Masculine and the Soviet Union from the sun burst red purple purple carnival to see grass-roots_43227

By Florence Hughes,2014-11-02 09:46
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Masculine and the Soviet Union from the sun burst red purple purple carnival to see grass-roots_43227

    Masculine and the Soviet Union from the sun burst red purple purple carnival to see grass-roots




     Beijing's migrant workers last two singing group "the sun masculine" because the online video on the cover of the Feng Wang's <<spring>>, and bursts of network. Not only had the pleasure of Song Biao Wang Feng at the same table, but also in the mainstream CCTV to media reports, this year's Spring Festival but also to the National People sing. Su, a female college students nude models Purple Purple, but also because of "excess" to naked interviews with the media and became a "Red (was purple violet." Masculinity and the sun burst red purple purple Su, Xifeng and Satsuki not on the "non-

    mainstream", but also won numerous favorable attention and

    users, and even lead to positive mainstream media coverage.

     This fact further indicates that the two phenomena present the achievements of the grassroots WEB2.0 carnival time. Previously known roots in order to be very difficult, now ubiquitous across the network instantly. Before the mainstream media can control and monopoly of information consumption, and want you to see What, you have to see what. now become self-

    roots media, want to say anything to say anything. previous opinion leaders exclusively elite social groups, and now the free will of the majority of grassroots Internet users can be fully expressed, they made a star the eyes of grassroots hero.

     Purple violet sun masculine and the Soviet Union's explosion of red, confirms once again the people have sharp eyes!

     The first is true. Sun masculine and the Soviet Union Purple Purple are not called back the planning team to "planning", blasting the red after not the so-called public relations firm

    to claim this is their plan "masterpiece." Rising sun

    masculine and the Soviet Union Purple Purple is the true demonstration of own, a true expression of themselves before they really ushered in the Internet users click and respected.

     The second is the reality. Feng Wang's <<spring>> always

    been a reflection of the reality of the song, so a lot of "Old Men" modern re-examine the reality of the absence of China's social security system. The absence of two bit at the bottom of society, the least well-being of the social security of

    migrant workers in substandard rental housing, Guangzhuobangzi deduction, the more people not only have a bit sad and sour. Su purple purple because of his miserable family and "be "demolition" of life experiences, more people look on with a tolerance by the body to express their free will of the girl.

     The third is the mainstream "extraordinary." Masculine if the sun is not a rental house in substandard Guangzhebangzi hoarse, Soviet purple purple if not naked to media reporters, users may not be able to attract more eyeballs. After all, the

    internet was like the novelty and outrageous things. but these "extraordinary", all users within the tolerance threshold can also be regarded as mainstream a bit now.

     Network itself neither good nor bad, it is that is allows

    Sister Furong, Xifeng and other non-mainstream fame, and that

    can adapt to the mainstream of popular explosion of red. Grassroots carnival has just begun.

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