Mechanical manufacturing (casting) recognized internship report_2199

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Mechanical manufacturing (casting) recognized internship report_2199

    Mechanical manufacturing (casting) recognized internship report




     Practical purposes Will learn the theoretical knowledge and practice together, develop the courage to explore the innovative spirit, improve their practical skills, to enhance

    social skills, serious learning attitude for the future professional practice and go to work to lay a solid foundation. Brief Introduction

     ** City ** Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a precision investment casting and CNC machining as a joint-stock

    enterprise founded in 1988, is located in City ** **** industrial zone, covers 15,000 square meters building area of 8500 square meters, fixed assets of 50 million yuan, with a variety of senior technical and management staff of more than 260 people present, the company has mold design, precision investment casting, finishing products such as high production capacity.

     We always implement the "scientific and technological innovation, honesty, customer supreme, the pursuit of excellence" management philosophy, to establish a sound, scientific management system Quality management, the company strictly implement ISO9001: 2000 system, production

    management, the company's overall the management of the implementation of Lean thinking and firm management requires the effective implementation of 6S, information management, the company's overall effective use of Kingdee's ERP system,

    basic management, the company carrying out "on the matter, complete, clear day on a high" management concept.

     Company has a casting plant, machinery and factory production units the two entities. There are two casting plants and equipment, advanced casting production lines, with

    complete testing equipment, with annual output of 1,000 tons of precision casting production capacity, machinery and plant has a variety of ordinary and high-precision, mainframe

equipment, plus more than 80, have to map design and

    manufacturing, incoming machining, large integrated production capabilities.

     Excellence, the pursuit of excellence that we do not become the pursuit of honesty, win-win with customers is our business

    philosophy, industry serve the country, the benefit is our

    ideal place, a hundred years development, based on the world is our goal.


     1 Safety first for any mechanical plant, security is always top priority, so in practice, led by a teacher, first we had some safety education and training process as well as in

    security matters and the need to pay attention to the project, such as into the processing plant at the time, and not allowed to wear sandals into the plant, into the plant must wear trousers to prohibit smoking in the factory, after the clothes

    are not allowed into the plant open, are not allowed to mess jacket hanging in the body, not back backpack into the plant, Do not pile in the factory, do not stand on the main road on the production, in the absence of the teacher's practice

    permit, are not allowed to chaos by button, switch,

     2 blank selection, first we came to the part of the original rough processing plant, under the guidance of the teacher, we understand the following knowledge, parts are generally processed by the rough, while the existing production

    conditions, the main blank There are castings, forgings and stampings, and several other species. castings is the liquid pouring molten metal into the mold cavity in a pre-production,

    obtained after solidification of cooled parts blanks. In

    general machinery, casting most of the weight of the total weight of the machine more than 50%, which is the most important part blanks. Castings advantage is that it can be a variety of complex shape of the rough parts, especially those

    with complex cavity parts blanks, in addition, the casting cost, according to the master guide our practice, we plant mainly produced in this way is to rely on rough, but the drawback is in its production process, the process more difficult to control the quality of casting, casting

    mechanical properties poor, while the forging is the use of impact or pressure used, the heating of the metal blank of plastic deformation, resulting in the rough parts. forgings

are often less than the structural complexity of the casting,

    but forging a good internal organization, which has good mechanical properties, so heavily loaded and used to make an important impact loading machine parts and tools, blanks, punch and stamping is the use of special molds, so that the

    plastic deformation of sheet metal or separation, to obtain the system of the body. Stamping is usually carried out at room temperature, stamping parts, light weight, rigidity, size and high precision, in many cases directly as a stamping parts

    to use.

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