of the candidates to start the discussion.]

    Now, [ ], could you please say something about your view of „? C?

    [4.5 minutes later]

    All right, that's the end of the discussion.

    Part 3 (5 minutes)


    Now I'd like to ask you just one last question on the topic of “City Traffic”.

    [Select a question from the following list to ask each of the candidates.]

[ C1 or C2 or C3 ]

     During the discussion, why did you say that ... ?

     What kind of transport do you usually use in your city?

     Do you have any suggestions as to how traffic conditions can be improved in big cities? Do you think private cars should be encouraged?

     Why do you think some Western countries encourage people to ride bicycles? Now, that's the end of the test. Thank you, everybody.

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