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By Kenneth Duncan,2014-11-02 09:46
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Magic power of corporate culture_56669

Magic power of corporate culture




     Han Feng, the first marketing in China after graduation to enter the first five hundred company is the world's Matsushita Electric Company. Is the founder of Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Matsushita, known as the "god" is a great entrepreneur. Han Feng Panasonic for nearly eight years, had the honor by Matsushita in Japan, transmission of personal reception, Matsushita's business philosophy, business intelligence in him left a deep imprint. Han was still young

    and fit front, the most shocking and impressive is that Panasonic is very, very small, Matsushita to develop the company's mission and development plan for 250 years. 250 years, in most people, is simply nonsense!

     Water management philosophy, 250-year development plan, this

    is the Panasonic can Everlasting, after a century of great genes!

     Let us through the history of the time tunnel back to 1932.

     May 5, 1932, Matsushita will bring together all 168 employees, excited to announce that the company had just

    discovered the mission. "Calculation if we can be like that stop the production of pipes, of course, the price will be reduced, products will become cheaper, people will easily, life would be better, more prosperous society, which is

    Panasonic the meaning of life for all employees, but also the company's social mission. "

     Matsushita announced that count the days of runoff management philosophy as the company's business anniversary. Will start in 1932, known as the first year of life, he

    believes that doing business over the past 15 years, only embryos of the next 250 years is to achieve mission critical stage. the first place the target, not the interests of shareholders, but the return to the community and country.

     After nearly 20 years of business experience, from the foreign, state-owned enterprises, private enterprises to start their own businesses, so that Han Feng was deeply understand these seemingly elusive corporate culture determines the company's future, the company can determine from the bottom to large, Everlasting determine whether the company, can do a hundred years old!

     The company's material things, such as machinery, equipment, materials and other tangible things, after all, is not valuable, the most valuable is the company's culture!

     Company culture can only unite people! Inspiring! Achievements of people!

     As the Japanese management guru Kenichi Ohmae concludes: The success of Japanese companies, much more than just songs and life-long employment system companies, but the organization re-discovered the "people." Ultimately, the company is not a luxury building, financial profit, Strategic Analysis and 5-

    year plan, and in order to mobilize the human factor, the strength of the intangible cultural tangible wins! But

    culture is not immutable, and only on the study and an open culture, is the real vitality!

     Corporate culture in order to achieve corporate governance by doing nothing!

     Hit the large companies some time ago CCTV documentary <<Company's power>> in the seventh and <<the leading position> "Lane is the focus of discussion of the magic power of corporate culture. Is worth a look.

     Each boss has a dream of bigger and stronger, each boss has a small to large impulse and passion. But the real bigger and

    stronger, to all-powerful, after all, a very small number go down.

     Why the harbor the same dreams, there was vastly different results?

     One possible reason is that some employers in the creation of the company since the purpose of better life for

    themselves, and finally make their own better life, and great

    entrepreneurs are starting to make their own better life, and

    finally to you, so that the community, and even How are you getting all of humanity! Such as Matsushita! This is the inner tube out of business in the womb genes.

     Every boss from corporate culture to find the answer more or less!

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