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Medical basic principles of network marketing plan_5850

Medical basic principles of network marketing plan




     Research Papers Download News: With the prohibition of medical advertising published, broadcast an increasing demand in the major reshuffle on the eve of the industry, relying on

    advertising to hit the market for private hospitals, the living space seem smaller and smaller. Once weaned private hospitals, we anticipate that competition will become more intense, strength of no hospital closures, community clinics to close down, the medical industry, polarization, and some hospitals keep up with the pace of the market, because a large number of dead funds strand breaks large general hospitals will face pain, a sharp decline in turnover ... In such a case, looking for a new marketing platform to build the

    hospital brand, so that in an increasingly complex market environment at the position, is to make Private hospital headache of a problem.

     The basic principles of network marketing plan

     1. The principle of systematic

     Network marketing is a web tool for systematic business activities, it is in the network environment of marketing information flow, business flow, flow manufacturing, logistics, capital flow and service flow management, so network marketing program planning is a complicated project.

    planners must be systems theory as a guide for network marketing activities of the various elements of integration and optimization, to 'six streams' are prepared, complement each other.

     (2) the principle of innovation

     Networks for customers of different companies to bring products and services to compare the effectiveness and value brought great convenience. In an increasingly significant consumer demand for personalized online marketing environment, through innovation, creativity and customer's individual needs

    to adapt the product features and service characteristics, is to improve the effectiveness and value of the key, especially in exchange for a special dedication to return. bring innovative features, characteristics, means not only

    different, but also means that additional value in the network marketing program planning process, must be in-depth

    understanding of network marketing environment, especially the customer needs and competitor trends based on the efforts to create designed to increase customer value and utility, customers welcomed the product features and service characteristics.

     3 operational principles

     The first network marketing plan network marketing program results in the formation of network marketing program must be

    operational, otherwise worthless. This operability, performance in the network marketing program, the planners based business network marketing objectives and environmental conditions on the network marketing business in the future activities to do, when to do, where to do, who do, the issue of how to do a thorough deployment, described in detail and specific arrangements, ie, network marketing program is a series of specific, clear, direct, interrelated action plan instruction, once implemented, companies in every department, every employee can define their goals, tasks, responsibilities and tasks ways and means, and know how with other departments or employees to collaborate.

     4 Economic Principles

     Network marketing plan must be cost-effective as the core of

    network marketing plan not only in itself takes some resources, but implementation of the program through network marketing, change the business status of resource allocation and utilization efficiency of network marketing, Economic

    planning, is planning brought to Economic benefits and costs of planning and program implementation between the ratio of successful Internet marketing plan, should be in the planning and program implementation costs given circumstances to achieve maximum Economic benefits, or to spend the least cost planning and program implementation to achieve goals Economic benefits.

     Improve the quality of care Quality of the product life, is

    to get consumers to identify any basis for lifestyle factors, too, is the lifeblood of hospital marketing. Reflected in the quality of hospital technology, management, services, prices

    and other integrated areas of medical and quality formation of the living, psychological and technical services integration, the implementation of patient diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation goals expected to achieve a continuous process.

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