Azhar Rauf

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Azhar Rauf ...

    Dr. Azhar Rauf


    Department of Computer Science

    University of Peshawar

    Phone: Office (092-091)-9216701-15 Ext: 3052

    Home (092-091)-5845574

    Mobile: (092) 0333-913-1416



? Over seven years of total experience in Database Analysis, Design,

    Implementation, Data Migration and Generating Reports.

    ? Five years of teaching experience at the Graduate Level.

    ? Experience in supervising students’ research projects and thesis.

    ? Extensive knowledge in design, technical documentation, and Data Modeling

    using Erwin and MS Visio 2003.

    ? Experience in Data Analysis, Entity Relationship Modeling, Normalization steps,

    Logical Design, Physical Design, Object Oriented Modeling using UML, Object

    Relational Modeling, Database Migration Plan, Database Implementation, Backup,

    Tuning and Performance Procedures and Database / Software Life Cycle.

    ? Experience in transforming the business requirements into logical and physical

    data models.

    ? Extensive experience in writing ad-hoc queries, stored procedures, triggers,

    cursors and functions using TOAD and Oracle.

    ? Experience in writing pseudocodes for ETL developers in the Data Warehouse


    ? Experience in writing test cases and testing quality of data.

    ? Experience in Source-to-Target Mapping in the Data Warehouse environment

    ? Expert level in business and financial data reporting using Crystal Reports

    ? Experienced in migrating data from various data sources to SQL Server using

    Data Transformation Services (DTS) as Extract Transform Loading (ETL) tool of

    SQL Server.

    ? Experienced in supporting large and small databases, troubleshooting the


    ? In depth knowledge in design and development of business and financial

    applications using web and database technologies.

    ? Analysis and development experience in the industrial and financial organizations.

    ? Expert level in documenting requirements and writing users’ help manuals.

    ? Experience in preparing and delivering presentations/seminars.

    ? An excellent team-player who enjoys working with colleagues and independently

    and likes to work in a challenging environment.


? Experience in the area of WLAN e.g., configuring Wireless Security, Port

    Forwarding, DMZ Hosting, Remote Management, Virtual Private Network (VPN),

    Multiple Router Configuration, Static Routing / Dynamic Routing (RIP), MAC

    Address Cloning, Commercial Firewall Software Configuration, Web Services,

    MS Windows Networking for File and Printer Sharing, MS Internet Connection

    Sharing (ICS).


? Doctor of Computer Science Jan 2003 March 2007 Department of Computer

    Science, Colorado Technical University, Colorado Springs, CO USA.

    Dissertation Title: A Tradeoff Analysis between Data Accessibility and

    Inference Control for Row, Column and Cell Level Security in Relational


    Research Keywords: Information System Security, Fine-Grand Security in

    Relational Databases, Inference Control Systems, Row/Column/Cell Level

    Security in Database, Data Accessibility.

? Master of Science in Computer Science with Concentration in Software

    Engineering May 2001 December 2002 Department of Computer Science,

    Colorado Technical University, Colorado Springs, CO USA.

? M.Sc. in Computer Science April 1993 May 1995 Department of Computer

    Science, University of Peshawar, N.W.F.P. Pakistan.

? Bachelor of Science in Computer Science September 1990 September 1992

    University of Peshawar, N.W.F.P. Pakistan.


? Three Months Internship Certificate of ‘ORACLE Support iDispatcher’ at Oracle

    Corporation, 12320 Oracle Blvd. Colorado Springs CO 80921, USA

    ? Two weeks Training at Actiontec Electronics, 760 N. Mary Ave. Sunnyvale CA

    94085, USA

    ? Certificate of Merit in Basic Networking / Sonoma, Actiontec Electronics, 4250

    Buckingham Dr., Suite 400 Colorado Springs, CO 80907

    ? Certificate of Achievement, 802PSG Print Server, Actiontec Electronics, 4250

    Buckingham Dr., Suite 400 Colorado Springs, CO 80907

    ? Professional Certificate in Software Design, Colorado Technical University,

    Colorado Springs, CO USA.

    ? Professional Certificate in Software Development, Colorado Technical University,

    Colorado Springs, CO USA.

    ? Professional Certificate in Software Architecture, Colorado Technical University,

    Colorado Springs, CO USA.

    ? Professional Certificate in System Security, Colorado Technical University,

    Colorado Springs, CO USA.




    Oracle 10g, 9i , SQL Server 2000/x.x, Informix, MS Access, FoxPro3.0

Data Analysis and model:

    TOAD, Erwin, Visio 2003, SPSS

Data Reporting Tools:

    Crystal Reports 7/8.5/9/10/XI, QBE


    C#, C++, C, VB6.0, FoxPro programming

OOA and OOD:

    Rational Rose, Visio 2003

Web Programming:



    Linux (UBENTU, Fedora), MS Windows NT/2K/XP/2003, DOS


Great West Life Healthcare, Denver CO

    Systems Analyst (Aug 2006 to Present)

Project Title: Meridian (Operational Data Store -- Claims)

    Project Description: This was a Data Warehouse project for GWL. The objective of the

    project is migrating medical data from the Legacy System (running on IBM DB2) to

    facets system (running on Oracle 9i).

Role and Responsibilities

    ? Involved in the analysis phase of Claims Data.

    ? Helped in designing data marts for Claims Data.

    ? Developed Source to Target mapping documents, System Requirements

    Specification documents, and Interface Design documents.

    ? Extensively involved in meetings and answering technical and business related

    questions of developers and testers.

    ? Did extensive testing of data at different stages of the mart and identified defects

    in ETL code.

    ? Supported EOB/EOP and Member/Provider Portals on Tibmart and Extract Marts



BearingPoint Inc. Denver CO

    Data Modeler (Dec 2005 to Aug 2006)

Project Title: Paradise Code (EPM Team)

    Project Description: It was a data warehouse project for Hawaiian Telecom. The

    objective of the project was building summarized reports for PUC’s review.

Role and Responsibilities

    ? Did the analysis of regulatory reports and wholesale measures.

    ? Arranged meetings with the functional group for requirements analysis.

    ? Created Data Flow Chats from functional documents.

    ? Translated business requirements into logical and physical models.

    ? Built Data Models using ERWIN.

    ? Wrote pseudocodes for the ETL team. The code would pull needed data, as per

    the requirements of the reports, and populate the Staging tables. Data would then

    rollup to the Operational Warehouse Enriched tables after transformation. Finally

    the code would populate Reporting tables to generate summarized reports.

    ? Did the pseudocode walk-thru with the ETL group.

    ? Maintained and regularly updated the Source to Target Mapping document to

    store Meta data of the warehouse.

    ? Wrote ad-hoc queries and developed stored procedures and functions in Oracle 9i

    using TOAD 8.5.

    ? Wrote scripts to load data from Informix to Oracle environment.

    ? Tested the quality of data at different stages of the warehouse.

    ? Prepared different status reports for the Project milestones.

    ? Mentored and managed new team members.


    Oracle 9i, PL/SQL, TOAD 8.5, Peoplesoft, Informix.

Develop! International, Inc. Colorado Springs CO

    Reporting Architect (Feb 2004 to Dec 2005)

    ? Created Crystal Reports using Sub reports, Crystal reports formulas, Grouping,

    Parameters, Selection criteria to handle the customer’s requests from Tables, Stored

    Procedures, Views and Command Objects.

    ? Wrote stored procedures to place business logic in the database layer rather than in

    application and reporting layer. Wrote extensive stored procedures for Microsoft SQL


    ? Done conversion from old version crystal reports (V 8.5 and V9) to V10, which

    includes replacing queries by stored procedures and use of SQL commands.

    ? Performed detailed documentation of the Crystal Enterprise system architecture,

    design, development, test plan, implementation and maintenance. Configured the

    development and production Instances.


    ? Used Crystal Management Console to perform administrative tasks related to user

    groups, accounts, report publishing, folder management, server settings, and license


    ? Used ePortfolio to view, schedule, and keep track of published reports. ? Managed Crystal Enterprise reports repository with automatic versioning and

    scheduled reports accordingly with the data updates.

    ? Created views and stored procedures using T-SQL to supply data for Crystal Reports

    and SQL Server Reporting Services.

    ? Reports were generated in SRS and Crystal Reports as per the requirements of the


    ? Worked on the setup packages for different version upgrades in Crystal Reports. ? Received hands on experience in configuring and managing routers and windows

    OS/wireless Security, Active Directory, Port Forwarding, DMZ Hosting, Remote

    Management, Virtual Private Network (VPN), Multiple Router Configuration, Static

    Routing / Dynamic Routing (RIP), MAC Address Cloning, Commercial Firewall

    Software Configuration while working for the Client


    Crystal Reports 8.5/ 9/X, SQL Server Reporting Services, Crystal Enterprise Server, SQL

    Server 2000, Oracle 9i, PL/SQL, T-SQL, SRS

Oracle Corporation, Colorado Springs CO

    PL/SQL Analyst (Dec 2003 to Feb. 2004)

    ? Created and Trouble Shot TARs (Technical Assistance Requests) using Oracle


    ? Researched customerstechnical problems using Oracle Web IV

    ? Helped customers solving their technical problems using Oracle Meta Link


    Oracle 8.0, Oracle Web IV, Oracle Meta Link

Actiontec Electronics, 4250 Buckingham Dr., Suite 400 Colorado Springs, CO 80907

    Title: Technical Support Engineer (August 2001 to Dec 2003)

Technical Support Services:

    ? Advanced Wireless Security

    ? Port Forwarding / DMZ Hosting (Static NAT) for Configuring the Network for Gaming,

    Web Services or Remote Access

    ? Microsoft Windows Networking for File and Printer Sharing

    ? Microsoft Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)

    ? Commercial Firewall Software Configuration


    ? Multiple Router Configuration

    ? Static Routing/Dynamic Routing (RIP)

    ? MAC Address Cloning

    ? LAN Support of Multiple Computers and Peripherals ie. Routers, Gateways, Printers, and

    Access Points

    ? Actiontec Router/Gateway VPN Support

Expertise in Actiontec brand products

Home Networking

54 Mbps Wireless Cable/DSL Router

    54 Mbps Wireless Access Point

    54 Mbps Wireless USB Adaptor

    54 Mbps Wireless Ethernet Adaptor

    11 Mbps Wireless Expansion Card

Bluetooth Products

Wireless Bluetooth Headsets

    Wireless USB Bluetooth Adaptor

Voice Communications

    Internal PCI InternetPhoneWizard (VoIP)

    External USB InternetPhoneWizard (VoIP)

Broadband Connectivity Products

DSL Gateways

Wireless DSL Gateway with 4-port router

    Wireless DSL Gateway

    Wireless-Ready DSL Gateway

    DSL Gateway

DSL/Analog Modems

    Over one dozen internal/external Analog, DSL, and Dual PC modems


Department of Computer Science, University of Peshawar

    Lecturer (Jan 1996 to May 2001 & April 2007 to Present)

? Teaching at the Graduate and Post Graduate Levels

    ? Supervising Students’ thesis / projects

    ? Administering the Local Area Network of the Department

    ? Conducting students’ exams and playing the role of an external examiner to conduct

    students viva and review their thesis

    ? Developed a software in FoxPro 2.5 and C that helped tracing crimes and criminals

    and showing crimes report in Chart form for the Agency

    ? Automated the Crimes and Criminals Record System of Criminal Investigation

    Agency of District Nowshera.

    ? Existing manual system was completely computerized

    ? Software was capable of storing 73 particulars of a criminal like face structure, eyes

    color, body structure, hair style, habits, finger prints, modus operandi, associates, etc.

    ? Records of 2000 criminals were entered and found very much helpful

    ? Reports were generated in Chart form to check the efficiency of the Agency

    ? Total number of printed reports were 125 from a total number of 70 database files

    (DBF) using FoxPro 2.5


    ? Azhar Rauf, Carol Keene, Bo Sanden, Elaine Waybright - A Tradeoff Analysis

    between Data Accessibility and Inference Control for Row, Column and Cell

    Level Security in Relational Databases, Technical Paper CTU March 2007

    ? Azhar Rauf, Insertion Anomaly Associated with Row Level Security in Relational

    Databases, Paper Presented in UITCS ACM Technical Conference on Computing

    - UATCC '07’ November 10th 2007


    ? Fine Grained Security in Relational Database

    ? Computer Systems Security

    ? Data Warehousing

    ? Database Modeling

    ? Object Oriented Methods

    ? Data Validation and Testing

    ? Software Engineering (Extreme Programming, Aspect Oriented Programming)


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