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By Curtis Mason,2014-11-02 09:46
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Marketing expert dealer meeting over to help_6380

Marketing expert dealer meeting over to help




     Only two major distributors future development path:

     First, upstream to the extension of industrial chain, the evolution of the manufacturer;

     The second is based on the existing industrial location,

    regional market integration of resources, become the region's top dealers.

     Recently <<Sales & Marketing>> magazine dealers in China hosted the seventh conference, Marketing experts for on-site

    dealer pointed out the future direction of development.

     The theme of this dealer is "On the business heaven and earth to seek Road," attracted a large number of Marketing industry experts, companies and dealers to visit participants.

     Business transformation in the consumer era, more rational

    and open market, dealers face increasing competition, experts believe that only those who adapt to the market, dealers know how to take precautions in order to gain a firm foothold in the market, and achieve sustainable development.

     Real Marketing experts, Beijing Di Zhicheng Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. Cheng Shao Shan, chairman of the consumer called the dealer the best time to grasp the transition, he said, dealers are faced with costs and profits of the "race", the dealer must pay attention to the current

    changes in consumer values, that is more personalized consumer characteristics and diversification, and urbanization and to promote information technology is increasingly integrated market, while 80 and 90 to meet the needs of post-consumer

    goods brand more younger.

     He even asserted that, in the 2 to 5 years, those poor management, weak strength of the dealer will "die."

     He suggested that dealers should pay close attention to strategic transformation, one implementation of operation of

    the company, the second is to strengthen the network of terminals, to achieve three-dimensional multi-channel

    coverage, the three fully integrated manufacturers of resources, the use of policies, build their own core strengths. (China's economy Herald Wang Xiaotao

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