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Marketing tactics of the underdog_6587

Marketing tactics of the underdog




     As the saying goes: cry of the child Naichi, marketing as well. Tears no swords and guns of mass destruction, but it allows hard-hearted person unconditional surrender, so the process of marketing the underdog, can often play an

    unexpected role. Zhang Xuekui lecturers who speak用这招prices

    in the supermarket, the result is successful.

     People are the meat long in the sales process, if necessary, can be used to kowtow tears tactics, revealing a poor relative

    to the other side of sorrow in order to deliberately expose their weaknesses and enhance each other's superiority and access to each other mercy, and thus achieve the purpose.

     Both in number of candidates to participate in political campaigns, and finally resorted to the killer, in addition to "silver bullet" offensive, usually take the begging tactics to mobilize his wife, children, pleading to the voters, or even kneel down, said: "I husband (father dangerous situation, please help us. "hoping to win voter sympathy, of the campaign grabbed the sympathy of the voters of free tickets.

     In fact, this is the application of psychology

    "psychological low" approach, simply put, is this: people want others to position lower than their own, but they are

    superior, as long as get to meet their own sense of superiority, it will in the unconditional conditions agreed to many things.

     This underdog when the marketing strategy often. Like when the salesman in the market blindly begging each other, or a

    seller want to stick in the second price reduction after price, in order to break the deadlock, to invite the buyer to see his supervisor when the buyer officers entered the room, I saw a towel wrapped around his head in charge, blanket around his waist, wearing sad face, a sick, pathetic also said: "headache, stomach pain, back discomfort, are you forced to acute heart . "Thus, the buyer's position, no matter how

    tough, ruthless, it is difficult not to be touched, and then shake their original intentions.

     Tears under the contract

     Japan signed a business contract with another family, both parties reached agreement, but did not sign a contract, this time a third party willing to lower the price to sign contracts with Party Party A for commercial credit, will tell

    the Party, and there can be proposed remedial measures. Party B to understand the mentality, do not want to change the substantive conditions, they explained repeatedly in negotiations sincere tears, and words and this not young representatives of the Party had tears flowing great effect, become dull atmosphere of the talks, the Party on behalf of the attack has been frozen.

     Party representative suggested adjournment of the in-house

    discussion, remind participants of the tears of a President

    worth? Please discuss the end, then Party A agreed to give tens of thousands of dollars. B on behalf of the Party who won the sympathy of tears, successful completion of the deal.

     Zhang Xuekui teacher that kowtow tears tactics to sell products is really a big secret of persuasion, but unless a last resort, do not easily use this trump card, because the introduction of a sympathetic underdog strategy once in a while, tend to have the edge to wonderful effect. If a low

    profile is often hard to find someone else to win the sympathy

    of the people, like a master but a good foot in the street begging to young people, not only unable to arouse any sympathy, but will make people feel compassionate, sometimes may provoke the eyes of disdain and contempt. ([Span id =

    "endSource"> Source: Chinese President Training Network [/ span]

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