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By Amy Porter,2014-11-02 09:46
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Marketing Myths_26943

Marketing Myths




     People are so helpless animals. No culture no money, people are helpless, so pray for God's help with the gods, people worship the day of worship. Money, knowledge, and people are still helpless, so need the help of the brand, so have a lot

    of legendary big. The hearts of everyone needs a "God" to always protect yourself, always help. This is one of a very deep psychological needs, but also a tremendous impact on human needs. Marketing people should deeply understand and

    grasp the deep needs a big fuss. People's minds that God is omnipresent and omnipotent, it is also invisible colorless, invisible, only in the heart.

     Some people fell seriously ill, life-threatening, this time

    his mind that God is able to continue to bring the energy of

    his life, some people get sick, but no money to treat, although not to die, but to suffer the pain of a long time So, he hoped God would give him the heart to obtain affordable treatment programs, some long-term fatigue, poor health, sub-

    health, but not disease, he hopes the hearts of God can pull him to the health side, rather than the disease side, and some people need to reciprocity, or ask for things, he wanted to help him find the heart of God's unique gifts at reasonable

    prices but can get recipient an favor praise, and some people did their own health problems, but the parents met to health problems, he hopes the hearts of God can help parents continue to maintain the health and longevity.

     We need for consumers to create a God that this God became

    the protector of consumers. This is the subconscious needs of a consumer satisfaction is a big meet. But people are strange, you obviously Buddha, but they did not believe, you must use a certain way to gain the trust of people, sometimes even well-

    intentioned deception. which in turn reveals a deep psychological characteristics of people: people believe that actually happened, rather than believe the hype, people are willing to make change, but do not want to be changed. you

    only truly understand this, to come up with just the right Marketing strategy to capture the seemingly inadvertently hearts of consumers, thereby building up their own unique brand of faith.

     General speaking, nothing more than selling product development effort at both ends: a pull, a push. Amway by pushing, pulling by melatonin, and finally have to push and pull with all successful. But, they have to spend huge capital and human investment , does not have the strength in how to do the time. Moreover, by building a simple push-pull is

    difficult to brand God.

     So, for most SMEs, the market need to do strategically. Zhuge Liang Yu Chi Bi after a pre-war number of dollars spent,

    only in exchange for a win with fewer results. Take a look at our business in their battle to What terms are used, then only the taste, superficial understanding. In fact, Marketing is really very deep, very complex, much like general business know that simple. general business can think of, the opponent can think of, so will in all industries homogenization appears less severe competition. Even in the "difference" hustle and bustle of today, most enterprises called only a small difference a different, more remain in the product level, competition in the market but the big proposition little big

    idea. This is why Haier in China, Mengniu have fewer, but more are dead than alive, one of the underlying causes of small businesses.

     If we can use the "Marketing myth" ways of seeing the face of competition, consumers need to solve the deep problem of

    perspective, strategic search for ways and means to communicate with consumers, first captured the hearts of consumers, and then capture the consumer money, then what to do is not up yet.

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