Bournemouth Supporting People (SP) Joint Commissioning Group (JCG

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Bournemouth Supporting People (SP) Joint Commissioning Group (JCG ...

Bournemouth Supporting People Core Strategy Group meeting


Bournemouth Supporting People (SP): Joint Commissioning Group (JCG)

Meeting no. 1 thMonday 9 November 2009, 2.00 5.00pm

    Main Hall, Bournemouth Learning Centre, Ensbury Avenue, Bournemouth

Present: (those in bold font attended the open and closed sections of the meeting. All

    other delegates attended the open section only).

    Barry Webb (BW) Deputy Director of Public Health

    (Adults), Bournemouth & Poole PCT Bob Hucklesby (BH) Supporting People: Senior Accountant Candida Basilio (CMB) Supporting People Administration

    Officer (minute taker) Celia Sansom (CS) Supporting People Partnership (SPP) Chris Lewis (CL) Project Manager, Supporting People (SP) Councillor Barry Goldbart (BG) Cabinet Member for Adult Services,

    Bournemouth Borough Council David Lofts (DL) Accommodation Gateway Manager, Dorset


    Eileen Dunnachie (ED) Service Director, Adult & Community

    Support(Accountable Officer) Enid Harvey (EH) Supporting People Partnership (SPP) Gemma Flay (GF) Service User Involvement Officer (SP) Ivor Cawthorn (IC) Head of Joint Commissioning &

    Partnerships Older People Judith Geddes (JG) Executive Director, Adult and

    Community Support (Chairperson) Julia Collins (JC) Service Manager Mental Health Kate Osborne (KO) Housing Support Officer Homes for

    People (BBC)

    Lorraine Mealings (LM) Strategic Housing Services Manager,

    Homes for People (BBC) Martin Hancock (MH) Chief Executive BCHA / Housing Forum Neil Smurthwaite Service Director, Community Care


    Peter Yates (PY) Private Provider

    Steve Belshaw (SB) Supporting People Partnership (SPP) Stewart Mustard (SM) Alabaré Christian Care Centres Sylvie Elsbury (SE) Bournemouth Council for Voluntary


     - 1 -

Bournemouth Supporting People Core Strategy Group meeting




    Andrew Curry, Manager of Integrated Community Mental Health Team Ao Ajomale, Chair of Provider Forum and Steering Group.

    Tim Branson, Service Manager, Older People services

    Nadine Evans, Service Manager, Disabilities services

    David Palmer, Senior Commissioner Mental Health

    Sian Jenkins, Safer and Stronger Communities

    Christopher Snelling, Bournemouth Drug and Alcohol Action Team Coordinator Tina Ridge, Assistant Chief Officer, Dorset Probation

    Councillor Malcolm Davies, Cabinet Member for Education and Children‟s Services Councillor Douglas Spencer, Cabinet Member for Social Housing and Support

The JCG meeting is replacing the separate ‘Commissioning Body’ (CB) and ‘Core Strategy

    Group’ (CSG) meetings that have been held previously. The JCG meeting, which is held

    quarterly, will consist of an open section of the meeting. This is where all members attend

    (members of the CB and CSG). During the closed section, members of the Commissioning Body

    attend only, and make confidential decisions, considering the input made by the JCG open



Start: 2.08pm.

    JG opened the meeting. Everyone around the table introduced themselves.

    1. Minutes of the last ‘Commissioning Body’ (CB) meeting on 10th August 2009:

    The minutes of the last CB meeting were read through page by page. The one change needed was raised by DL. On page 6, “medium support beds” needs to be changed to “low support


     th2. Minutes of the ‘Core Strategy Group’ (CSG) meeting of 14 October 2009:

    The minutes were read through by the group, and CL added that the meeting today is essentially a re-run of the last CSG, covering similar agenda items.

GF gave a brief introduction to the traffic light card system that is to be used in JCG meetings.

    3. Terms of Reference for the group, memorandum of understanding for the JCG and

    JCG Membership.

CL summarised the key aims and responsibilities of the JCG, including overseeing the work of

    the SP team, identifying what services are needed and not needed, and to contribute to the

    content of the SP Annual Plan.

    The JCG will plan to have client group focused meetings in the future and decide the overall

    priorities for Supporting People. The new JCG membership is bigger, which is good as SP has an

    effect on many other departments and their budgets and they need to have input. The

    representative from Bournemouth Council for Voluntary Services and Councillors have an

    important contribution to make. There is also a Cross Authority Group meeting between Dorset

    SP Project Leaders. The outcome of these meetings regarding cross authority provision will be

     - 2 -

Bournemouth Supporting People Core Strategy Group meeting


    fed into the JCG.

    The „Memorandum of Understanding‟ for the CB needs to be updated.

    Action: CL to make the final updates to the ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ document.

    All members raised their green cards to give agreement to the Terms of Reference for the JCG.

    4. Work plan

CL went through the SP work plan and discussed each item briefly.

    Councillor Goldbart entered the meeting during this item, at 2.30pm

Comments from CL:

    ? Work plan item CB1: The memorandum of agreement document needs to be

    signed off by the 3 voting members of the JCG.

    ? Work plan item CB2: Savings have been achieved this year in SP.

    ? Work plan item CB3: The Council will make their decision on the future of the SP

    budget in January 2010. There might be further savings to make depending on the

    decision. CL is considering loss of underspend, 10% and 20% savings and the

    impacts on other services of making these savings.

    ? Work plan item CB4: The SP team is planning far ahead to make sure that any

    savings that need to be made are manageable.

    ? Work plan item CB5: The SP team has been reviewing services and some Quality

    Assessment Framework (QAF) Level A and B‟s have been achieved by Service


    ? Work plan item CB6: Considered by the CB and will be uploaded to the SP

    WebPages shortly.

    ? Work plan item CB8: Procurement Strategy: This is not so straightforward for SP

    because it is difficult to separately tender for support services that are

    accommodation-based. SP will incorporate personalisation in future contracts.

    ? Work plan item SP4: Updating the Needs Analysis for the JCG to lead. Questions:

    PY asked about CB8 and tenders for the accommodation based service the property is owned

    by the Council, so the support can be separated from the accommodation and tendered.

    LM added that the Move on strategy should be added to the work plan as it should be re-visited. CS suggested that it would be useful to know the number of people moving on each year.

    SB asked about SP funding going into Area Based Grant (ABG) and whether safeguards are in place. The grant will from 2010 be non-ring fenced in the ABG with no conditions attached to

    what it funds, but the main findings of the recent Communities and Local Government (CLG)

    Committee report into SP are: