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Management as sheep_2133

Management as sheep




     Management compared to sheep, sounds ridiculous, but well-

    known sheep who could know, put away the sheep, but a major problem and it has many and management have the same idea, if the employees compared to sheep, then corporate management who is the shepherd shepherd, business managers manage employees to achieve the same shape as the shepherd the sheep scattered and dispersed the realm of God is actually a management guru! Sheep circle up and dissipate into the atmosphere has two.

    Circle is to put the sheep on a pre-planned areas, the sheep

    in this region have freedom, but this freedom has been delineated, and there are some limitations while dissipate into the atmosphere is not the case, put the sheep out no

    regional restrictions, each sheep has a degree of freedom, but not from each sheep and the sheep go very far, always keep in touch with a large force, and each sheep can be found in the grass, and can eat as shepherd sheep only in the hands of a few shovels and mouth issued a fixed password can ease the leadership of the flock in one direction. the hands of the shovel is used to throw stones to punish unruly sheep , and the role of Weihe intimidation than actual punishment. a shepherd with a shovel and chanting fixed, then you can put

    dozens or even hundreds of sheep together, very few sheep left behind, and rarely have lost the run. In fact, careful analysis of the sheep contains a number of management philosophy. Virunga more about love, Chairman Mr. Duan Junping

    media related ideas can be found <<business management can not do without the wisdom of traditional Chinese philosophy>> First: the development of the system is not intended to punish employees, but mainly from the deterrent and preventive

    effect. Do not use the system to punish employees. It's like the shepherd in the hands of a shovel from the team only deal with those serious, like sheep, the sheep are not a serious breach of discipline only shouted the password, which is the system and the relationship between corporate culture, enlightenment-based, supplemented by punishment, which is said

grandson who is on the heArts and minds of the truth.

     Second: Why do sheep, but no one left behind, although scattered, and the shepherd about the password, all the sheep

    will move forward or backward in one direction it? In fact, every flock has a leader, as long as the leader in tube well Other sheep tamed. This is the Art of War in the Carpenter will be the principle, as long as the tube is good, the

    soldiers naturally good job, so managing the key to leadership is to manage.

     Third: Each sheep grazing has freedom shepherd will not give the location of each sheep fixed, such benefits are the maximum possible for each sheep can play to their strengths,

    just right to find their own good areas, to ensure that each individual can eat, so the management staff must give employees a relatively free space, so that every employee can find his post, which is called their talent! So that each employee will have a play on its own platform for talented employees have a sense of belonging.

     Fourth: The sheep seem chaotic, but God is not arbitrary form of disorder. In fact, this is the inaction of the management level. Managers should punish those who like the

    shepherd as the most unruly people, education, enthusiastic staff who did not work, manage the leadership team to achieve the same employees as the sheep spontaneous discipline, this is in fact an enterprise management, the ultimate goals.

     Fifth: shepherd the sheep will generally drive up the hill, because the sheep can catch up with mountain sheep leg muscle strength training, so the sheep can grow fat, just stArted on some of the sheep may not mountains, but the shepherd even play with a cry, repeated several times and the results are all the sheep on the mountain, do not rush to the end, the sheep are automatically on the mountain, which is managing the same, which is also useful in the West, "his sheep up the mountain" as a metaphor of business management, some employees

    may not keep up with the company development needs, do not want to up the mountain, but often repeated one thing, they do not become possible to do by the by may to do to become accustomed to doing, this is the corporate culture of moral

    consciousness and the curing behavior mode. Such as overtime culture, is reluctant to stArt, followed accustomed to overtime, overtime was not used last is not, in fact, there is

    no good or bad working condition, just not accustomed to the habits and problems, good corporate culture is tempered forged out more Love, chairman of the Virunga Mr. Duan Junping related media point of view can be found <<Confucian Pate and Management>>

     In short, put away the sheep is not an easy thing to do, everything leading to the same management as the sheep.

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