Major pests of summer maize and Comprehensive Control hazards_31911

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Major pests of summer maize and Comprehensive Control hazards_31911

Major pests of summer maize and Comprehensive Control hazards





     Links to Research Papers Download http:// 2.6 soil pests Grubs, wireworms, mole crickets are feeding the underground

    part of plant tissue, destruction of seed germination, hypocotyl and radicle snapped, leading to seedling death, serious Seedlings Deficiency off ridge. 2.7-sucking

    pests Often suffer after emergence of corn thrips, borer and other hazards, resulting in heart leaf curl, and the destruction of the growing point and tiller abnormal. 3 maize pest integrated control measures Diseases and insect pests in corn should adopt a "prevention, comprehensive prevention and control" strategy, adhere to the agriculture-

    based control, chemical control supplemented by a comprehensive prevention approach, the core is to control the sources of drugs to reduce the geographic fields, to avoid hazards. 3.1 The selection of resistant varieties

    Promote good disease resistant varieties of maize to address the most economic measures, can effectively reduce the incidence of various diseases of corn and harm [1]. 958 should be extended Zheng, An Yu 12, Jun 20, single, 16-Li Yu, Yuyu 23

    other high-yielding disease-resistant varieties. 3.2

    promote the coated seeds or Yaojibanzhong Seed coating agent contains a variety of high concentration of insecticidal composition and micro-nutrients sterilization, can play a seed disinfection, control seed-borne, soil-borne diseases and on

    the ground, the role of soil pests against, while stimulating root growth. Not only Seedlings can improve the rate, save seeds, but also to increase corn production. If there is no music can also be coated seeds cultivated II, Ray III and

    other new corn seed dressing special seed dressing agents. 3.3 adjusted sowing Adjust the sowing maize rough dwarf disease prevention and treatment of the most cost-effective

    method [2]. According to maize rough dwarf disease occurrence,

    disease re-issued in the area, appropriate adjustments to

    sowing date, so avoid corn planthopper adults Sheng period reduce the incidence. Early spring planting of corn should be appropriate, usually in late April to early May, wheat intercropping maize appropriate to postpone the general before the wheat harvest 5 d, as short as possible wheat, corn symbiotic period, areas where conditions permit should be promoted in the wheat harvest After the looting crop sowing machinery [3]. 3.4 to strengthen field management and

    reduce the bacteria sources Insect Reasonable crop rotation, elimination of the sick deformed tissue after harvest, and deep plowing the soil, the use of retting full maturity of compost or organic fertilizer, clear fields of weeds, removal

    of the field strain, reducing the amount of bacteria and eggs. Meanwhile, the promotion of fertilizer, Adding P and K and zinc to promote corn robust growth, enhance resistance to disease and stress resistance. 3.5 Chemical Control In

    the promotion of resistant varieties, fertilization, and on the basis of scientific management, seedling diseases can promote the use of carbendazim, thiophanate-methyl and other

    pharmaceutical spray control, general use of 800 to 1 000 times better. For the seedling stage Pests can be used after emergence of dimethoate plus pyrethroid 750 mL/hm2 water 225 kg/hm2 225 mL/hm2 full-field spray can to rid of sucking and leaf-eating pests [4]. 4 References [1] Li, Jin Qiming, Wang Lixin. Jilin Maize pests and diseases in the

    dynamic and countermeasures [J]. Jilin Agricultural Sciences, 2002 (S1) :33-34, 38. [2] Song Shuyun, Jin Qiming, Sun Xiuhua. Corn seedling diseases overview [J]. Jilin Agricultural Sciences, 1997 (4) :53-57. [3] Ms Cheung.

    Corn IPM technique system in [J]. Maize 2000 (3) :73-75.

    [4] Liu Chuanyue, Wang Liming, Dushi Kai, et al. Maize pests and diseases in Southern Propagation Characteristics and measures [J]. Modern Agricultural Science and Technology, 2009 (130:161,163. Links to Research Papers Download http://

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