Marketing, please overcome your mindset out_45556

By Jennifer Powell,2014-11-02 09:46
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Marketing, please overcome your mindset out_45556

Marketing, please overcome your mindset out




     Once they grow up, our minds have a lot of round after round, we do not know why, we will in accordance with the inherent thinking to do something. Things change once they Experience more and see more things change, we see other people do things, we will imitate, and we may not know that this is not the right way? Is not the only way? Only We are taking the approach, no one would take this approach to focus on Why? to What is the purpose of this approach? Experience there has never been the role of the two, one is a good role, a place can be successfully used ideas and methods copied to other places. This saves time and effort, the Experience of another role, that is, dogmatism, the one condition only

    applies to methods, copied to another condition, so that only the face of failure.

     Will inevitably lead to a result of a cause, this is linear thinking. And as a Marketing person, our minds whether the error inherent in the Marketing concept is not suitable for


     One reason may not lead to a result, a result may not be a reason for the result, which is non-linear thinking.

     We have become accustomed to the time when the sales did not rise, consciously or unconsciously in their Marketing? We

    really thought about sales promotions will certainly bring a substantial rise? Sales promotion is the only way to improve it?

     When our sales decline, we are attributable to external causes will it? Whether the reasons we are currently off-

    season, so the decline in sales, the current economic situation is not good, consumers do not want to buy, dealers do not match. The real The sales decline is the real reason? Are the reasons for declining sales led to only these?

     Do we think to do is to do the terminal row of surface, it is being displayed, it is being discounted. We thought of any other way?

     Perhaps all of the methods are not wrong, it is not as in the case of competitors, but when competitors and we use the same strategy, we also use these methods, its effects in the end be?

     I do not know when, we have too lazy to think, we have not bother to find there is no other way, we just take the approach everyone else, regardless of how much of his effect, but only care about me, and that and done the.

     A successful Marketing person must be a regular self-denial

    self-critical people, today, whether the methods have the effect you? You can use other different ways to deal with this problem? Thus, the efficiency will be improved.

     Marketing, please overcome your mind off errors inherent in the mindset of it.

     See the world from another angle, there will be a different feeling.

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