Medical treatment of children on the Uighur 115 cases of acute bronchial pneumonia_8177

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Medical treatment of children on the Uighur 115 cases of acute bronchial pneumonia_8177

    Medical treatment of children on the Uighur 115 cases of acute bronchial pneumonia




     Of: spit Erxun Na by Ismail, AI together Amat Mamat, and then just race just force Na

     [Keywords:] Uygur medicine, pediatric bronchopneumonia

     January 2002 -2006 in November, the author of outpatient children with acute bronchial pneumonia treatment with Uighur Medicine, and achieved satisfactory results, are reported below.

     1 Clinical data

     We observed 115 cases are in line with the National College

    Textbook "Pediatrics>" (6th edition) and "The <Uighur Medicine Pediatrics>> diagnostic criteria for acute bronchial pneumonia. One male 55, female 60 cases, ages 1 to 3 years 55 cases,> 50 cases of 3 to 6 years of age,> 6 to 10 years in 10

    cases. Most of the first symptoms of upper respiratory tract infection, mainly after the cough started to cough, phlegm, after the baby symptoms and fever, body temperature about 38 ~ 38.5 ?, minor asthma, vomiting was a small amount of non-

    ejection of gastric contents. examination: bilateral lung breath sounds rough, could be heard and fixed with small blisters dry rales sound, a small amount of wheezing. In western medicine ineffective to hospital, blood leukocytes 4 000 ~ 10 000 × 109 / L or so, Mycoplasma and Chlamydia-

    negative blood, chest X-ray report shows: changes in bronchial pneumonia.

     2 treatment First to anti-viral oral solution, 1 to 3

    years old 3 mL orally, 4 to 5 mL of oral 6-year-old, 7 to 10

    years old blunt 10 mL, 3 times a day, Zupa particles blunt, 1

    to 3 years old 4 g, 4 ~ 6 years 6 g, 7 ~ 10 years old 12 g, were 3 times a day. to the heat of fever in children Carson particles, 1 to 3 years old 4 g, 4 ~ 6 years old 6 g, 7 ~ 10 years old 12 g, each 3 times a day, dissolved in water orally.

disable the spicy food during treatment, especially high-

    calorie food and do not digest food, and pay attention to rest, the body temperature normal adjuvant therapy, physical therapy, pulmonary therapy 7 d and so on.

     3 Clinical

     Clinical symptoms disappeared, pulmonary rales disappeared absorption was observed 1 to 2 weeks, no recurrence for the cure, clinical symptoms, pulmonary rales for the better ease. 105 cases were cured, 10 cases improved.

     4 Discussion Abnormal blood quality, malnutrition,

    climate change and other factors influence changes in child temperament, child temperament in children caused by abnormal immune system decline, a variety of viruses and bacteria easy access to the blood circulation caused by abnormal blood changes, the abnormal blood quality, phlegmatic by blood circulation, stimulate the bronchial and lung inflammation, light yellow liquid mass had enjoyed stimulating blood circulation through the bronchial and lung inflammation. anti-

    viral oral solution, Zupa particles, heat particle Carson is a natural preparation, preliminary clinical observations indicate that The preparation of pediatric respiratory effects, taking the temperature is normal after 3 d, following by 5 d, significant improvement in symptoms, asthma

    disappears, to reduce coughing. If there are rales lung, pulmonary physical therapy plus adjuvant therapy for 7 d completely disappeared after the cough, pulmonary rales absorption disappeared. the observation period, found no

    adverse reactions.

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