Machinery industry research and analysis of network marketing_1661

By Tyler Diaz,2014-11-02 09:45
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Machinery industry research and analysis of network marketing_1661

Machinery industry research and analysis of network marketing




     Research Papers Download information: the Internet today, no matter what profession people have been without the support of the Internet, people are increasingly dependent on the

    Internet. Machinery Industry is also dependent on the Internet, more and more, usually people in the mechanical problems encountered will search through the Internet.

     Through market Research found that many machines during user selection of network Marketing is often relatively simple, but we can not say one way is wrong, the new competitive network Marketing consultant after an investigation found that the machinery Industry, customers choose a major general Marketing in two ways: one is put in words, the other is the Industry platform to buy Pu.

     1 put in keyword advertising through keyword advertising is the fastest growing websites that rank, who will be able to top the high price of a few who, they compared the effect of site but not the price, In addition to that in time we will be discharged to their own business website ranked the top, visit the website most of them are in the same Industry competitors. and corporate rankings are only temporary, paid after the expiration of a site's ranking will be significantly

    decreased. new competitive network Marketing consultant in making optimal design mentioned website, website optimization is one of the principle to be acquired: not just search engine optimization site optimization, should adhere to the user-

    oriented rather than oriented search engine.

     (2) Industry platform to buy Pu through the development of industry in recent years more and more platforms, we choose a single platform, the industry will lead to the promotion of our limitations, and access to most of the industry platform for business customers, so customers The conversion rate is not very high and we understand the network Marketing know if there are many ways to promote, we choose our words, whether or industry platform Pu, are likely to cause the limitations

    of our promotion, so far the customer's coverage well short of the needs of enterprises.

     New competitive network Marketing consultant through the machinery industry Research, analysis features to solve business problems and propose effective type of network services.

     1 customer search volume, conversion rate is small. Whether business or users often encounter problems be resolved through the network, so customers dependent on the network is relatively large, so the new competitive network Marketing consultant for a comprehensive site analyzed and summarized, which each keyword Research industry exposure. analysis of industry keywords, making the customer conversion rate is greatly enhanced.

     (2) more than the company's products, to promote a single. Mechanical site alone can not have a single way to meet the demand, the need to promote diversification of the new competitive network Marketing consultant to rely on a wide range of promotional methods, making the company more coverage

    of the site wide exposure higher, regardless of platform or the search engine industry can get coverage.

     3 sites on-line for a long time, not ideal. The general machinery of the website are paid little attention to their design problems, resulting in a site collection is not ideal, difficult for users to navigate to the company's website. Companies want to use the least human and material resources to solve business problems, the new competitive network Marketing consultant from the pre-planning to post-promotion

    by professional staff, it will not only save the cost of the enterprise, but also saves the company time.

     4 high cost. Whether it is put in key words or industry platform, the funds spent are quite large, some key words in

    the machinery industry, the degree of competition, which also led to the high cost of click. Industry platform for the promotion of the limitations due so many customers do not have the detailed information, also lost out a lot of customers. engaged in network Marketing are aware, network Marketing is a cumulative process, the effect will continue accumulating in

    the show, the new competitive network Marketing consultants introduced three months free service, so that makes the site

    no longer in the process of accumulation to the waste of corporate funds to pay for results only, we not only machinery

    industry, this is in any industry would like to see (source: the sale of machinery Network)

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