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Make mathematics into life on the_4557

Make mathematics into life on the




     Mathematics from the living, learning math can solve real-

    life problems. teaching with students into the life if, looking for life in the mathematical material, the students are familiar with contains an instance of the introduction of mathematical knowledge in the classroom of life, can make students to experience Mathematics in their own side, there are math problems all around, to be effective in arousing the students desire for knowledge, students will be more love for math, and more initiative to learn Mathematics, applied Mathematics in practice, made valuable mathematical problems in order to improve their mathematical literacy and improve the quality of life, students and flexible use of knowledge to

    answer practical problems. First, make math into the life and stimulate interest in learning Mathematics Mathematical knowledge comes from life, not life itself a copy, it has a high level of abstraction, which for the specific image-based, primary school students who lack life experience, it is difficult to achieve a thorough understanding of the purpose. Therefore, teachers should be good at reduced to the abstract mathematical knowledge of students see and feel, hear life situations for students into

    the life, experience life, and in the life experience to understand mathematics. Therefore, examples of math to students as background, the creation of the problem situation, let students learn that math problem, students will increase

    interest in learning, so that thoughts and activities in the active state. Second, make mathematics into life, feeling life in mathematics, the influence of emotion Mathematics is abstracted from life, and students to actively explore mathematical problems, it is also felt in all aspects of life. Teachers should be enthusiastic children holding hands, the right experience to guide them to the wonderful display of Mathematics and colorful life , from being influenced by emotion, to optimize the life, love life

    purpose. Mathematics, like a colorful world, full of beauty.

    By interpreting the phenomena of life, so that students feel more deeply mathematical and real life in close contact. If the Statistics of the initial understanding of teaching, the

    students collected their own water situation in several months, through the collection, description, analysis of data (population the number, the elderly and children, and many other factors, the process is obtained to determine the reasonableness of their own water use and water use decisions made in the future. In this way, penetration of the environmental education, and also allows students to feel the value of mathematical knowledge. Third, make mathematics into the lives and solve life in mathematics, application

    awareness training "Mathematics is useful", this is the charm of mathematics. But it is not every student can feel. This requires teachers through the creation of life situations, using living examples, with the students into the

    life, capture the mathematical information. students in a familiar context, and mathematical integration of their own, unknowingly mastered the knowledge and practice in life consciously applied mathematics. teaching, teachers should be the application of awareness of students and provide practice operation opportunities, lead the students consciously use of mathematical knowledge, mathematical methods to analyze and solve practical problems in order to cultivate awareness of students of mathematics. for example, rectangular surface area

    of teaching, I designed such a job: in school for teaching in the summer House to paint, please help schools look at the General Department of Statistics, about how much money to buy the number of barrels of paint. This assignment asks students to observe, including school buildings to know what part of the painting, or survey calculated by measuring the area after the paint, but also go to the market investigation, a bucket of paint approximately how much area can be painted the walls and paint the unit price and so on. answer this assignment,

    students also need a division of labor, it would be difficult to complete within the specified time. In short, the primary school mathematics teaching should foster "the development of students" thinking, mathematics learning and real life will be closely integrated to improve students

    interest in mathematics for students interested in living in a familiar context identify problems, explore issues, develop mathematical abilities, to encourage students to look at the mathematical life, and learned the use of mathematical

    knowledge to solve practical problems in life, so that

students achieve "in life to learn mathematics, in mathematics

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